Interview with Maniac taken from the Italian zine Black Book Of Damned.

Thanks to Elishia/Black Book Of Damned for the interview.

MAYHEM...better to say the real legend of black metal. Together with Bathory, Hellhammer and Venom they marked an important and basic stage in black metal history. Probably the multitude of people that now listen to extreme metal know them especially for the whole story between BURZUM/MAYHEM, Dead's suicide and so on, but these stories have had their day! Now things have changed, it's the time of the big reunion, the legend is born again and now it's time for Maniac, the voice of evil, to say something about it!

Why did you decide for this incredible band's reunion?

It was Hellhammers idea. He felt that a band like Mayhem should not quit if we could still produce the agressive and brutal music that Mayhem is all about. After a few rehearsals it sounded so good we decided to start again. Now I am glad about that.

Euronymous said that Mayhem would die if black metal would become a commercial kind of music, how do you find this statement about the recent Mayhem rebirth?

Well I feel that bands like Mayhem and a few others are keeping the flame of non-commercial black metal alive. We are not commercial. We feel that we sound like true black metal should sound.

What about your lyrics? What inspires you the most? Is there any particular moment or day that you create a song?

The lyrics for the new album are inspired by the devastating effect christendom and their slave-morals has had on Europe and the world for 2000 years. It is time to wake up and wage war against them. Christendom is a killer of life and cultures. I think all this comes out very understandable in the new lyrics. I write lyrics whenever they come into my mind. It is not like I ever sit down and decide to write lyrics.

Any news about Marcin?


Do you still have problems in Norway with your live shows? Do people in your country continue to think that you are so terrible and immoral?

Yes; but as long as we are able to set up gigs on our own, then it is ok. But no real promoter dares to invite us for a show. We are looked upon as the manifestation of immorality and people tend to say that we are a bad influence on youth. I mean the opposite, we awaken people.

What is the main difference between todays Mayhem, and the band 10 years ago?

We are better musicians - we are more brutal - more aggressive. Also our music I feel is better, but maybe more difficult to approach and understand.

What do you do in everyday life?

I study philosophy at the University of Oslo.

In your opinion, why today in Europe and especially in Norway do most of the bands that once used to play black metal now are turning towards a more electronic sound? What do you think of it?

Well bands have to decide for themselves what they want to do, but in my opinion keyboards as an instrument is not very black metal. It tends to lose alot of brutality. But of course used in the right way it can give a new dimension to the music.

Imagine that Euronymous was still alive, what would be his reaction on watching this current war?

He would probably be very sorry - after all he was a hardcore communist.

Now its time to say something about the new work 'A Grand Declaration of War', I think that the title is very appropriate to this particular historical period. Dont you think its time to promote it?

We have much of the material ready, finally and we will enter Abyss studio in September (we are late as always but I think it will be worth the wait) we are very pleased with the new material and feel that it is the best we have ever done. Some people might be surprised, there are some very strange parts. But it will be extremely brutal. The title is against christendom. Everything it stands for must go.

Are you happy about the tour? What can you say about the italian date in Milan? Some people didnt appreciate too much the end of the show, what do you think of it?

I enjoyed Milan, what did people not like? Attila, me, or...? I do not know. I felt the concert was good. But of course opinions differ. After the release of the new album we will do an exclusive world tour, I think. I hope people will come catch us then. I really enjoy playing live.

Talking about the promotion of your record, are your preparing a video clip, some singles or something else.
(a little part of the answer was cut off)

...because we are currently looking for a new record contract, and I do not know who we are going to sign with yet...

What about the situation in Norway? No more burning churches, cemetaries night explorations, etc...?

It is all very quiet here now, maybe it is just the calm before the storm...?

By the way...have you heard about what happened to Ancient connected with the episode of those Finnish boys that killed a friend inspired by the Ancient song Cainian Chronicle? According to the local police ncient are now half guilty about the fact. What do you think of it?

Guilt is a feeling that originates in the slave-morality of christendom. Guilt is more like a disease of the mind and of the soul. Not good.

In the Norweigan underground scene (if there is one...) is true black metal still existing?

Yes black metal still exists here, has become very small, at least true black metal. I am sorry to say.

Is it true that after the famous inner circle a new sept is born? (I have heard that the name should be Reign Of Loki...) do you know something about it? By the way do you know something about those Swedish that wanted to steal Dead's body?

Do not know about this. Maybe because I live very much in solitude. I do not go out much. I read, write and listen to music. That may also be the reason for never hearing about these Swedes.

Why did you decide to challenge the christian church? I mean when did you realize that those fucking priests wanted to submit the weak to christianity? Who is the true Devil or Evil? What would you do to destroy christianity?

Because christendom is a threat to life itself. Christendom denies life. They have never realized that this is the only life they will ever have. There is no parade awaiting them. It is the biggest lie ever imposed on mankind. People need to wake from this and realize how they must grasp life and everything it has to offer both pleasure and pain. Use it for your own advantage. I hope we can awaken some people with our next album, at least people should understand the lyrics. As soon as people will no longer conform or be sheep then we no longer need the gospel of humility. Cut it out by any means.

What about your future and your past?

Things are looking quite good for Mayhem right now, and I hope it will turn out to be. I will continue my philosophy studies and continue to struggle. My past I use to change my future.

What do you hate most in this world besides christianity and trend music?

Conformity of any kind.

Could you say something about the new project with Killjoy of Necrophagia, Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Fenriz of Darkthrone, and you?

This project is still being planned, and it will also feature Blasphemer on guitar. The music will be very primitive, like some older stuff, but still not just a retro thing. Hopefully we will be able to start real work on this in the autumn. Some riffs are already being made. It all came from an idea that me and Killjoy, who are old friends, wanted to do something together. Killjoy knew Phil who is a huge fan of old black metal, and of course, I knew Fenriz, so I hope it will turn out to be a good thing. We all have our main bands so it will take some time, but it will be done.

I have heard that Alexander of Fleurety played with you during your live shows? Are you preparing something with them because I like the band alot.

Alexander played with us on a few gigs, but not any more. We are actually more aggressive with just one guitar so this works best for us. As for Fleurety I am singing on one song on their new album. I do not know when this will be out. I think they first will release a mini album.

Ok thats all for now, thank you Maniac and I give you some free space to say what you want. Its time for war! Lets prepare the final fight!

That which is falling should also be pushed...
That which is crawling should also be crushed...