Interview with Jani Lehtosaari.

1. Hails, Jani !!! How are you ?   
Fine thank you. A bit tired cos of too much working today but soon I'm gonna take a nap, for the next 10 hours at least...  
2. Can you give us a brief history of Impaled Nazarene.   
Protected by Satan since 1990. Five albums on Osmose Productions (France) + some singles and EPs. Many line-ups, the present one since 1996, Mika is the only original member. Five or six european tours + few shows in the States/ Mexico/ stop is Australia/ Malaysia/ Japan...  

3. How are the divulgation and reception of your new CD "Rapture" ?   
Most of people seems to like the album a lot.  

4. Are you satisfied with the final result of "Rapture"?  
Pretty much. Never 100% satisfied. The sound would be still stronger and I'd like to drop out couple of songs from it.  

5. What elements are going to be different for this release as compared to the older material of Impaled Nazarene ?  
Same shit in a new bag.  

6. Explain about the cover-art signification. In my opinion, this is something totally different of yours old albums....any alien influences ?   
For sure it's different. It's just a weird idea I got just before the studio sessions about alien visitors and crop circles...this time "they" left the IN symbol in the middle of "their" weird crop circles... 
7. Which are the main influences in this album ?   
Can't say anything for the other guys. Personally I've no influences in song writing. Always ears shut, eyes shut.  
8. The "Rapture" line-up features Mika and the ex-members of Belial (Fin), why this influence in Impaled Nazarene and the new album ?   
The same line-up has been up since February 1996, almost 3 years. It doesn't make huge difference between the present and older line-ups...what's your point? Mika is the main force in the band and it's all the same who's putting up the rhythm for him...  

9. Impaled Nazarene have made a new promo video ""Penis Et Circes", taken from the "Rapture" CD, talk more about this, how was to do this vídeo ?   
Nothing much to tell. It was filmed live from one of our shows last Summer + messed up with some sick circus stuff...should be coming out from some european tv-stations I guess...  
10. Who are some of your fave bands on the scene right now ?   
Ritual Carnage from Japan and Driller Killer from Sweden. Both on Osmose and we just toured with them. Great bands!!! I like Dead Infection from Poland a lot. Finnish Children Of Bodom is extreme cool. I could go on the whole night... 


11. How are your shows ? And your performance on stage ?  
Nothing special. Just play hard one hour. Sweat and drink a lot. Give people the metal. Then go home.  
12. Impaled Nazarene played in XII Milwaukee Metalfest 98,ok. Talk more about this experience and the festival...  
Great show and opportunity for us to play for such a crowd. The whole fest is one big mess...great to see some many great bands, meet cool people, and drink a lot. Had good time with Mayhem. wish to be there next year....  
13. What were the most memorable shows that you played ? Any funny road stories to tell ?   
Lots of funny stories, but excuse me I'm so tired. Our show last february in Mexico City was crazy. We were fucking drunk and so was the 1000-headed audience. They just went nuts and we played the best show ever...that was something I'd call a metal show. Nothing like in east-germany...definitely not.  

14. As any longtime fan knows, on every Impaled Nazarene CD is a song with a goat title, why this word ? Any tradition ?   
That's the tradition. Mika's going to release a double album of all goat songs when he's 60 and Impaled Nazarene has released about 40 albums more always one goatie on them...  

15. What is your source of inspiration when you create your music, and your lyrics ? Any personal experiences ?   
With Impaled I use nothing but my luck when writing songs.   

16. In Australia territory has difficulty in receiving the extreme releases like Marduk-"Fuck me Jesus" and Impaled Nazarene "Motorpenis". What do you think about this ?   
And these things are extreme??? What can autralians see on tv? Nothing but Disney and Snoopy Dog? They're sick and fucking retarded people when they put cencorship on some rock'n'roll records... 
17. What do you think about "sex, drinks and metal"? This is a definition of Impaled Nazarene attitude/posture ? 
It's life. 

18. You and Kellokoski play in other band Plan E, talk more about this band.  
The music of Plan E is totally different compared to Impaled Nazarene or actually any other bands...very original and weird uncategorized rock. A bit of metal but we use two bass (distorted!) and keyboards  instead of heavy guitars, a bit goth but without the gothic...sometimes jazzy...very emotional music.  
19. How are the release of Plan E first CD "Songs for a Rainy Day " ?   
Just released the album in late October which is pretty cool piece of art. It's available only on CD and can be ordered from Solardisk for $18 (US funds) in europe and $19 overseas.  

20. Talk more about your own label Solardisk ?   
Started my own label in mid-September of '98. Released this far two CDs. First is the Plan E album and second is a new album of the legendary Terveet Kadet. The main point is to put out music that I like. You can always check out the news and huge mailorder catalogue filled with metal/punk/HC records at or write to: Solardisk, Box 50, 90251 Oulu, Finland.  

21. Talking about projects, how are the project of Mika Luttinen and M.W.Daoloth, Raism (old Diabolos Rising) ?   
As far as I know Mika has nothing to do with it anymore.  
22. What three books and or movies would you consider essential ?   
Books of William Gibson + The Alien trilogy. Alien4 is pretty cool movie but the final scary monster, the mix between human & alien was too much for me. Almost cried after first time I saw the movie. That piece of plastic was so bad.  

23. Impaled Nazarene start the coming European tour in 17.11.98 in UK, support bands will be Ritual Carnage (Japan) and Driller Killer (Sweden), what your expectation for this tour ?    
Didn't expect nothing but great time and new friends and I got it.  
24. Impaled Nazarene have decided to take a fifth member, Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) is the new lead guitarist for the band, why the band include one more guitarist ?   
To create better sound and maybe some new song structures w/ 2 guitars. Maybe some cool leads, who knows. It's nice to have some new blood into The band.  

25. Plans to the future ?   
Touring again Mexico early next year, then go to Australia and Japan. Fool around for a while and concentrate on writing process of a new album. Record it in the summertime and release early autumn...Give people the metal...then comes Satan and we're all fucked.  

26. Thanks Jani.... Your final message...   
Don't drink and drive. Just drink. If you haven't bought the "Rapture" yet, go and get it. Bang your head for Satan and drink it up for Satan.