The Swedish Death Metal band Insision recently released its debut demo "Meant To Suffer", a good demo in the style of American Cannibal Corpse. Well, after reading this be sure to order their demo if you wants some brutal Death Metal... All answers in this interview by Joonas.

Interview by Tony


Hello! I know that this might sound boring but as most of the readers are not familiar with the band a biography would be great!
Insision is the spawn of two other bands, which split up through the lack of interest. So Insnsion was born in the late of 97. We had a lot of line-up changes since the start, but i think that is very booring so thats it about that.! Our line-up for the moment is:

Roger Johansson - Guitars
Joonas Ahonen - Guitars
Johan Thornberg - Vocals
Daniel Sommerfeldt - Bass
Thomas Daun - Battery

And I think this line-up will hold for a while, because it works very great.

You chose to play Death Metal, a style that was almost dead here in Sweden but is now reviving new bands are coming from everywhere. Why do you think Insision must get noticed by the fans?
I think we can add some variation to the scene..!

You have realeased one demo so far. How are you promoting it? Have you been featured in any mags? How has the response outside Sweden been? Is any label interested in you?
Since the release of "Meant to Suffer" which was in the end of july, we have sold about 250 copies. And we haven't promoted it that much, so I think Death Metal is coming back. The response in Sweden and outside Sweden has been really great. Unfortunatlly we haven't been in any magazines yet but I think you know that all zines get delayed for some reasons..! Some labels have been showning interest and we are going to release a MCD on the Swedish label Heathendoom records to start with.

I guess you are satisfied with it...
Well, of course there is always some things you could have done better but in the end, I think we are quite satisfied with it..!

Is the demo made for die-hard death metallers only or you hope all metallers will like it?
Of course you would like that all metallers would like it, but it is very hard to make such music that fits all metalheadz.

What bands have influenced INSISION? Only death metal bands?
Yeah, mostly death metal bands.!

As i said before, death metal seems to be reviving here in Sweden, many black metal bands just disapeared somewhere and death metal and thrash metal seem to be the biggest styles nowdays. Aren't you afraid that people will get tired of death metal again like it happened years ago? If that happens, Will Insision be around anyway?
I think that even if people don't like our music, we will keep playing exactly the music we want to. But I dont think that people will ever stop listing to death metal, it haven't died yet, and could death die??.

What I like about your band is that you play brutal death metal the way it was meant to be, no Gothenburg melodic sound. What do you think about that particular style, can you call it death metal?
Well, it seems to me that everybody calls that death metal, but in my opinion: NO.! To me death metal is something more brutal and heavier.!

What do your lyrics deal with and where do you get inspiration for them?
Mostly about murder and other nice stuff, I think it's hard to explain. Everybody ask about the lyrics of "Paedofilia Cum Sadissismus", but I'm tired of explaining this to everybody, so if someone want's to read our lyrics just drop me a line and I will send them to you.!

When you are on your own what kind of music do you listen to? I guess not only death metal?
I listen to every kind of metal but, mostly black and death..!

What about putting some non-death metal sound to your music? Do you think you will try it someday?
Hopefully not..! I hate when band do that, I think its better to just stuck to one genre of music.!

How many times have you played live? What bands have you played with and what bands would you like to play with?
Hmmm, i think we have played about 7 gigs, and some of the bands are:
Blod soil, Wyvern, Prophanity, Thyrfing, The Ancient Rebirth, Nominon

Insision is going to play at a local gig soon (21/11) with some local bands (Prophanity, The Ancient's Rebirth, Thyrfing etc.). What can we expect from you that evening? How do you think a real death metal gig must be like?
At this time when I am answering this interview it is Monday 23 / 11 so that gig was Saturday, and it went out great.! There was about 350 people there and we did get a very good response from the audience. And a real death metal gig must include a lot of head-banging.!

Well, thank you for your time. End this in a deathly way!
Thanks for the int.! Good luck with your zine and if anyone is intrested drop a line to :
Kårsta Björknäs
186 96 Vallentuna