With six high quality Black Metal albums then 1994 ought Austrian Abigor be one of the worlds most productive Black Metal bands. That Napalm Records is satisfied with to have Abigor on their label ought be obvious, they are actually according my opinion one of todays greatest Black Metal bands, so be sure to check out Abigor after reding this interview. All answers in this interview by Peter.

Interview by Whodan      


Hail Peter! "Supreme Immortal Art" has been out for about a half year now. Are you satisfied with it? How has the response been? Sold much or?


I think "Supreme Immortal Art" is the most matured album yet, even I am not that satisfied with the production, I think it's quite good, maybe the best Abigor release so far. The respons was / is really great, but the problem is that nearly everyone see "Supreme Immortal Art" as a kind of follow up to "Nachthymnen", but it's definitly no follow up at all. It's a seperate chapter in Abigor's history and not compareable to Nachthymnen at all, but opinions differ... I don't know the exact sell numbers, but I think about 10000 or something.

Peter of Abigor


The production of "Supreme..." was not the best in my opinion. I think the drums and the guitars are to low. Do you agree or are you pleased with it?
I agree. The main problem was to mix the keybaords, but I think the final result is not the worst at all. The good point on "Supreme Immortal Art" is that we finally managed to create I kind of restless harmony between the guitars and keyboards without losing the agressivity of the material. But on the new album we will definitly work without keyboards, and synths.

Why won't you use keyboards on your forthcoming album? You have done it on almost (not on "Apokalypse") all your albums so far.
Mainly because we will try to work with 3-4 guitar-lines throughout the album, so we want a very powerfull, transparent, and clear production, and keyboards mostly fade the production finnaly. So we with the use of about 4 guitars we will create a sonour song-sctructure that makes keyboards more or less senseless.

The layout on "Supreme..." was excellent. Where did you find the paintings in the booklet. And where is the album cover taken from?
We used very differnt images, from all kind of books and pictures we found suitable for the layout. But the main part of the booklet is taken from a book that deals with dragons.

Abigor has released six albums in a period of four years. But still none of them sound the same. How do you come up with new ideas after each album?
I really don't know. If we finnished the material for a new album we're always a bit exhausted, and out of ideas, but after several weeks it's no problem to write new material again. I think it comes natural that the material differs from release to release, because the more one play guitar, the more one explore all the possibilities, so for us it's no problem to put all our ideas and images into the art of Abigor.

Aren't you afraid that people get tired of Abigor when you release so many albums in so short time?
Not really, nor do we care too much about it. I mean, if we are satisfied with the material, and we're ready to record it, why should we waste time? Just because it's a kind of usual standard to release one album every year, that's not our interesst. We create music to realize ourselves, so we release and record material when we think it's ok, not if others find it suitable. Even I don't see it as a bad point if others like our music, and the album sells.

As I said before all your albums are different from each other, so what development can we expect until the next album?
Difficult to say. The new material is more various, we've very fast tempo changes, and the material is based on two totally differnt guitar-lines, but finally we will try to work with 3-4 guitar-lines, to create a kind of sonorous song-scructue. It'll be more strange, technical, even more progressive, but still Abigor.

Do you have material enough for a new album? If yes, when will Abigor enter the studio?
The new material is allready finnished, but we'll work out several songs / parts better. I think we will record a new album in december.

What studio will you use for your next album? I guess you will use Tonstudio Hoernix again, why? Is that the only studio in Austria for this kind of music?
Yes, we will again record at Tonstudio Hoernix. It's not the only studio in Austria for Metal, but Georg (the owner of the studio) a good producer, and we've recorded all our previous releases there, so it's much easier to work with him because he known our images, and we can realize all our ideas well.

You've said before that you hate your old demos. What about the "Supreme Immortal Art" demo then. Why do you release it?
What "Supreme Immortal Art" demo? Napalm will release a demo-CD with a few selected song from the first demos in a few month. We deceided to this step because the inqire on Abigor demo material is still enormous, and because this demo-CD will be strictly limited we prevent a sale-out, so the demos, as well the demo-CD will always be very rare items. But maybe you are refering to the 7" that will be released soon. It includes 2 exclusive studio-outtakes of the first two recording days for "Supreme Immortal Art".(Yeah that was the one I meant. Sorry. - Whodan)

Abigor never perform live. Don't you think it belongs to the Metal "art" to perform live?
Maybe we will play one exclusive gig at the Hellraiser Club in Leipzig (Germany), but we just plan it at the moment, so it's not sure yet. I don't think that play live belongs to Metal, I think it's up the each band how they deceide.

If you played live and all your ideas about live concerts could be true. How would it be then?
I don't know yet. At first we have to rehearse the material, and if we are satisfied with our performance we will think about the stage, effects, and so on. But at the moment I've no idea, because I never thought about this topic.

I guess Napalm Rec. must be very satisfied with Abigor. What about you then, are you satisfied with what they have done for you?
We are satisfied with the work of Napalm, even some things could have been done better. Anyway, they're quite ok, and I think the best label for Abigor - because they still honour our art, and they know the importance of Abigor for Napalm. Also we know them for several years, long before our start with Abigor, so our so-operation is based on trust and honour.

Abigor is more or less the only wellknown band from Austria, and in Belgium there are only Ancient Rites and Enthroned. Why do you think there are so few bands in europe outside scandinavia?
I don't know, nor do I really care about it. But if one take a look on the scandinavian scene today, one can't take it serious anymore, so I really prefer to offer all fans/listeners of our music, unique, and high quality Black Metal from Austria, and I think for example Enthroned think the same.

Abigor have an official homepage on the net, so how much involved are you into computers? Do you think it can help you with testing songideas, write music etc?
My know-how concerning computers is quite ok, even I am not that familiar with all the possibilties of the net, and the equipment of computers because the development on this sectors grows much too fast, nor I am that interessted in. Of course it could be helpfull to test, and compose music, also to realize our ideas. But computers are simply not suitable for the music of Abigor, but I think one can work well with computers if it comes to keybaord / synth based music. Abigor will never be a kind of computerized art, it'll always be art performed with 'realī instruments.

All the members in Abigor have several sideprojects. Don't you think it can affect Abigor negative?
Not at all. Silenius, our vocalist, is involved in Summoning, and Mirkwood, but he has never written any note nor lyric for Abigor, he is more or less just a studio-musican. And the second band I am involved in, Heidenreich, will grow / develop into more experimental spheres of Metal, so I think it will not affect negative to Abigor, and Thomas is only involved in Abigor.

What about your second band Heidenreich? I have never heard it. What kind of music is it?
It's a more stranger, experimental part of Black Metal. I use a drum-computer, and samples as well, and with the next release we try to create something new, a kind of more un-human creations. The second album will be released in winter this years through Napalm, it's entitled "Trance Of An Unholy Union".

I know you are collecting old medival weapons, axes, knifes etc. Isn't it expensive to collect them. Any favourites? What do you think about new weapons like M16, Glock 17 then?
I am not focused on medieval weapons. a gun could be something nice too... It is expensive, of course, but I hope that I'll one day get alot of all kind of weapons, even I still have no favour yet. I think a machine-gun would be great.

Yes machine-guns are great weapons (M60 rules!). Well thank you Peter for the answers. Here's the last questions... In the song "Supreme Immortal Art" (Nr2) you're screaming something in the german language two times when the music stops. What is that and could you please translate that for me!
The first part means - Do you think you can conquer / destroy me with you idol... And the second part - I ruled over hundret of centuries, long before you were born... We sampled this parts from films.
Thanx for your support.

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