Interview with Dead from Slayer #6.

It was in 1988, when he was still with Morbid, shortly before he joined Mayhem.

Dead, do you always wear your corpsepaint?

I wear my corpsepaint when I should really concentrate and live into my lyrics and that is on stage!

I think your voice sounds like a possessed, slaughtered goat! Is this maybe because you have fucked so many goats?

Maybe my vocals has something to do with my dark subconcious, but goats without AIDZ is ok.

It seems like you are into the dark side of life, maybe you can tell us about some blasphemous rites you have done?

Dead-I had never been into christianity.

Pedophil-I pissed in an altar for baptizing just five minutes before the ritual of baptizing.

Dr. Schitz-I hate christians cuz theyre fanatics and dont respect others. They are too fuckin good and nice.

Do you think handicapped have a right to live a normal life?

Only one comment: RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

Do you like Svensk surstrÝmming?

There are limits for how stupid questions we answer, I think it smells like Olof Palme does now...

Tell us about your experience with the unknown...

I hope I cant see, I hope I cant hear. But if I can I must tell you that I had horrible things to do with.

Have you ever thought f making a track with Swedish lyrics?

No we leave that to Mefisto!

What do you think of racists?

To be a racist or not is too political for us. We dont care at all!

Is it true it is less coco nuts in Sweden after Olof Palme died?

The only thing I know is that Olof Palme is dead...But what is coco nuts?

Do you think Morbid will play death metal in say, ten years?

We already played for ten years...HAHAHA! (Puke). No, serious (again). We shall never stop to play as we do now. More technical maybe and never change the image because we do what we really want to do. And we hope to never grow up. Maybe we are a different band. I wanted to start the really black metal band who believed in what we got into. I know it was alot of black metal bands before they got famous. There is so many fucking bands who have done the first record very evil and on the second one they pose out and say: 'Well we have grown up now...' No names. The reason is money and they have never been into Satan, just their early image. Maybe black metal is out and they cant get any money from that anymore but they have to get new fans. And I must tell you the stuff we get into will we never pose out from. And I hate those bands trying to be between good and evil sides and tries to get an occult image. They really dont believe in anything, they just want an image. And there is also bands who really believe in those things the image told, but they really cant play (and that is too bad very too bad i think). If a band can play and have very dark image it is something new.

How does it feel to be members of one of Swedens best black/death bands?

We thought we were playing metal, but it feels nice anyway...

Do you think Morbid will produce high quality death metal in the future?

Of course we will progress, and when we speak of progression we mean that we keep the same speed, but we will get more technical. Not like Destruction who excuses their slow down on the Mad Butcher 12" as progress.

Can you please tell us something about your relationship towards the darkside, satanism etc. How serious do you take it?

Now I have to tell you some history. My mum told me when I was a baby I slept so intensive so I turned white! So she had to check me all the time if I were still alive! This is serious! That is true! Maybe the whole thing started there? And maybe it started before that? My great great grandmother was a sorceror but only white magic. I have never been into fuckin white magic! I have always hated the christianity and all faiths who had anything to do with god, but especially the christianity. And I have always been insanely into horror! And when I discovered satanism I have been insanely interested in that. Seriously I want to get into a cult because it is difficult to understand something from a book with alot of scripts in sumerian, hebrew, etc.And of course it is difficult english. And it is very dangerous to do something wrong...And to really a lot of dark things and to the magic right. So I need a cult. But thats another thing. All cults is different. But I must tell you, no one of us is normal.

Anything fucked up to say at last?

The sense of humans. the feed needs.