This interview is with the Swedish band THYRFING that released its debut album "Thyrfing" through Hammerheart Records for a couple of months back. If you like viking metal with many synth melodies will you definately love THYRFING! All answers in this interview by Patrik.

Interview by Tony      


Greetings! Your debut album has been out for some months now. Are you satisfied with it?


Yeah, I think it’s a good debut overall. The song-quality is variable, but the songs were written during a period when we progressed a lot as song-writers, so in short: I like some songs very much and some less. The sound is ok, but I’d prefer some more power and width in the sound. The cover is fucking great, but the layout is a bit boring. Probably because there are no lyrics included. Well, I think it’s a good start for us, and it’s still quite funny and enjoyable to listen to sometimes.


Do you know how many ex it has sold?
The first press (3 000 copies) has sold out, and new CD’s has been pressed. According to our label, the CD is still selling well, so I hope the selling-rate will increase.

How has the promotion been? Are you satisfied with Hammerheart?
Most of the promotion (advertisement) has been made in Germany, so I haven’t seen so much advertisement myself. But seriously, how many big metal magazines do we have here in Sweden? The biggest one is Close-Up and there had Hammerheart an A4 ad. with us and NECROMICON so I think they have fulfilled our expectations in that case. Overall, Hammerheart is a good label, even if they are a bit slow, but that seems to be a problem for the majority of the labels.

You have done some local concerts here in Sweden. How did they go?
Quite ok. We have only done four gigs this far, so we’re not that experienced about live-performances. Anyway, I’m totally positive to live-performances, and I hope that we’ll play more in the future!

What do you think about the swedish crowd?


He-he, I guess you want me to spit on those who were sitting during the last gig, right? Well, it’s up to them what they want to do, as they have paid for visiting the concert, but I think it’s more funny if the crowd bang their heads and having a good time, than just sitting relaxing like it was a cinema or something! If it was allowed to drink alcohol in these damn locals, I think the scenario had been different.

Thyrfing band picture


Why didn`t you include the lyrics in the album?
Because we weren’t satisfied with all of them. And as it would be confusing to include just some of the lyrics, we decided to not print any of them. On our next effort I promise that the lyrics will be both well-written and included.

What do they dealt with?
All members except Peter writes lyrics, and they deal with different stuff, but mainly with northern mythology, tales and great battles.

Has THYRFING been answering many interviews? From where do you get most of the mail?
What is much? What is not? Hard to answer, but I think that half of the interviews we’ve answered hasn’t been published yet! I think that most of them are on their way out now… We mostly gets mail from Sweden, Holland, Germany and England.

The mebers of THYRFING are involved in other bands. Am I right?


Yes you’re right Tony. Me, Jocke and Thomas also plays in PANTHEON. We have released two demos, and this band was founded before THYRFING’s birth. We’ve got some label interest for a CD, but I don’t know what’s going on with that right now. If we won’t release a CD, there will be a new demo, promo or something… Thomas are also playing drums WYVERN, an excellent Heavy Metal band which will release their debut CD soon I hope. Thomas and Jocke are also nowadays playing in ANCIENT WINDS.


Is any new material ready yet? If, yes when is it going to be released? By which label?
Yes, hell we have! We’re going to record a new album in October in Abyss Studio. The new album will be entitled ”Valdr Galga” and it will be a natural a proggression since the debut. It will hopefully be released by Hammerheart before the end of ’98.


Do you got any T-shirts for sale?
Yes, I hope they will arrive to us any day! The album cover will be on the front, and on the backside a picture of two drinking men, with a secret runic message! I think they will cost around 100 SEK or something… Write or
e-mail for more info!

Any plans about going outside Sweden?


Yes I would gladly do if you’ll pay for it! Seriously, we should have left for a european tour in September but the whole shit messed up! Fuck… Hope that there will be another opportunity for us to go on tour, ’cause that would be a great…

What do you think about...

Alice Cooper...
Cool old man. He has made some good songs, but some of his songs are truly shit.

B.C. Rich guitars...
Cool guitars. But I must say that Jacksson feels better…

Cool band. Good music, and from I’ve heard they are nice guys too.

Kris Werwimp (Painter)...
Cool artist. He are going to draw our new cover art. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s no doubt it will be excellent again…

Anal sex...
Not cool. Uuick!

Shorthaired metallers...
A metal heart is more important than the hair length for me.

Cool machines. It would be hard to live without them when you have got used to it. But sometimes, when they behave strange, you almost want to throw it out through the window.

Cool fluid. Too bad it’s so damn expensive in Sweden. If you’re going to grog with it, homemade works out just fine.

How often do you get drunk? Is alcohol important for metallers?
At least one times every week. I don’t think that your relationship with alcohol has anything to do with your musical taste. If it’s important or not is up to each individual to answer.

Well, future plans then?
Recording the new album, play live as much as possible, proggress and write new excellent music.

Thank you for your time! End this as you like...
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