I'm positive this Norwegian band isn't a mystery for anyone. Gorgoroth will soon record its new fullenght album so I simply had to do an interview with them. However, Infernus didn't do his best job on answering this interview, to use his own words: "Sorry for not taking too much time making the answers longer and more complete". I'm not really sure if you'll learn anything about the album but you can always read it if you have a few seconds left...

Interview by Whodan      


I thought we could begin this with sorting out some rumors I’ve heard in the underground lately. It says that Abbath from Immortal and Ivar from Enslaved will participate on the new album you will record during summer, then again I heard that they won’t participate on the recording etc. Explain this for me.
Ivar, aka Daimonion Peersen, will parttake on the forthcoming release.


And how is the current line-up then?
It is consisting of me, the vocalist and the second guitarist which I've had along for some time now, a new drummer, and some more...

Are there any of the old members, both permanent and session members you really miss and would like to cooperate with again?
Yes, and no.

Tell me something about the recording you will do. What studio will you use and when will you enter the studio?
We will enter Sunlight Studios in Stockholm the 11th of July.

What kind of soundpicture do you want on the album?
Something different... something not to be expected...

Infernus of Gorgoroth


Can you give us a little guide around the album ”Incipit Sathanas”? Please tell us something about each song. How would you say the new material differ from your latest album ”Destroyer”?
"Incipit Satan" is to be experienced in itself,- it wouldn't be too fair of me to talk of right now.

When do you think ”Incipit Sathanas” will be available in the stores then?
In October or so.

What kind of changes has it meant for Gorgoroth to come from Malicious Records to Nuclear Blast?
The major difference is that things are been taken care of in a bit more, say professional way on Nuclear Blast.

There was alot of turbulence around this with Gorgoroth signing for Nuclear Blast, due to the fact that the boss look upon himself as a Christian and people said that a BM shouldn’t cooperate which such people. What’s your opinion about this? Should people at all care what label a band is signed to, after all it’s the music that counts, right?
Gorgoroth do not first of all care too much what people say or do when it comes to such matters.Talking about the boss, -he can promote himself to be as much christian as he himself wants to as long as he does an excellent job being the headmaster on Nuclear Blast and are treating us in a decent way, and he is!

Gorgoroth is one of the few bands who still play Black Metal the raw and chaotic way. What have made you keep it this way when so many others are changing into a more soft direction?
I do not know...


I heard something about you doing a cover on Mayhem for some tribute album. What song are you doing and what made you pick that one?
We did "Life Eternal", and it is to be released on a comp. CD through an italian label.

How is the current scene in Norway? It seems as Thrash Metal is coming back now here in Scandinavia. What do you think about this? Good or bad?
I do not care!


Speaking of Thrash Metal... How is it to combine Gorgoroth with your second band Desekrator?
It isn't to combine. I quit Desekrator. (Didn't knew that, sorry - ed)

To get back to Gorgoroth... I’m unfortunately not one of those who have been able to witness Gorgoroth performing live so please tell me how your shows usually looks like. Are there any chances for us in Sweden to catch Gorgoroth live in the future?
I really hope so, as I would do nearly anything to play live now, and maybe especially in Sweden, since we after all so far haven't.

Certain of your songtitles have allready been used by other bands. ”Open The Gates” (Dark Funeral), "Revelation Of Doom" (Bathory) etc. Don’t you check this before you name a song?
Maybe we do, and maybe not! -so what?

Despite you have released relatively many albums since ”Pentagram” in 1996 none of them sound the same (But you can still tell it’s Gorgoroth). How do you do to come up with new ideas after each recording?
a) you have to want something (of interest), and b) you have to have a certain amount of talent. -and I have them both, rigth? 1000 times ' ha, ha'!

As you have written much material for Gorgoroth, Desekrator etc. (not all material but much of it), one can almost imagine you don’t do anything but play music. But what do you do besides of your bands?
I do for instance study religions science at the University of Bergen.