One of the older bands in the scene today Mystifier has released three albums so far, and unfortunaley they have never gained as much respect as we think they deserves. If you like Brasilian black metal then you can't miss Mystifier. All answers in this interview by Beelzeebubth.

Interview by Tony      


Hail ! Let's start this interview by you telling us about what has been happening since "The world is so good that who made it doesn't live here".


Well, we released our first album with our single on Demise Records in Brazil ; We recorded a track of the ancient german Black Metal cult called Poison for the compilation World Domination II on Osmose Productions; We recruited a couple of guitar players, they were Paulo Lisboa (who was only a session guitar player) and Thony D'assys; We recorded a track for a tribute to Sepultura (Sepultural Feast); We built our Official Mystifier Web Site (; We played with Rotting Christ on their brazilian tour and so on.


How has the response on your albums been so far?
Bands that don't follow the trend will always sell few copies. We don't use make up, breath fire, and everything anymore. This "new" Black Metal "rain" is a shame for the ancient ones. I laugh at, when I hear some of these goth or dark bands calling their soft music of Metal. I don't believe them !! But, the time is my friend. Soon the true Metal worshipers will be tired of them and support the true Metal bands like Mystifier and many others bands that can not show their work because the trendy labels only want to release bands ala Scandinavia (aaaargh!!). But, we have had a good response from all our albums. If we released something in 1994, we would have played in Europe. Insolit (an european promoter who promoted Fuck Christ Tour) invited us to tour in that year. But we had problems with line up, so we couldn`t play there.

I must ask you about the change of style, why the tenor voice ? Weren't you afraid of to lose your fans?
Well, it will be a shame for a band like us to support the trend. I formed Mystifier to combat the trend in underground. If our fans were thinking we will support this Black Metal "fever" from Scandinavia, they were wrong. We changed our style to sound original. I know that we always sound original, but I couldn't do the same thing that many bands were doing. Many of those bands are stupids (satanic christians !!). If you listen to our first album "Wicca", it doesn't sound like that, "Goetia" too and "The World is so good.." too. I don't fear to play in a concert for 50 people. If any Mystifier fan, turn his back to us and surrender to the trend, I will claim to the mighty earth drink their blood!! We don't need to put a gorgeous girl to play keyboard and sing our songs with her soft voice to sold out our albums (You see ?). Money isn't all in life for me.

What happened to all the members ? You have only one left ?
The main problem with them was: women !! Brazilian women hate Metal music and those wimps left the band to marry. None of the new members don't have girlfriends and I hope they never have them. I have a girlfriend, but she lives her life and I mine. There are many young bitches here, but those assholes..

What do you think about the scene in Brazil now? Any bands you recommend?
Almost all brazilian bands sound like Scandinavian bands, then they can die. But you can try check fine ancient bands like Embalmed Souls, Head Hunter, Impurith, and Malkuth. They are 100% brazilian underground supporters !! In the 80's, brazilian scene had fuckin' Metal bands like Vulcano, Exoulser, Aamon Hammer, Mutilator, Necrofago, Apostasia, Necrovomit and many others. I have some interviews in my hands in which Euronymous said he like all of them. They were 100% Metal, not softrockgayaidsgothdarkambientshitcore !!

Now I want to ask you a different question. Have you had any problems because of you being black and playing this kind of music?
Years ago, I had problems with some skinhead groups in Brazil. They said that they were european descends and they want "clean" Brazil. Only I faced them in the Metal scene. They were thinking I was a "white" boy (white means stupid here), weak, drugged, long-hair, so called headbanger (sorry, but it means fool here). When many of them met me, they run from me. The punks also tried to kill me. In that time, I was a body builder and only walked with my gun (it was an automatic Taurus 48 - You see ?). Only around five times I shot with it to save my skin. The problem is that now I am conscious and I don't want spend all my life with a gun in my hands. For my luck, many of them were killed or married. In Brazil, many black teenagers or children are aggressive. They hate white people here. It is a pity that a person be judged for your color. Many stupids judge other for the color. They aren't racists, they are fools. If the society tell them to eat grass - they do, to wear petticoat - they do, (aahaaa..). I don't worry with them. I can live without them.

Are you satisfied with Osmose productions then? Are you still signed? Don't you think they have signed to many new retro thrash metal bands? Have any other labels shown interest in you?


Mystifier live picture

No, I am not and I don't look for a new label yet. As you said, Osmose is now interested to sign that kind of bands and we don't deal with that. Yes, some labels are interested to release our new stuff. I think we shall wait until next year when we shall release something


You have been in the scene for several years. How do you think it has changed?
In my opinion, the Metal scene is destroyed!!. Many goth and dark asses have infested our scene. I hope the day that all of them die and we can breath again. Nowadays, the bands pay to play, pay to record their albums, and so on. The record labels are gain very much money with these fools. Combat the trend !!

This interview will be featured on the internet. Do you think it's better with real zines made of paper or it doesn't matter?
I like to contact zines and get info about bands by the net, although has much bullshit there.

What kind of music are you listening to now ? Are you open minded or music or is it just Metal?
The only style that I really enjoy is Metal music. But sometimes I listen to blues, jazz, reggae, classic music like FRANK GAMBILE, STEVE MORSE, BOB MARLEY, JANIS JOPLIN, JIMI HENDRIX, BACH, MOZART, PINK FLOYD, etc. I try to get good everything around. If it has sense, it is okay for me. I hate pop music like mado-bitch-nna, mc-white or black pig ?-jaksun, prince (of the gays!!) and all that shit.

Is their any new material yet. Change of style again maybe?
We have a new stuff ready for our next album. The title for it can be "Demystifying the Mystified". About change of style.. If you like bands with vocals ala BATHORY, rhythm guitars ala MAYHEM and make up ala WASP, please, stay far away from us as possible (anti-trend, anti-god and anti-christ!! - aahaa).

Evil by evil! Hail! End this!!
Thanks for your support Whodan and Tony !! I hope you get their goal with this fuckin' web zine. Support the fine underground Metal bands and the scene. Hail and Victory !!