You are of course familiar with the Swedish Death Metal band A Canorous Quintet. What you perhaps didn't know is that Linus and Jesper left the band in favor to an other band namely Guidance Of Sin, which resulted in that A Canorous Quintet sadly splited up. I decided to find out why they splited up and to investigate Guidance Of Sin for you, which I did by the help of Linus.

Interview by Whodan


Quite recently A Canorous Quintet splited up. Perhaps you can tell me what made you reach that decision?


Me and Jesper wanted to go on with Guidance Of Sin to 100%, as we think it's better than ACQ. It have been alot of response about this ACQ split, many letters and e-mails. But I think our last CD is very good, and that's better then go on and release a shity one, "The Only Pure Hate" is a hell of a Death Metal album and I'm proud of it. Many other things were fucked up too: We all wanted to go on in different directions, and our label (No Fashion) did't push us enough. Etc...

Guidance Of Sin


I think it was pretty sad that you split, I mean you have been working with this for several years and today ACQ are a very respectabel band in Sweden, then you splited it up to continue with a much smaller band Guidance Of Sin. It sound a bit weird in my ears, doesnít it?
Maybe, but it's no idea to go on when you don't like the things you do, if we would release another album after "The Only..." CD it would not be so good as "The Only..." CD is. ACQ was born in 1991-92 so we have been around for 7 years now, and it's of course boring when you split a band you have been in for so many years.

Would you say that you felt that you couldnít develop ACQ more and you would just repeat what you have been doing through the years? Which of course had been a bit boring...
Guidance Of Sin is a band you can develop in another way then ACQ. GOS influences comes from older Rock n' roll and Metal bands not just all the Death Metal bands around. It's to many bands that sounds the same, GOS have more of an own style.

How did No Fashion Rec. react when they heard about your split?
I talked with them last week, but they had already heard some rumours about the split some months ago. But they think it's boring . But wanted to hear Guidance Of Sin.

Ok, letís leave ACQ here and go over to your new band (actually not a new band) Guidance Of Sin. You are to release your debut album during 1999 through Mighty Music records. Tell me about it...
Yes, but it's only a sample of Guidance Of Sin. Mighty music will release our Demo, promo-98 and three new songs. To a low price and with a great lay-out etc... We think it's good as our demo is sold out (500ex sold) also our promo is sold out. The CD will be released in march -99

You are signed to Mighty Music for one album. Mighty Music isnít a label that I am familiar with so I guess itís a pretty small label. What do you have for expectations on them?
We hope they are good and we think they are good, everything is pro printed, and they have already released some CD's, and have been around for a long time. We have been in contact with Michael (mighty music) for some years now, He also made a gig for ACQ in Denmark some years ago.

You are searching for a serious record deal to GOS. Have any labels shown serious interest in you so far? Why not let Mighty Music release your other albums as well?


Yes, some labels have been very interesting. We'll see what's happend. We can record our second CD for Mighty music if they are good for us.

You and Jesper are known from ACQ. How does the rest of the line-up look like at this moment?
Fredde also from ACQ and Leni (vox) and also our new bass player Le-Limnell from the swedish underground band Sanguinary (r.i.p.).

So, what will the rest of the members do now when ACQ are defunct?
MŚrten have been in studio with October Tide, Leo have some other projects right now, but I don't think Niden exist anymore, Fredde is the drummer of both Guidance Of Sin and also Amon Amarth now.

You did a concert here in Stockholm almost a year ago. Can we expect more of this with the release of your album?
Yes, it was our first gig with Guidance Of Sin, I hope we can play more live when our CD is released.

Ok, I am out of questions. I wish the best with Guidance Of Sin then. End this buy you telling us which were the five best albums you bought during the past year!
I think the five best albums from 1998 were:

A Canorous Quintet - The Only Pure Hate
Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
The Haunted - The Haunted
Monster Magnet - Powertrip