The finnish quintet MYRING was formed in the end of 1997. They haven´t done any official recordings yet but they are within a short future to record their first official demo. Beware!

Interview by Whodan


Myring is a very new band for me and probly for the readers too. So please introduce this interview with a bandbiography...


Hail to thee Whodan! All right, here is a short biography of Myring. We founded this band with sargonnas bit over a year ago. That was time when I pissed off with Tuonela's guitarist, who truly is a betrayer and a backstabbing idiot. Oh yes, but nothing more about Tuonela... then I told my brother, Leka, that we are about to start playing in a new band. He forgot Tuonela almost immediately, because of the same reasons as I did. Then we asked Tuonela's drummer to rehearse with us. However, his job was quite short, because we found a new, better, drummer (Vidar) through Internet's newsgroup. Then I found a keyboard player (Demonica) and a rehearsal place to us from the basement of university where I study. This line-up is good because we all can play but there are no virtuosos in our band (you will not hear tilulilulii-solos in our music). I answered the following questions with the help of my brother, Leka...

Myring Bandpicture


Introduce the bandmembers then. Age, previous bands, what they prefer to drink, favourite group etc...
I let every bandmember to answer this question personally...
Skred: 21, Tuonela (1,5 v.), beer and strong alcohol (ethanol with juice) shots, Manowar & other good heavy metal bands rule!
Leka: 1979, but it's 19 years too long, played in Tuonela couple of years & other trivial projects. I keep myself going with Karhu-beer, but drinks are good variation, and the best group is the gangbang-group. The old and evil Heavy Metal & Manowar, Danzig rules!
Sargonnas: Younger member, few minor projects also, Koskenkorva, Scene of Hauho(tm)
Vidar: Younger member, fresh out of woods, Karhu-beer, can't name one.
Demonica: 20 years, none, cider&long drinks, strong alcohol(vodka,for example),some coctails(vodka martini, bloody Mary, etc.). There's many, but to mention few: Fileds Of Nephilim (& Nephilim), Danzig, Christian Death.

As everybody knows the scandinavian Metal scene is full of shitty bands. What do you think Myring has to offer the scene if you should be honest?
Leka: That is very true, there is lot of bands who haven't got anything own in their music and they have kind of wannabe metal -attitude, they will perish or turn into pop-shit. We as a band, and as men, have had stonecold metal hearts beating in our chests since we appeared on this earth. With this coldness we want to show to all those who are in this scene for trend that their guts can not take the true metal and they will go home to eat mom-made cake and hot chocolate. Fucking wimps. Metal will once again be the thing for small group of Northern warriors who play it with their heartblood.
Skred: It is sad to notice that some bands don't have pride to compose their own music. They just rip-off other bands music and try to be cool that way. As a new group with own ideas it is very hard to please people, but we are here not to please people. We are here to bang you!

You are soon to relese your first official demo. Could you make a description of it musicially. How many tracks will be recorded? Can you reveal any songtitles?
It shall be dark heavy metal with some hideous speedparts also. It will not be high-pitch buzzing like most todays' demos. We will make music, which has hairy balls and rolling sounds. It shall have wide soundscape and good sound quality, it means that your 3-way stereos will suffer and your portable cassette recorder will reek and then burn! We'll realize it with >16 tracks and it shall comprise 3-5 'songs' and that includes intro and perhaps outro. I can't say final titles yet.

In early 1998 you made a promotape printed in 300 ex. Did you send it to any labels. If yes, was there an interest in your music?
No, we didn't send it to any labels. On that tape there was one fault too much. We didn't want involve ourselves with deals this early, when we are rehearsing new and finishing our older songs. We haven't decided whether we want to have a deal with our coming first demotape either, because (we are not commercial, hahaa, cliché) of young age of the band and short, only few year, musical experience.

You've got a homepage on the net too. Do you think it help you to promote the band? What do you think about internet in general?
Yep, but it isn't! It gives fact information for those who have heard about the band and want to know more. We shall put samples from our demo to that page for a random passer-by. Internet is good for small groups to keep contact and change news in a small region like certain style of metal web-ring and newsgroup. There you can also find very operative napalm and pipebomb blueprints for your 'actions' with your enemies... whether they are religious fanatic people or somebody else you dislike. And of course you can find a lot of exciting gorepornpix there, ou-jee.

In the biography you sent me, you wrote that Myring was formed to fight the christanity. Is that what your lyrics are about, to fight the christanity?
Well, Myring's lyrics tell about dark souls, dreams of death and great battles yet to come... Our songs and swords are strong, and because christians are not, our lyrics fight them. Most people belong to church for a fucking church wedding or christian funeral. It is inner weakness to believe in higher beings that have created you to be good here on earth to get a place in heaven. What a bullshit! It is against human nature. Our lyrics tell about everything that religious people consider bad or evil, or death, our songs are not about politics and how you should protect the nature etc. Other bands can play that kind of life-metal but we don't.

Almost all scandinavian bands comes from Sweden or Norway but not from Finland. What about the scene in Finland? Is it full of shit like the Swedish scene or? Can you recommend some other small bands?
All? Well I think that you have grown in a pit! There are lots of good 'small' bands here in Suomi-Finland, for example Barathrum, Withered Garden , Obssesion etc. I recall only few serious bands, like Marduk & Bathory, but also many well selling life-metal bands, yes, like Hypocrisy & Therion there in Sweden. Finnish scene is not full of shit because we simply kill all life-metal bands, which try to get into the scene, like e.q. Ravenstorm, who performed in Jyrki (Finnish trendy tv-show, like MTV), right at birth. That's why here are not so many bands trying to get famous. We do have although shit all around but all those little shitbands keep low profile here. Norway has some really serious groups there and that is because they too know what winter means! No life, no love, no smile, just plain metal! Oh, here are also few christian bands and those are something I can't (under)stand but their destiny is like other 'wannabe metal' -bands. Do you wimps think that metal dropped from heavens, oh-no, certainly not, not even close!

Here's a list... Write a short comment to each band / sentence!!!!

Demonica: They have a good show and some few good songs, but that's it...
Rest: Old farts trying to get pussy.

King Diamond...
Leka, Skred & Demonica: He sounds like 12-years old schoolgirl at her first time. Nice music.
Sargonnas & Vidar: Haven't listened.

Impaled Nazarene
Leka: They have a fucking ATTITUDE. Really raw nuclear-metal.
Skred: Oh yes, they got style and also few good songs.
Sargonnas: One of the best Finnish groups.
Vidar: The songs I've heard were terrible, but there are few listenable pieces.
Demonica: Well, they have a good attitude, I appreciate that. But I don't get any "kicks" of their music. Too simple.

The new Iron Maiden / Slayer album...
Leka: Foundations of Heavy Metal, don't compare B. Bailey to B. Dickinson.
Skred & Vidar: I haven't had time to listen either of those but I will.
Sargonnas: I don't like Bailey's vocals.
Demonica: I haven't heard those albums. I don't listen to them very much at all.

Leka: True Nordic Evil message, but musically it don't appeal to me.
Skred: At least it is fast enough... and some good ideas, but no thanks.
Sargonnas: Old stuff is better than new. But it is still good.
Vidar: One of the most aggressive bands on the scene.
Demonica: I don't like it. Musically it's very poor. It's like million other bands...

Whole band: This name hasn't come to mine ears.

Leka: A Thumb in Ass kind of show. Not good, makes BM a mockery.
Skred: I haven't heard that band so much I can give an opinion...
Sargonnas: Rip-off, they just collect money with famous names.
Vidar: Good music, but now they have lost best keyboard player in scene.
Demonica: Quite good music. Nice melodies and fabulous female vocals. I like.

Cannibal Corpse...
Leka & Vidar: Quite long career they've got, but I haven't listened so much.
Skred: I'm going to see what kind of band they are on stage in next week.
Sargonnas: True fucking death metal, one of the best.
Demonica: I have heard that band so little, that I really can't say any opinion about it. But I'm going to see that on stage, too.

Ok, here is some space for you to promote Myring! Tell the readers why they should buy your demo when it's avalible!
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You shouldn't buy our Demotape because you probably wear Cradle Of Filth or Dimmu Borgir t-shirt and adidas training pants! We do not want asswipes to buy our demo or come to our gigs, do not bother. We play only for real metalheads. If you have true metal spirit and some booze then order or download our demo, turn your amplifiers bass and volume control to southeast, press play and DIE!

Hail to every true metalhead in this world! Keep the flame burning forever!

Thank you for this interview. Let's end this in an original way by you asking ME a question!
Thank you for this generous change. OK, here it comes. Have you ever considered a suicide? How would you do that? And another... Why do you publish a webzine? What are its advantages when you compare it to normal 'zine?

Thanks for this interview!

Whodan: Well, I have never considered suicide, even if this world is just shit! Concerts and all kinds of Metal keeps me alive! Since I haven't thought very much about suicide I haven't any ideas about how it will be. Why am I doing a webmagazine... just because it's much cheaper than a real mag made of paper. Besides no buys real magazines anymore, just a few but you lose to much money and I can't afford it. Real magazines are always much better than webmagazines! I look forward to your demo... Hail all in the band MYRING!