Thyrane's debut album "Symphonies Of Infernality" came to us as a rather big surprise. Not since the early 90's have we heard this type of Black Metal, and despite sounding totally traditional Thyrane still caught my full attention. A glimpse into the kingdom of darkness, evil and death is always welcome, and the top quality riffs they offer kick us in a bit in there. Avather gave us a little information about the band...

Interview by Whodan


As you are for me and probably for most of the readers as well a very new band, would you mind to give us a little background behind the creation of Thyrane?


First there was a band called Thornmoon which was founded by Blastmor in 1994. Somewhere in 1995 name changed to the present one and few new members joined to the band, Daemon in guitars and R.Grönholm in bass. Then nothing special happened in few years except few shitty gigs and of course hard rehearsing. It was spring 1997 when I joined and finally in December we recorded our first demo, "Black Harmony". Couple months after releasing the tape Mikki from Woodcut got that tape from somewhere and offered the deal which we accepted and demo was re-released as a MCD. In December 1998 we entered Tico-Tico again and recorded full-length album which managed to delay one fucking year but now it is released. We are going to Tico once again in august 2000 and that album is going to be unleashed by Spikefarm.

Avather of Thyrane


Were you in any other band prior to Thyrane?

I haven't been in any other band before Thyrane but Daemon had his own band called Nocturnal Arts. He made the songs and played bass and singed there. Nocturnal Arts existed somewhere in 1994-1998 and they recorded one demo. Other activities are not worth of mentioning.

Thyrane is one of the very few new bands having the devilish spirit in the music I think. Why was it important for you to create this type of Black Metal instead of surfing on the popularity of Dimmu Borgir as most other bands do?
It was and still is important because this is how we see how real Black Metal should be performed. Keywords are aggression, rawness and satanism in the lyrical side. These elements deliver the devilish spirit through your speakers. Funny thing is that there's actually been few reviews where we have been compared to Dimmu Borgir but that's ok with me, that is just how they saw it.

I think you sound a little like certain Norwegian bands did around 92-95, later these bands progressed into a more futuristic style of Black Metal with a strong Industrial touch in its music. Do you think Thyrane will develop this way as well or do you intend to stick with the style you play now?
No, we are not going to head that direction (industrial) though we are definitely progressing all the time. Wider scale of influences is going to be heard on future releases and of course bit more own identity is always welcome.

Your demo "Black Harmony" lead to the deal you have with Woodcut Records, and later they re-released that demo as well as released your debut album. But did you ever consider to sign to another label, and are you satisfied with their work for you so far?



Woodcut was first who offered us a deal and as it was quite reasonable we signed it right away. It had quite a big meaning that Woodcut was Finnish label as communication would be very easy. We're quite satisfied to them except that long delay of the debut which I mentioned in the first question.

Do you have any philosophies you wanna bring forth with the music?
Of course Satanism is prevailing theme in lyrics but I think I won't comment very deeply this right now 'cos I didn't wrote them.


A few years ago we could read about certain satanist activities, including a murder, connected to Black Metal in Finland. Did this in any way make the people look differently upon BM?
It definitely did! I can't describe that stir which it caused here. The amount of writings in different newspapers was incredible. There was also very much pure bullshit in the newspapers and TV concerning about the murder but that was very entertaining though!Thyrane also got it's own share of the cake because at one point there was suddenly Ancient's name popping up and their "Cainian Chronicle" CD cover was in newspapers telling that it was the background music when the murder was committed. OK, then while ago there was discussion to get Ancient to Finland for live show where Thyrane would be supporting them but when this gig was offered to Nosturi and Tavastia they said, NO! This was only because Ancient's name was mentioned in the news. Guess who was pissed off big time...

Thyrane haven't been so active when it comes to playing live, why is that? Isn't it a good way to promote the band?
Actually we made our first gig 22.10.1999. After that there has been two more and now in this spring there's more to come. We haven't done gigs earlier because of the quite difficult line-up see, Blastmor, who is playing drums is also doing vocals and that's a bit difficult especially because our music is quite fast. But now we have a session drummer on gigs so these three gigs was just the beginning and hopefully some day we get chance to play in abroad too.

You said earlier in this 'view that you are going to record your next album in August. How does this new material differ from your older?
At this point when we have just arranged riffs to first couple of songs it's not sure what I can say about them because they always change more or less in studio where you can hear kind of real nature of the music. But if I must say something about the new material, there is things like little shorter songs, structures are maybe more simple than before and as I said before, wider scale of influences can be found also. And then there's few slower parts...and...hell, there's progression on every area, that's obvious as "Symphonies Of Infernality" was recorded over a year ago. All in all it's going to be more modern, but still Black Metal, always.

And finally, there is a whole ocean of Black Metal albums being released today. Do you feel Thyrane gets the attention you deserves among these, and why should people check out your debut album "Symphonies Of Infernality"?
Actually I'm quite satisfied with the attention we've had due to these two releases and I believe that they have the quality which is worth of investing to them...