. Hails, Samedi !!! How are you ? 
I am fine thank you, itīs about 03:10 and Iīm just taking a break in my intense shogo-playing, hehe, computer-nerd as I am. 

2. First, let's begin by asking you about Battlelust's creation. Could you explain its history ? 
I was playing alot of deathmetal at that time but after I heard "a blaze in the northern sky" with darkthrone I really wanted to play blackmetal, but the other guys in Necromicon (which I palyed with at that time) didnīt, so I simply started a supposed-to-be one-man-band...which it was for 4 years until I got someone to play with me. 

3. To someone who had never heard Battlelust, how would you describe the music? 
Raw, intense, fast, extreme blackmetal (or maybe warmetal). 

4. Your CD, "of Battle and Ancient Warcraft", tell us abit about it... 
Hmm...well, it contains 10 tracks of ,as mentioned above, raw, intense blackmetal. I was pleased with it for about 3 weeks until I grew bored with it since itīs mostly old material (the song "angelfire" was made in ī94) but other than that Iīts quite ok, itīs nice that people like it hehe. The lyrics are simply about the eternal raging war against the feeble christians in a medievel way, the reason for that is that Iīm a sucker for fantasy-books, thatīs way the next cd will be more of a book than just some lyrics... 
5. What do you think about the final result of "of Battle and Ancient Warcraft" ? 
Well, I guess I kinda explained that in the last question.... 
6. What bands have been influential in your music? 
For the "of battle..."-cd it was strangely mostly mayhem, but Immortal have been a big influence aswell.... 

7. How has your touring situation been? Could you tell us about someof the places you've toured and with whom? What are your plans to tourin the future? 
No tours, no live-gigs at all infact.....Simply īcause itīs just me, but Iīm looking for more members to get a real band. I have a guitarist and a keyboard-player....a vocalist is also in my grasp, so all I need now is a second guitarist and a bass-player. I was offered a tour but that didnīt work out...I dont know Iīll have the time to tour really... 
8. How do you view the metal scene in Sweden these days? Are you well received there by the metal scene? 
Iīm not really into the swedish scene anymore... I was a couple of years ago... I think itīs stronger then ever, there were alot of crappy bands in the business awhile ago, but fortunately they 

of Battle and Ancient Warcraft

have simply disapeared. Todays band just seem to get better and better. 
9. What do you like to do in your spare time outside of music? 
Play around with my computer mostly, drinking beer with my friends on the weekends etc. etc. 

10. What inspires you musically and lyrically? What about in your life? 
Other bands in general hehe, what else....Iīm not one of those who claims that going into the woods or up in the mountains giveīs them inspiration to write music. I get influences of all kind of music, may it be metal in general or techno, classical or whatever...Lyrically itīs from fantasy-books and movies I guess....Nothing from my life.... 

11. Tell us about some of the lyrics of your new release and what some of the topics you deal with are. 
The lyrics for the next album will be a story (the title will be "baptized in hellfire: the return of the king") which will be the quest of a king long gone (portaited by me ofcourse) who, comes back to reclaim his old kingdom from the clutches of the church and itīs followers. 

12. Your opinion about: 
midia world domination - hhmm.....dont really know.... 
life after death (?) - Who knows really? if it really is a life after death, I certainly hope itīs better then this one. 
world actual politic,economic and social situation - Iīll just say that if I would be in control the situation would be quite different haha. 
Roman Empire - Was great, a shame that ceasar got killed, but then again, Europe would look totally different if he hadnīt been killed... itīs the same thing with Hitler. 

13. Who are some of your fave bands on the scene right now ? 
Arcturus, Borknagar, Rhapsody, Defleshed, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Diabolical Masquerade and tons more.... 

14. Could you tell us one person of the past whom you personally respect, and why? 
Hitler....he was one of the most intelligent humans ever lived, too bad that he was quite insane and christian....who knows what he would have done if he had won the war....? 

15. What three books and or movies would you consider essential ? 
If you mean which oneīs I think everyone should see īcause I simply like them the answer would be this: All the books in the Robert jordan-series and every book written by LaVey The devils advocate, Bram stokers dracula and Warlock 1. 

16. Do you listen to other music than metal ? 
Of course....you canīt get too open-minded if you play music, only Listening to a specific music-style will in the end drain you ability to create original music. As I said earlier, inspiration can be found in every kind of music.... well... maybe not tribal-percussion... I surely got my eyes opened to other sources when I studied music for 3 years.... 


17. If you could sum up Battlelust in a word, what would it be? 
18. What merchandise do you have available ? 
None I think....dont know if Hammerheart did any shirts....I sure hope so... 

19. Explain your future plans for Battlelust. Are you already working on a new release? 
I started writing material for the next album 4 days after I had finished "of battle..." and still are....most of the songs have been thrashed....mostly because I have changed the style.
The new direction will be more deathmetal ,since thatīs my roots, and more melodic, maybe because I got really hooked on arcturusī"la masquerade infernale". There will be more keyboards in the future, and "clean" vocals aswell....It will be quite a mix of everything. 

20. Thanks .... Your final message... 
Thanx for the interview Clay (dont you make like pots and stuff with clay? haha) Be sure to await the next album, which I know will be light-years better then thi first one. Check out another band Iīm in called "My bloodveiled skies" including me, the guitarist from Gates of Ishtar and the vocalist from Satariel. Demo has been recorded, but no record-contracts have been signed.