We can't praise Enthroned enough for still putting out great albums, last album "The Apocalypse Manifesto" for sure was a very entertaining album, pure Black Metal just the way we want it. Anyway, I wanted to check out the latest news and as I heard they are preparing a new album so I asked Lord Sabathan few questions about it!

Interview by Whodan


You’ve just returned from a tour with Marduk and Angel Corpse. What is there to say about it? How were you received throughout Europe?
Yes, this tour was a great opportunity for us, to tour with the best extreme Metal bands of the actual scene, and also the best opportunity to promote our last album "The Apocalypse Manifesto" cause we've had no promotion and been completely forgotten through the Metal press, you know the cause of all this shit??? We've recieved an excellent reception from the crowd everywhere, and it's strange cause we was absolutely not announced anywhere, and the crowd was totaly surprised to see us additioned on this tour, it was chaotic on each dates... KILLER, even if our tour conditions was the most horrible than a band could ever had, we didn't care, we play for the true Metal feeling, and we're glad to have make the first part of this tour. Yes, the second part was canceled for us because the driver of our motorhome (cause there was no place in the tour bus, we rent a motorhome and a driver for this tour), left us, cause he was sick of all those shitty conditions and also because the promotor Metallysee have not authorised us to continue, there was no place for us in the festivals dates with Cannibal Corpse, except in Belgium and Holland where we was planned long time before to start the tour.

Does it feel like as if you gained some new fans on this tour?


I feel somehow proud to metalize the soul of more people with my extreme art. I don't know if we've gained more or new fans on this tour, I don't care, I don't play for be more and more popular, I dedicate my art to the extreme people totaly involved in it. I just want to gain more people but a crowd formed exclusively of people who understand and live our art, not fuckin' shitty ones who only cares about Cradle Of Shit.

But you had to cancel a few shows during eastern countries, something I’ve heard different stories about actually. What’s really the truth in this matter?

Lord Sabathan


I don't have a clue, we were not on tour since we left already more than one week before the problems of eastern countries happened. Beause the tour was stopped for Enthroned the 31 October at Tilburg - Holland (last concert for us), and I've heard also differents rumours like you, but I don't know more than you about what's happened exactly.

Unfortunately you didn’t reach further up north. Do you think you’ll play Scandinavia anytime?
Hopefully, I would have liked to play in your country and that since our early times, but I don't think that we'll play before we have change the label for a good one, wait and see... Maybe next year??? I don't know!!! We are in need of a better promotion before to perform in Scandinavia, I don't think that our albums are well distributed there, when all will change, we'll arrange with our new records company for an eventual Scandinavian tour. We just need a better situation in matter of promotion and distribution before we plan it. But I'm too a bit affraid than we get no one succesful concerts if we play in Scandinavia, cause I've heard that a lot of people hate us unfortunately in your country, and is why I'm not sure that it will be possible to see us live one day in your country, except if the Scandinavian Black Metal people change their point of view about us. We've never try to ripp-off any Scandinavian bands because we play Brutal Black Metal. We did it long before it became popular.

The new album "The Apocalypse Manifesto" was recorded in the Abyss studio. How was it to record with Tommy Tägtgren and how come a Belgian band travel all the way to Sweden to record an album?
It was just amazing to travel from Belgium to Sweden with a van, and all our material, we love this kind of life, we've drove during 27 hours before to reach Nyhammar from Belgium, and the session recordings were very cool, it's cool to work with Tommy. We did a great work together all in a friendly mood. We've good memories of our recording sessions at the Abyss studios. But unfortunately, we will not record our next album there, but in the future, we hope to be back again, in your great country to record another album.

"The Apocalypse Manifesto" differ quite much from your previous albums. Pure violence! The way we want Black Metal! Are you satisfied with how you have progressed since your earlier albums?
Yes of course, and we will continue in this way, more and more violent but also aggressive riffs, insane guitar solos and pure screaming hating vocals, and some growling backing vocals... pure hate... It is unexpected to hear Enthroned playing industrial techno shit or keyboards overloaded wimp Cradle shit. The best elite of true Black Metal are the bands which stay pure and doens't make any compromise. We will progress as musicians, but never wimp-out, we feel what we play, we live what we play, and it is impossible for us to play a kind of music who would be opposed of our way of life. Hail hate, war, aggression, murder and violence...

One thing that kind of surprised me (in a positive way) was that there are no keyboards present on the album. How come you chose to exclude the use of keyboards?
We have not totaly excluded the keyboards, we use it again but in a very small quantity, for intros and samplings on our albums, just to create a dark atmosphere. But we don't to want use it on stage, we're not a part of those Black Metal bands who use keyboards more than guitar plans and guitar solos, we play true Black Metal and true Black Metal have no need of permanent keyboards, but need of strong and powerfull guitars with killer riffs and solos, and an infernal pounding brutal drums. Those bands who use tons of keyboards, it is because their guitarists are not able to compose and play any guitar solos. Or because they want sound more Gothic than Metal. I don't like Gothic stuffs, I only like pure Metal stuffs, and Enthroned is a pure Metal spirit band, only killer guitars is the law of pure Metal... It is true that on "Prophecies Of agan Fire", our first album, we used much keyboards. But now we regret it, it would be a much better album without this abundance of keyboards. I've no need to describe to you what is true Black Metal... Violence, powerfull, and agressivity... No wimp sweet fuckin' soap keyboards used like Cradle Of Shit. Only used in a good way like Bathory, King Diamond, Immortal, Allegiance and tons of others great bands like that do.

Peter Tägtgren is doing some vocals on the album. How did that happen?
We just asked Peter to do some backing vocals, because is an excellent singer, a high quality musician and producer, and a very cool guy. And as we've had Cronos from Venom as guest on our second album "Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan", we thought that it would be cool to have another great guest on "The Apocalypse Manifesto" and Hypocrisy is one of our fave bands too, like Venom. We where on place and just had to ask Peter as a guest, he did it OK without any problems... It is kind of honour for us to have guest musicians from our fave bands. It would be also amazing for us to have King Diamond as guest on one of our next albums... Maybe, we'll try later.

Speaking of guest musicians... Cronos has actually aslo made some vocals in Enthroned. How did you get in touch with him?
It is just cause he's the cusin of our guitarist Nornagest, nobody believes in it, but it's true, Noragest just had to phone him and ask him in as a guest, and Cronos said it was OK...

What kind of reactions have you gotten around the new album? By the way, any comment to the review you got in Nordic Vision?
We've got almost only excellent reviews everywhere, but once again I don't care about what the people think about us and our music. About Nordic Vision, I don't know, I don't read this stupid magazine because it's only shit, the editor is a complete brainless asshole whithout any Metal culture. He is just a trend follower and an idiotic dickhead who think that only the Norwegian bands are good, and Swedish ones are Gay (Swedish and Foreign bands...). This kind of magazines is even not good for clean my ass with it, and this kind of people doesn't interrested me.

If I understod you correct, you have some new material ready. When do you plan to record this and how do you think this material differs from "The Apocalypse..."?
Yes, we have our fourth album totaly ready, we must record it in January 2000, but our label have not sent the money for the studio and we've no idea when they'll send it. Our new album is called "Armoured Bestial Hell", and it doesn't differ very much from "The Apocalypse Manifesto". It's always pure brutality, with perhaps a bit more Death Metal riffs. But I can assure you that is always true Black Metal the way it must be... We've also already 2 tracks almost complete for our fifth album, which will be recorded in 2001, and released on another and excellent record company.

There are quite many bands with the same or a similar band name as you. Are you aware if this ever have caused you any problems with people who think of another Enthroned as you and vice versa, if you understand what I mean?
No I don't care if other bands have the same or similar band name as us. I know that another Enthroned exist in USA but it's a totally different kind of music than us, and they've nothing to compare with us. I will never ask to those guys to change their band name, maybe they have existed longer than us, and they've the right to call their band as they want. I've never got any problems with that.

You re-recorded the old and excellent Morbid Death song "Satan Never Sleeps" on the MCD you released some time ago. Do you think you’ll re-record more Morbid Death songs in the future?
No, I don't think so, we've just done it, only one track in memory of Cernunnos who was the former member of Morbid Death with me, as he was the former member of Enthroned with me too. Morbid Death will stay with cult demo material from 1987 til 1990. And re-record all this material with Enthroned would be a kind of profanation, it's old and must stay in his original version.

Did you play in any serious band after you splited Morbid Death around 1990 or something untill the day you formed Enthroned around 1992-93?
No, I played in two unprofessional bands called Dying Corpse and Slanesh, just to kill some time, because I had nothing else to do, and just to keep the instrument in my hands and never lose the maniability. It's impossible for me to stay a long time without playing music, it's vital for me to play in a Metal band. I've release one demo in 1991 with Dying Corpse, a kind of shitty Death Metal influenced by shitty false Death Metal bands. And the guys were complete idiots. I left the band directly after we recorded this shit demo. With Slanesh I've also released one demo and the band was alive only for 6 months after they've split because a stupid story, the drummer stoled the girlfriend of the guitarist. Hahahahaha, funny isn't???? Stupid guys again, I've understood that those guys were not motivated. The first time I wanted to play true underground Death Metal, influenced by Asphyx, Hellhammer, delirium (Holland), and bands like that, with Slanesh but the guitarist wanted to play more in the Obituary style, and I was not sad when the band have split-up. Because it was not, again a place for me and for my personal tastes. Blasphereion split sometimes after Slanesh, and it was time for me and Cernunnos to reunite once again but this time to work seriously and Enthroned was borned in 1993.

Please tell us something about Nornagest’s and Nebiros’ side project!
The Beast??? It's just a side project for fun and for the pleasure to play extreme Black/Death Metal influenced by Blasphemy, old Beherit, Archgoat, Goat penis, Conqueror... to pay homage to those very extremely brutal and chaotic bands. They've released only one rehearsal/demo called simply "Him""...Killer stuff...

Aren’t you involved in any other bands except for Enthroned as well?

For myself yes, I've a side project band too called Pandemonium and it's pure Heavy/Speed Metal influnced by the best of the genre, Iron Maiden (my gods of Metal), Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Icead Earth... Because I'm also a great fan of pure Heavy and Speed Metal, that's normal, I got invloved into Metal in 1982 with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands, like everybody I think??? I started Pandemonium only 2 months ago with a friend on drumms and a guitarist, but we're still searching for an excellent singer and a second guitar player before we can continue to compose new tracks. We hope to record our first demo very soon. But it's just a side project, Enthroned is my total priority.


If looking at most Black Metal albums being released today, don’t you think they contain too much peace, love & understanding attitude?!?!
That depends which bands you mention, if it is pure Cradle Of Shit copies, yes, or Gothic trend Vampire clowns. If is the elite one, the true Black Metal hordes like Marduk, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Mayhem, War, Tsjuder, Gorgoroth, Behemoth... No, I never expect those true bands to release peace and love shit stuff, only pure aggression. About the new comers it's true there's is a lot of fakes peace and love shit with their ridiculous global concept, but there exist again some true Hellish Black Metal hordes who play pure brutal Black Metal, but you're right that the scene become more and more poor in matter of true Black Metal, but the elite ones mentioned here up, will stay true and powerfull, and they keep high the true scene alive and glorious.

Isn’t it tempting to make something commercial by yourself? You know how easy it is, just remove the violence and put tons of keyboards and happy riffs in the music and make yourself cute with vampire make-up!
Hahahahaha!!! I prefer to die than making that, I prefer to stay always unemployed and always out of money and even be homeless than see Enthroned one day becoming a wimp Vampiric Gothic Shit fake band. Fuck the commercial poison business!!! We play for the true feeling and the true Metal feeling is our way of life, it would be impossible, as I've explained to you before in the interview, to play a kind of music opposed to our life style, and the commercial bands of "wanna be" Metal, is our worst ennemy. It is not because we would like to sign on a very good and honest records company who respect their engagements completely than we want to commercialize our music, it is just for having the opportunity to make a lot of tours and concerts/festivals and play in front of ALL our fans around the world and spread the message of hate around the world, rather than stay close in our rehearsal room 365 days a year. It's totaly impossible for us to be commercial because it's not in our minds to make weak lyrics and weak music, if somthing change in this way...sure I leave Enthroned. And with my side-project it is exactly the same, it will be underground Speed Metal and not something trendy like the biggest part of the bands nowadays.