This interview is done with Profana of Blood Stained Dusk. Questions by U. Amtey.
All of Profana's answers have been left untouched for the purpose of accuracy.

1. Because there are many other interviews with your band available to the reader on the internet or in print, I'm going to skip all the preliminaries about your history and background. We might as well get right to the heart of the matter. The U.S. black metal scene: what are its limitations, what does it owe to the Europeans, and why do you think U.S. bands have so much trouble gaining recognition or exposure in the worldwide scene? Why aren't they taken seriously?

Ok..for starters ..the us black metal scene is growing stronger with ever blackened heartbeat!!alot of great bands are spawning now .and some have been there since the beginning.i shall mention them later on in this interview...hails my infernal brothers! i do realize this form of music was originated and created in europe [true ones know who] i have alot of respect and admiration for both us and european bands !we should unite in this war agianst the feeble ones instead of cutting eachothers throats! the recognition of the us black metal scene is definitely showing its might ....and will be unleashed with upmost fury and vengeance!!!it will be and is being recognized!

2. Do you think it's necessary for black metal bands, or bands in general, to have a concept to shape the music and lyrics around? Are bands easier to understand or market when they have a specific concept? What bands have concepts you admire, and why?

Yes im very glad you have asked this....yes there is one concept here ...satanism and darkness the crushing of the holy temples and exterminating the xtian hope and dreams! anyone can put on corpse paint and play as fast as they can and call themselves black metal!!some of it really sickens me actually..i could go on forever on this aspect! ones of the eternal darkness are the only ones who know what they are writing and generating through thier musical structures!! bands i admire .... well they exist in both the us and europe and have been there and have remained true to themselves and thier projection amongst the scene ....

3. What does the American black metal scene really need in order to spawn bands of quality? What kinds of inspiration are missing? Will it be possible for American bands to create a new form of metal, one that isn't so far in debt to the European bands?

There are some very mighty bands here in the us ..stated are.....thornspawn;khisanth;judas iscariot;crimson moon;noctuary;krieg;blood storm;and many other who deserve the upmost praise!hails!!!!!!!fucking war is declared!!! not necessary a new form of metal ....its very hard to be original anymore ;as long as the music is well constructed and done with true black inner feeling...european bands do have the crown for now since the music had been unleashed there....i dont see the us bands as being in debt ....just not as well recognized sinec some of the more popular black metal originates from norway and elsewhere in europe ...all i can say on that matter is soon black metal will be the xtian plague here in the us .as much as in europe!

4. Do you believe that composing music is a spiritual pursuit - that it requires tests, obstacles, and self-overcoming like other paths through life? What are your secrets to happiness in composing music? What satisfies you when you write music?

Yes!!!totally .. i believe ;and so do the rest of the members in BSD ; that if you dont write your songs with your true feelings then we believe it will never be complete almost left empty with what its message should be!..such as.... each song has a different feeling in a way i guess you can say ..some are sorrowful ; filled with anger; others could base themselves on diffent forms and acts of totall blasphemy against the xtian faith!...our happiness consists in every chord ;drumbeat;apocolyptic scream..the listener to our material can decide on this factor that we are generating!!!!!!

5. In terms of composing black metal music - what is your ideal? Can you describe what the perfect black metal song would sound like, what it would need in order to be 'complete'? What really makes a song 'black metal'?

The perfect black metal song doesnt have to be technical;fast; even tho we do push our music in that direction a sum. it just has to state its message of being so utterly cold and blaspemous..for instance darkthrone .i admire them so much!!!!!grimmest music ever created in mine eyes ...what makes a song black metal......anyone knowledgable of this music will always know this ..its not questionable

6. What do you enjoy the most about playing live? Are black metal audiences 'different' in any way than other metal crowds? Have you found that metal fans understand your message and are able to empathize with what you are trying to do with your music?

Well ..we just got done playing the san antonio[sacrafice of the nazarene child show and i must say it took me through my darkest journey!!all the bands did extremely fucking killer!!!a memory i shall always carry!! most shows would be with some death metal band here where we reside ..dont get me wrong they are talented musicians ; but grabbing the conept of black metal and what we are about ;im sorry to say i really dont thnik they know....there are only 2 other black metal bands here which are khisanth and lycanthropy..death metal seems to be the scene here .but they do enjoy our performances very much ...both black metal bands here with us are very true to the us black metal scene ..hails !!!!!!!!we shall conquer!!!!

7. Does black metal need to constantly evolve in order to retain relevance? Or is any kind of 'evolution' counter to what black metal is all about at the core? Are 'true' black metal bands condemned to always be behind the times? Where does the black metal scene need to go in order to remain relevant?

Black metal does seem to be making its plague nationwide!!i like it and hate it at the same time .cause there are some who are being phony and totally destroying what has been created over the years....only the strong will survive in this war!poseres need not to be part of this scene ..when this fakeness is realized by whom is doing this ;then the black metal scene nationwide will close its infernal gates to these hypocrits that condemn the true .....

8. What are your influences for writing lyrics - literary figures, other bands, or otherwise? What inspires you in their writing? How do you feel about being an influence on other writers? What is your approach to writing lyrics - what puts you in the mood to complete them?

The influences are so many ...all dark and i said earlier ..our inspirations and goals all are shown through our music..the darker the more evil the better....pure hatred and destruction agianst this lamb filled world is the mood setting for our music which and will be for eternity and beyond!

9. What is it exactly that makes certain bands sound 'evil' and not others? Why is this 'evil' sound so fascinating for certain people? Which bands, in your opinion, excel at this kind of sound? How does a band put out 'quality' music?

Once again ...the music shouldnt be looked at as fascinating ,,this is not a laser light show .....what makes a band sound evil is what thier message is and how they go about expressing it . there are many bands that project this image of a true evil sound !! both in the us and europe...some just play the music totally emotionless

10. Do you think it's important that black metal bands live up to their images? Why do you think the concept of 'mystery', or disguise, is so important in black metal? Why is it so disappointing when fans discover that their favorite bands can't live up to the images they created? Why even create an image in the first place?

Yes!! black metal and every aspect of it should be always upheld!! there are so many bands that i have respected over the years .but now i dont know what to think about them ..thety stopped wearing the corpse paint;taking the satanic imagery and symbols from thier music and logos..etc in hopes to sell more albumns ..blood stained dusk will always stay and uphold all aspects of black metal.period....i really cant believe some hav edropped the war paint cause its bothersome and dont feel like putting it back on ....the paint is a sacred thing to us ,,blackened faces of demoncy is a part of black metal and should always be worn

11. Do you consider your band as innovators, followers, or something in between? If innovators - in what way? What do you want your band to be remembered for?

I would personally say..we are followers ..not in a band influence type of thing....we do though admire alot of bands....but were followers of the eternal darkness and the left hand path..were eternal

12. If you saw a young band just starting out, what advice would you give them about the music scene or about being in a band?

Hmmm... after examing thier performance ..and what type of music they were ;id walk up and say job well done if desrved and not egotistical....hahah i do not know what id say pertaining to them starting out ....good luck and stay triue ..i guess would be my words.

13. Alright, one last question and then end this interview however you like: what exactly is your goal with playing this kind of music? What do you seek to accomplish? What can we expect from Blood Stained Dusk in the future?

Our goals and what we want to accomplish...we have worked so hard to push forth our message amongst the world..and always will;we are in hopes of having this message recieved throughout the black metal scene .we have many to thank for thier kind words [darkest hails]what to expect from us futurwise..we our signed onto baphomet records ..killjoy is picking up some of the most unholy and killer bands to date!! our cd will be unleashed next month and has a cover of transylvanian hunger ;the reason behind this is darkthrone are the grimmest of all and we wanted to make that well know we have not forgotten our inluences they are true black metal always and forever! our cd is entitled....thy legions reign over conntains 4 oringinals and the dark throne cover.....thanks very much for this interview i very much enjoyed doing this! darkes of all hails to erebus zine....keep the black faith!! expect more from us very soon we are writing constantly and will be returning into the studio beginning of next year!!

PROFANA...drummer for BSD