1. Hails, Marc !!! How are you ?  
Very well, thank you. The album will release in a few days then we are very well. And, it's a pleasure to answer to interview about the band. 

2. Ok, let us start by asking you about the name MZ, what does it mean to you and why was it chosen as the name of your band ?  
It's very simple we are two musicians in the band : Zan, the guitarist and me, Markus, the bass player. Then the name M.Z. is just our initials. (and Z.M. sound very bad.) 

3. Could you give a brief history of how MZ came to be formed?  
Zan and me met in 1996. At that time we played music in a heavy metal band called Ashes And Dust . Together, in this band, we have made a lot of concerts and two recordings. Then we've got the time to become very good friends and we have realized that we've exactly same musical tastes. When the band has splitted, we continued to play music together (just us) and, last year, we had some compositions which were really able to be recorded. We have took a lot of weeks to program and record them in my own studio. Some days after the mix, Alain Ricard (the Brennus label boss) has listen to the recording and tell us he was agree to distribute the album. Now, we work on the second album. 
4. What metal bands or classical musicians that inspired you the most?  
A lot of metal bands and classical composers inspired us. For metal scene, first, we can name Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, the new european metal bands as Stratovarius, Rhapsody.  It's very difficult to name the composers who inspired us, we listen so much classical music. However, we can name Vivaldi, Albinoni (for the baroque style) and Ludwig Van Beethoveen (for the romantic style) but there are Chopin, Bach, Wagner, Berlioz, Schubert. 

5. To someone who had never heard MZ, how would you describe the music?  
We can say that it's a real mixing between baroque and romantic classical music with melodic hard-rock / heavy-metal of 80's and 90's. 

6. Are you happy with this debut release? What do you feel it has done for your band?  
We are very happy and surprised by the beneficial effetc with this  release. It motivates ourselves... 

7. How are the divulgation and reception of "Blood is Life" ?  
All the people involved in the metal underground scene enjoy our music and find it innovator. We are very agreeably disappointed. And there are many people who don't listen to metal, especially classical music, who enjoy our music. It's very cool. 

Blood is Life

8. How has your touring situation been? What are your plans to tour in the future?  
In the beginning M.Z. was just a studio project. Zan and me like to recorded and mixed our works. But all the people ask us when we will play in  concert.We were just two people then it was impossible. Now, we had found three other guys to play with us in concert. The Blood Is Life tour will begin in next june. We have some dates. Then, again, it's very surprising and cool. We will have great pleasure to play the Blood Is Life songs and little more live . 

9. Tell us about some of the musics of "Blood is Life" and what some of the topics you deal with are.  
The topics of the music are very abstract. Indeed, this music belongs to our deep insides. It comes from our hearts. We have followed our intuitions without any restrictions. 
10. What more inspire you in the composing process ? Any personal experiences ?  
Deeply, I only draw my inspiration from the drastic feelings and passions I' m able to understand. Of course, there are personal experiences implicated in the music but they just belong to me... 

11. Your opinion about:  
Antonio Vivaldi- Without any doubt, if there is a god of music it will be him. 
Charles Baudelaire- I have read some poems in the past, it's very difficult to understand. For me, generally, I don't like poetry. 
Ludwig van Beethoven- I think he's the most sad and romantic person I've listen to. 
misanthropy- Good philosophy. I'm relatively agree with that. 
Gilles de Reis- Unknown, sorry. 
world actual politic,economic and social situation- I think we live in a real paradise but, there is a little fistfull of men who change this paradise into hell. 


12. How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests?  
Hobbies : playstation, computer, alone with music playing very loud. 
Interests : teaching methods (it's my job), theorical mecanic. 

13. Could you tell us one person of the past whom you personally respect, and why?  
I had a friend who I considered as my brother. Everyday, I think to my lostfriend. He died in 1988. Some months before his death, He gives me this passion for music which is stay intact in my heart. For me, this lost friend is always present in my life. This presence restore me stronger or weaker. 
14. Is there a philosophy behind the music you play? 
If there is philosophy in our music, it's just our own experience. Even if reassure ourselfes, we mustn't plan our musical works (our passion), we must let it make. Intuition is the only way to be happy. It never disapointed ourselves. 

15. How do you see this news bands which mix metal with folk music, nationalist thought, aliens... ? Howdo you see the future of metal ?  
Sorry, I don't like this bands. All nationalist thoughts are good to be burned and buried. I love the music mixings but, I choose the music which will be mixed. I'm sure there will be a 80's metal revival. 

16. What is the plan with the new album? Are you recording anything or planning to record?   
At this time, we work hard on the second album. It will be called : Next World Will Be Yours , It will contain 13 songs and will be more metal that the first one. Zan and me have almost finished to record this album. But, we gonna take some time for the mix.
I don't know if the songs will be better (how do you know by ourselves ?), but the sound will be better. 
17. To conclude, if there's anything in particular you'd like to say about the album or your band, then you're welcome to do that now.   
We dream about a real orchestra. We hope that a producer will give us our chance for that because it's very expensive. We hope that the songs will be able to enjoy your readers. Indeed, it's our only matter. 
18. Thanks .... Your final message...  
I would like to thank you for this interview and to congratulate you for your very good web magazine. Your questions are specific and very interesting, it's  unusual and original. Thank you. And, try to excuse my very bad english. I'm very sorry.