1. Hails, Necromaniak !!! How are you ? 
Hails... fine... 
2. Could you give a brief history of  how Ausbomben came to be formed? 
Ausbomben is a project band... we want to play a sond faster and raw so we be together to devastate by songs of war. 

3. What made you choose such a band name as Ausbomben ?  
Is diferent and sounds cool, the perfect name to us!!! and means devast by bombs. 
4. Which are your main influences ? 
Marduk and War.... 
5. Please give some detail to the Battle readers concerning the DT "WWII" (World War Two). How are the divulgation and reception of your DT ? 
Until now is very weak... we can't begin the distribution yet. 
6. Are you satisfied with the final result (production and mix) of "WWII" ? How was the recordings at the studio ? 
No!!!! The studio sucks!!! They was boycotting us since the begin of the recording.

7. How are your shows ? And your performance on stage ?  
Until now we had played just one time, i say that for a first show is everything ok... and we have experience in gigs... butthe next 'll be better!!!! 
8. How do you see this news bands which mix metal with folk music, nationalist thought, aliens... ? How do you see the future of metal ? 
I think that you can make everything you want with your song. But the most aren't cool, just sucks... there are bands that know how make this mix and other don't. In the future always be a real metal bands fuck as hell!!! 
9. Could you tell me more about the lyrics from "WWII"?   
Destruction/ war/ death is just it!!! 
10.  What inspires you musically and lyrically? What about in your life? 
I don't know for sure, everything can influenciate a sicko mind to do a perverse work!!! Movies, books, others bands... 
11. How do you view the metal scene in Brazil ? 
Is getting biger... but haven't a cool support... 
12. I'll tell you a word and you'll give me a few words describing your thoughts about it... ok? 
mythologies - get my atention 
Adolph Hitler - war 
the effects of nuclear weapons - Ausbomben 
Friedriech Nietzsche - 
final atomic battle - end of the world 
Ziklon B - powerful 
Saddam Hussein - 
Conan - great!!! i'm a big fan 
world actual politic,economic and social situation - shit!!! 
13. Do you play in other band, called Flesh Grinder. Give us some infos/news about this brazilian splatter god's. Explain the differences and similarities between Ausbomben and Flesh Grinder. 
The new album is called "Libido Corporis" and will out in the end of this year... well, the two bands are brutal and fast. But the Flesh Grinder is more technical and sick and the Ausbomben more raw and simple...is it!!! 
14. Could you give us a brief info about the members in the band ? Does any of present members of Ausbomben play in some side projects ? 
Necromaniak - Flesh Grinder/ Ausbomben/ Impuro, 
Khil - Impuro/ Ausbomben and a war metal band with no name yet, 
Amazarak - Yoggoth/ Ausbomben, 
Odnanref - Yoggoth/ Ausbomben. 
15.  If you could exist in any era of any part of the world, which would it be and why? 
In the same era... i like to live here in the present. 
16. How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests?  
In the computer almost 24 hours of day...just in the grafic area.. 
17. Who are some of your fave bands on the scene right now and who are the best newcomers? 
Exhumed, Carcass, Hendale, Lymphatic Phlegm, Nuclear Assault, Marduk, War, General Surgery, Impetigo, Deranged, My Dying Bride. The best newcomers: Machetazo, Impaled, Thy Infernal... 
18. What three books and or movies would you consider essential ? 
Movies - bad taste , brain dead and toxic avenger. 
Books - mythologic books, tutorial softers books and any books of JJ Benitez. 
19. Explain your future plans for Ausbomben. Are you already working on a new release? 
Record a cdis in our plans but in a good studio this time and keeping playing a lot of gigs. 
20. What can we expect of the newer Ausbomben material ?  
Brutality and war!!! 
21. To conclude, if there's anything in particular you'd like to say about the DT or your band, then you're welcome to do that now. 
No, thanks!!! 
22. Thanks for this interview.... Your final bullets... 
Thankz to you again and keep the great work with the underground!!!