America is not known as a country with many black metal bands, but there are good bands that comes from there and one of theese are Crimson Moon that released its debut album "To Embrace The Vampyric Blood" in late 1997 through Abyss Productions. The band started in 1994 and consists of three members... Any closer presentation is just wasting of time. All answers in this interview by Nocturnal Overlord.

Interview by Tony and Whodan      


I guess Crimson Moon is a rather unknown band for many of the readers, so please start this interview by telling us something about your debut album "To Embrac...".


"To Embrace The Vampryric Blood" was recorded in early '96 and was originally supposed to be our 3rd demo release. It was recorded and mixed by me (Nocturnal Overlord) on a portable 4-track in my bassplayers living room. Abyss Productions was going to release this on cassette format for our 3rd demo. Quickly, this was decided to be released as the cult classic it is now on CD. After many delays, it was finnaly released in October '97, "To Embrace..." contains IX tracks of extreme, vampyric darkness. It is still avalible through my adress, and the other members for $13 U.S /15$ U.S. (world). We also have two killer quality t-shirt designs available: "The Eye Of The Draconis" XL T-shirt $17 U.S / $19 U.S. (world).

Crimson Moon band


The line-up, is it still the same as on the album?
The current line-up of Crimson Moon consits of three vampyric demons- Nocturnal Overlord (of Nibiru, Abysmal Nocturne, Arise etc) on guitars and drum programing, Vampir Scorpios (of Ancient, Akrabua, Sabnack) on bass and vocals, and now also signed to the pact Blood Moon (of Akhkharu) on keys and synths.

How has the response been then, I haven't seen that much promotion for it, so I guess the selling rates aren't that high, am I right?
We don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about our music, it is only recommended to dark souls, and has already sold out of it's first pressing.

Since I think you are an unknown band for many it could be nice to hear how you think CRIMSON MOON differs from other black metal bands?
Crimson Moon has been playing extreme, vampyric black metal since '94 and always will. All of the members have an intense and strange occult backgrounds that we mix into our cold and dark music in an entirely original way.

You used keyboards on "To Embrace...". What is your opinion about keyboards? Would you say that it contributes to give the music a sonor atmosphere?
Keyboards and synths will always have a role in Crimson Moon. The addition of Blood Moon really adds an even greater atmosphere. We use keyboards to make our music even more chaotic and dark.

Have you ever thought about using other "strange" instruments such as violins, cellos, flutes etc.? What about female vocals?
We have already used some female vocals in the past, and are still experimenting with them. We are open minded and will use any sort of sounds to make the atmosphere even darker in the future.

Where do you draw influences from then? Some special bands, or something else maybe?


Our vampyre cult of extremist is slowly growing. Crimson Moon is not far for the weak. Our evil music comes from within our dark souls, and the bands of hell. Visions and dreams we have had are also a part of our music.

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics then?
The lyrics deal with topics such as Armageddon, Necromancy, Vampirism, etc. Vampir Scorpios will have to fillin all of the details, he writes the lyrics.

What about live-performances then? Have you made any succesful gigs or? If yes, what bands did you played with?
So far Crimson Moon has not played any shows, but we are looking forward to playing shows in the future.

What could we expect from Crimson Moon live then? Any stage show?
We promise, when you see Crimson Moon live, it will send a cold shiver up your spine! We have plenty of ideas for stage shows, but you'll just have to wait and see!

It seems that you are pretty much into vampirism. What is so facinating about it? What do you think about all these ridicolous romantisicm vampire BM bands? Is that something Crimson Moon deal with?
We are the true demons of the night, and have come forth to raise hell on earth and fad on the weak.

Your debut album "To Embrace..." came up to me in early 1998 I think, so I guess there must be some new material written. How does the new material sound then, compared to "To Embrace..."?
In October '97, we recorded a rehersal tape with our current line-up. This material will be re-recorded and then released as our 2nd offering "Under The Serpentine Spell". It's already over 60 minutes and is definately darker and more extreme than the other CD. We are also re-recording the '95 demo "Into The Nocturnal Forest" the production will be far better and will also feature some bonus tracks. After that we are going to release our 3rd (yet untitled) fullenght. We have also been working on this and is also already 60 minutes. This will be more evil and chaotic than anything we've ever done, anything we've ever heard from the U.S.!

When do you think you are able to enter the studio then?
The members of Crimson Moon live scattered throughout the globe, so it's very hard for us to get together. We are also in need of a dedicated drummer to join our cult. As soon as we have enough money, we will record and release "Under The Serpentine Spell".

Crimson Moon are signed under Abyss Productions, a small label with only two bands. Satisfied with what they have done for you?
Abyss Productions has done an excellent job on their first release as a true underground label. We have been in contact since '94 and they really support our music.

Don't you think it would be better with a bigger label with better economy, able to arange bigger tours, videos and massive promotion? Has there been any interest from other labels in your music?
In the position we're currently in, it would only be obvious that a bigger label with better economy would be better for us and our music. So far we have been very limited to what we can do with our music. Like only being able to record on a 4-track which is very hard and frustrating to work with.

You have a nice death metal scene in America but not very many black metal bands compared to Europe. How do see upon the American scene compared to the European black/death metal scene?
The scene in U.S sucks! But then again, there are a lot of shitty bands everywhere!

USA is a strict religious country compared to many countries in Europe etc. Do you think this has contributed to slow down the development in American B.M. I mean you don't start listening to black or death Metal if you have strict religous parents...
Once again the scene here sucks, most people listen to rap or alternative metal or some shit. There are also true die hard fans out there too though. And they are waiting for black metal to explode in America. All the members of Crimson Moon are dedicated to the underground scene, and also play in black metal bands. Check out Abysmal Nocturne, Nibira, Sabnack, Arise.

No lets end here... Thanx for your time!
Join us in Armageddon or get killed! Hail! Tiamat!

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