Interview with Sir Proscriptor McGovern.

1- Hails, Proscriptor!!! How are you ? 
Hail, as I am the elite governor of Vitriolistic nous! I am doing reasonably well, but I just got pulled over by a police officer roughly 2 hours ago, which irritated me a bit! I was leaving the ABSU rehearsal studio in descent to thy village outside of Dallas, and I was abruptly stopped by a Plano pig! The reason: obstruction of view on thy windshield! On thy Mercedes windshield, I have it outlined in Black/Death stickers, so that's the reason why I was harrassed by the law in this fucking community! Why do you think I am so frustrated with the manifesting, temporal seed that surrounds thy  sphere, thy aura?!!? 

2- Can you give us a brief history of ABSU. 
The band originated in 1989 under the first monicker of DOLMEN, which can be defined as an "ancient, standing monument, i.e. Stonehenge." After the immaculate indulgence in the Necronomicon, Voudon Gnostics, Thoth Magick, and Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology, the name was altered to ABSU, in reference to "abyss" or even the "blackened Earth." We have released three albums, one mini-album, three seven-inch EP's, numerous videos, and have made many appearances on compilation and tribute disques as well. What else could I possibly say? 
 3- To someone who had never heard ABSU, how would you describe the music? 
"Mythological Occult Metal." 
4- Your new release, "In the Eyes of Ioldanach". Tell us a bit about it... 
"In The Eyes Of Ioldanach" is a prolonged continuation to "The Third Storm Of Cythraul;" however, these four hymns are the prediction, yet the future of what our most preferred Overseer sees in our past lives,who would be Ioldanach. He is the Celtic deus of magick and cunning dexterity, so his forecasts are what we speak of in this MCD. I would definetely have to remark on the fact that this is likely our most baneful, yet progressive recording up-to-date. Also, I would like to mention the fact that it was engineered by Sir Kol Marshall and Sir Vincent Rossi, who have mixed King Diamond and Mercyful Fate in the past. I think it's rather remarkable, personally. 

5- Are you satisfied with the final result of "In the Eyes of Ioldanach" ? 
6- What elements are going to be different for this release as compared to the older material ? 
First of all, the tempo and time signature alterations are much more intense, yet diversified tha any previous recording of ABSU. The songwriting techniques have become more technical and intricate that the usual fashion of ABSU's occultic-typr rock music(k) as well. 

7- Explain about the title and the cover signification of your new release. 
Ioldanach has always told me that I am just one Pagan seed that perpetually  metamorphoses renaissance, transmuting from one existence onto another. His  words are what I have composed and arranged with the MCD. The painting is the official symbol, yet the total representation of ABSU, as it is called "The Sigil  Of T'wa Cythraul Klan". This is the best way I can explain it: the serpent represents the plight of immortality, the immortality of each ABSU member, and it's eyes symbolize Ioldanach for what he views within our souls. The two Scottish dirks have gold hafts at the end of each handle; one of them bearing the name "Cythraul" and the other conducting the name "Vitriol." The amputated hands symbolize what once was an ephemeral tyrant during those mythological, Celtic cycles, as well as the knotwork designs signifying our ancestral roots. In conclusioon, put all of this together in place and formulate what I have been explaining thus far. Also, I wanted to mention that our permanent artist, "Sir Kris Verwimp," is the most applicable entity for our sortileged type of abstraction and euphonic sound. He has previously and will illustrate the covers for all of our musical compositions for future times to come. 

8- ABSU is currently composing and arranging the hymns for their fourth opus, with the previous name "Tara", talk more about this fourth CD. 
Oooh, just imagine all ABSU albums collaborated, as a greatest hits type of album or something. The magnificant "Tara" opus shall feature the following hymns: 

"A Shield With An Iron Face" 
"Pillars Of Mercy" 
"To The Gallows" 
"Cries Of Sanity" 
"She Cries The Quiet Lake" 
"From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn To Ash)" 
"Spell 181" 
"Vorago (Spell 182)" 
"Four Crossed Wands" 
"Hall Of The Masters" 
"The Great Battle Moving From Ideal To Actual" 
"Tara (reprise)" 

Sir Proscriptor McGovern

9- I know that ABSU members have inumerous projects bands,like: Proscriptor, Equimanthorn, Magus, Equitant, Bloodstrom, Heavenís Devils, Moonroot, Morbid Scream, (Did I forget any project ?) talk more about this projects and what you're working on for the future. 
Look out for these up and coming releases in 1999: 
ABSU - "Manannan" music video (Osmose Productions) 
ABSU - "Tara" (Osmose Productions) 
Proscriptor - "The Serpentine Has Risen" LP/CD (Unisound Records) 
Proscriptor - "The Venus Bellona" LP/CD (Unisound Records) 
Equimanthorn - "Lectionum Antiquarum" LP/CD (Unisound Records) 
Equimanthorn - "Second Sephira Cella" LP/CD (Unisound Records) 
Magus - "Ruminations Of Debauchery" CD (Elegy Records) 
Heaven's Devils - "Moonshiner's Turn" LP/CD/8-Track (Steamroller 88 Records) 
Judas Iscariot - "TBA" (Elegy Records) 
Moonroot - "Proclaiming The Dawn" (Black Widow Records) 
Roller - "TBA" (Steamroller 88 Records) 
Morbid Scream - "War Hath Come And Gone: An Anthology: 1986-1988" (Merciless Records) 
Mezzadurus, our live session bassist and vocalist, is the commander of the Bloodstorm, so I have no say so within this band. However, I do know they shall release their sophomore opus with on Necropolis Records or Nuclear Blast here in the near future. I also believe the Equitant project is completely deceased, but I am not 100% positive concerning this issue. 

10- How has your touring situation been? What are your plans to tour in the future? 
I cannot discuss touring at the present moment because ABSU is, more or less, in dormancy stage at the moment. 

11- ABSU will tour with Enslaved again, beginning in the third week of January/1999, this is a reply of Vikings & Tyrants Tour '97. What your expectation for this tour ? 
This shall not occur any longer, sorry. We are currently reforming the band at the present moment. 

12- This will be ABSUís third time around to tour with Enslaved. How is your relation with this norwegian vikings ? 
We have known them since 1993 and they are probably our best comrades ever, as well as Impaled Nazarene. 


13- What were the most memorable shows that you played ? What sort of good and bad experiences have you had on your tours? 
Well, let's take Bischofswerda, Germany for example; after the performance, I literally fell off of a small mountain, where I went tumbling for about 10 minutes or so! I remember the members of Enslaved and Inferno captured the entire sight, as well as some East German girl that looked exactly like Mille Petrozza as well. I had immense fun! 

14- How do you view the metal scene in USA these days? Who are some of your fave bands on the scene right now ? 
Usurper, Scepter, Infernal Oak, Roller, Death Of Millions, Of The Fallen, Thy Infernal, The Soil Bleeds Black, Cernunnos' Woods, Night Conquers Day, Bloodstorm, Prime Minister Rofocale, Ares Kingdom, Profane Grace, Thornspawn, Solitude Aeternus, Mortician, Sadistic Intent, Sarcophagus, Krieg, Abazgorath, Azazel's Torch, and Skull View! 

15- If you could sum up ABSU in a word, what would it be? 

16- How have your experiences with record labels been? 

17- Tell us about some of the lyrics of your new release and what some of the topics you deal with are. 
The opening track, "V.I T.R.I.O.L," explains not only what takes place throughout our entire first album, but is the alchemical formula of the great "hidden stone in the Earth," "the abyss," and "the Universal/Unicursal Solvent" of the Primum Mobile. The initials of "vitriol" are classified as an "acronym" and are made up of this alchemical motto (Latin terminology: "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem: English terminology: We Shall Visit The Interior Parts {Abyss} Of The Earth By Rectification, Thou Shalt Find Immortality Through The Hidden Stone). It represents a balanced concoction of the three elements of this principle: Sulpher, Mercurial Nous, and Salt. These names can also be represented by Atu I, III, and IV. What I am trying to say is that if you follow me to the interior parts of the Earth, I can literally show you what the actual 'abyss' is like in an escapaded afterlife. The second song, "Hallstatt," is a rather chronicled song one initialized by Equitant and thyself, concerning a lost and ancient culture in th southern, central portion of Austria. Roughly 2000 tombs of some of our ancestors wre robbed by a "particular" enemy of ours, so they shall and will pay by the conclusion fo the song. They did, indeed. "Manannan" is, by far, the most ferocious track on the mini-disque, due to the fact that he is the major deus of all sea and wind and could infamously cause horrendous storms and was albe to make the sky/ stratosphere literally fall in Celtic mythos.' Lastly, "Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle" is track based on pure ceremonial and ritual magick, also concerning the beacon of Thoth. The symbolism of this great songg is like the "mother of science" to me (if that makes any kind of sense...) as all "actual" objects are regarded as "Dead" in one point in time; thee was great difficulty in transmutating Moonfire because Moonfire, as she acts in nature, is distillation of power in magick. This goes back to bringing the soul to the process of immortality in a sort of "Otherworld" more or less. Thats all for now. 


18- What more inspire you in the lyrics-writing process ? Any personal experiences ? 
Immortality, Magick, Tasseomancy, Warding, Etc. 

19- Talking about sales, how was "The Third Storm of Cythrau" done for you ? 
25,000+ copies in human hands, more or less. 

20- ABSU is yet franticly seeking for a "permanent" lead guitarist/vocalist, talk more about. 
Yes, we are desperately seeking a lead guitarist/ vocalist who has an alchemical mind and violent hand of fucking death and deathlessness. Please send playing and performance efforts to the following address: 

The Cythraul Klan Of ABSU

P.O. Box 743307

Dallas, TX 75374-3307


21- How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests? 
I collect LP's and vinyls, I am a college student in Art and Performance, I am an amateur pornographer, and I like to concoct spell and potions from various, gnostic sources. 

22- Could you tell us one person of the past whom you personally respect, and why? 
Thy elegant mistress, Lady Enidan; I say this respectively because I have finally met the female form of thy Gemini spirit and dogma, astrologically. Her moon lies on the 7th day of thy essence in Mars (Venus = 19th - Konx Om Pax). 


23- What three books and or movies would you consider essential ? 

I. "The Book Of The Thoth" - A. Crowley 
II. "Necronomicon" - A. Azif 
III. "Empty Places" - L. Anderson 

1. "Boogie Nights" 
2. "Easy Rider" 
3. "Eraserhead" or "Urban Cowboy" 

24- Plans to the future ? 

25- Thanks .... Your final message... 

I want to truly thank you for this interview and thank everybody for reading this! Remember: keep burning the ancient flame of metal that is perpetually locked with in your liquid, glass-cased heart! Also, inform me when the magazine is in publication and I once again, thank thee for your time.