"Adimiron Black" is definately one of the best albums being released by a Norwegian band the last years, and when we heard that Gehenna was recording a new album I couldn't resist to do a quick interview with them.

Interview by Whodan


You are currently in the studio recording the new Gehenna album. Everything is going well here?
Yea we are in the studio, and everything is going well..


This time you chose to record in a studio called Mansion and not in Soundsuite studio as before.
We chosed Mansion because he is much better to work with, and no arguments, like we had with the guy at Soundsuite.

You never considered to record in the Abyss?
We have thought about going to Abyss studio, but we would probably end up with the typical Abyss sound, that everybody else is getting after they have been there. Not that sound that we are after.


You had a very good soundpicture on the "Adimiron Black " album I think, not as warm and friendly as most albums today actually have. Will it be approximately the same with the new album or can we expect a new soundpicture here?
We will try to make it kinda like "Adimiron Black", only more aggressive. But we never know untill the end.

To put electronic and industrial elements in the music really seem to be a sign of the times. How much of this will there be on the new Gehenna album?
We haven't decided that yet.

Do you have a title for the album yet?
No we don't have a tittle yet...Sorry..


Will there be a single released prior to the album as well, just like you did last time with "Adimiron Black"?
No singles will be released this time.

And what about the visual aspect then? Will you follow the tradition to have a picture on the cover or will it be a painted cover this time?
This time we will make a picture about War and death.

What's the background for Damien's departure?
Damien's departure was that he was moving far away from us.. So we had to let him go. But we are testing out other people.


Who will take care of his parts on the coming album then?
We are testing out other people. No sure yet who will get the job..

What are the lyrics dealing with on this album?
The lyrics this time will be mostley about War and Death..

Don't you think people pay to little attention to the lyrics today? I mean, it's not often you get lyrics along with promotional CDs...
I think the music is the most important. It's an extra bonus if they are getting the lyrics..

How is Moonfog compared to Cacophonous (which is closed now) in terms of promotion, co-operation, mentality etc?
Moonfog has been great for us, with promotion and everything.

Judging by the sales, do you know if you gained any new fans due to you rather big musical development between "Malice" and "Adimiron Black"?
The ones that are really into Death Metal liked "Adimiron Black" really well. But there are many who ask WHY we did change so much. The new album will be totally Death Metal as well..So we are hoping that people will like it..

It's quite cool actually, when other Norwegian bands get softer and more melodic Gehenna just becomes more brutal and aggressive!
That's right. We will not. Only More Brutal.