Interview with Euronymous & Necro Butcher taken from Damage Inc Zine #1 circa 1986

How long has Mayhem existed? 

Since 1983. 

Who started the band? 

The same people who are in it today: Euronymous on guitar, Necro butcher on bass and Manheim, drums. 

You once had a vocalist who I think called himself Messiah. What ever happened to him? 

He was just a session vocalist in Mayhem, and was never a real member of the band. 

Who writes your lyrics? 

Us two. 

What are your lyrics mostly about? 

Mostly perverse stuff like screwing someone's guts. Blood, a lotta Blood, and a few other cute things. 

Do any of you do Black Magic? 

No, but we're interested in occultism. Satanism has become pretty much a cliché in death metal. Just because a band sings about perverse things doesn't mean that they're into Satanism. 

Are you anti-Christianity? 

Yeah, Christianity is destructive for mankind - it's the ultimate lie. 

What do you think about hard-core punk? 

It's cool shit. (That was Euronymous' reply. Necro's head was off somewhere engrossed in a love story on TV). 

Are you into anarchy? 

Nah, we're not interested in politics, exept what happens to us. 

What do you think about political bands like the Dead Kennedys? 

They play some pretty good music, but we couldn't give a shit about what they stand for. Lyrics aren't all that important to us, just as long as they're perverse. 

You were on a promo tour to Germany. How's the metal scene there? 

Fuckin' all right, especially around Essen and Düsseldorf. Wouldn't mind movin' there. 

You slapped together a demo with Assasin and Agressor while you guys were down there that you called Checker Patrol. Was that just a party tape or are you going to release it for sale? 

It's really notmuch more than the result of a gigantic piss-up, but odds are it'l be out for sale. 

You've made a demo, with pretty awful sound. Have you made any plans for a new one? 

Yeah, we're workin' on one now that we hope will be out before Christmas. It's gonna be faster (Christ!), more raw and have a lot better sound than our first demo. 

Euronymous, you play in another band too. Which band is that? 

It's called L.E.G.O. but it's really only a project that me and Manheim have put together. Necro Butcher is a session member, and the music is a cryptic experimental mausoleum stuff. We'll be releasing a double-demo shortly. 

Back to Mayhem. Have you played a lot live? 

No, in fact only one concert for about 600 disco fruits. 

So one last big question. What do you think about drugs? 

We prefer booze, thank you. Drugs are a one-way ticket to the funny farm.