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This site will be dedicated to all kinds of metal (Trash, Black, Death,...). This site originally started at my homepage but after a while it grew so much so I deceided to make a seperate site of it. I hope you enjoy it(sorry I'm not as evil as you aspect!). If you want to submit your (personal/band) URL, drop me a mail and I 'll try to put it in as fast as possible.




General update from the site. Thanx to the people who take contact with me or leave something in the guestbook!! It's great to get some respons on the site! Thanx!!


New articles, new band links and new banners available in the misc. page


New Article section. Just started to work at this part so check out that section !!


New links in the band, label & other section. Check them out!!!

I also wrote this site in the Blacklist Top100. If you like this site, you can vote here or press the logo on the misc. page. Thanx!!


Putting the site online

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