A new band featuring some wellknown members is soon having their debut album released. But be sure, this is not just not another side-project. We heard the unofficial demo prior to the album recording and it definately promise something of quality. Robert Lundin, aka Gaahnfaust, drummer of this act took his time to cure some of our curiosity.

Interview by Whodan


"A New Era Rises", the debut album of Dominion Caligula is soon going to be released through No Fashion. I heard it was supposed to be released during spring first, so why has it been delayed?
Due to various problems with the album layout together with our record company reorganizing, it couldn't be released during spring but it will hopefully be released late October instead. Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral has just finished the layout for the album, and it looks really good.

With three members known from Dark Funeral I am sure that a few people will expect music in the pure Black Metal vein, which it definately isn't. How would you describe the music of Dominion Caligula?


Robert of Dominion Caligula

People should not expect the music to sound anything near Dark Funeral. This is totally different, except maybe for the vocals. It is, however, of course still Metal but concentrated on the heaviness and dynamics rather than speed and blastbeats. Hopefully most of the Dark Funeral fans will like it anyway. There is a certain touch of "evil" and "darkness" going through the motion of the music which should appeal to the listeners.


The unofficial demo you recorded prior to the album indicated a pretty tradtional yet fresh style of extreme Metal. Is it important to be original in these days?
I guess it is in some ways. Matti, who writes most of the music for the band, and who also is my longest collaborator in music, is constantly writing new material for Dominion Caligula and he is in my opinion a brilliant songwriter. I've listened to some of his new ideas for the next album, and I guess you could say it sounds original enough. It is in my oppinion not that important to be original just for the sake of it. A good song is a good song, period.

Since most of the members of Dominion Caligula have other bands as well it's easy to assume that this is just a usual project instead of a serious band, which I've heard Dominion Caligula is supposed to be, right?
Dominion Caligula is as serious as a band can ever be. None of the members in the band consider it to be just a project. It doesn't interfere with for instance Dark Funeral. There is no competition between any of the bands. Dominion Caligula is Dominion Caligula. Dark Funeral is Dark Funeral. It's as simple as that really.

Will you be touring after "A New Era Rises" is released?

I sincerely hope so. Any booking-agency that is interested in setting a tour up for us is more than welcome to give us an offer.

What is the meaning behind the title " A New Era Rises"?
Dive into the cold black minds of the ancient emperors and find what shall rise and what have allready been risen. I cannot be more specific than that, hahaha.

You left Dark Funeral a while ago. Do you ever feel a desire to play some really really fast stuff as you did with Dark Funeral or are you happy with playing slower stuff as you do now?


I don't feel a desire to play the really fast stuff, although I enjoy doing so very much. It was great to really blast off on stage with Dark Funeral, but I take as much pleasure in playing the more heavy and dynamic stuff. I wouldn't call it slow.

Is it a technical challenge for you to play drums in Dominion Caligula as it's very different from the drumming in Dark Funeral?

Matti of Dominion Caligula


You have been playing drums for a very long time. Never been interested in trying to play another instrument just for fun?
I've been trying to play some guitars over the years, but I wouldn't say it contributes to our music.

Prior to Dominion Caligula & Dark Funeral you were playing in Obscurity quite a few years ago. Were you in other bands in between Obscurity and Dark Funeral?
A few, but none that is worth mentioning.

Do you think it would it be nice to play something that is not related to Metal?

I've been playing more or less my entire life so far, and I have played various styles of music during the years, everything from Swedish medieval folkmusic to Black Metal. I've always put most of my energy on Metal because it's what I enjoy to play the most.

Before we finish I just would like to know what are your best memories from your time with Dark Funeral and the really old band Obscurity?
Touring with Dark Funeral was a lot of fun. Getting to meet all the fans face to face, performing in some great arenas, the shows in Mexico as well as in the eastern block of Europe is something I will never forget. All in all I had some great years with Funeral. Obscurity played only in small clubs around Stockholm, which isn't really comparable to the ones we did with D.F, but I'd say that touring is the overall best thing with being in a band.