And finally after some months of delays and shit, here it is! An interview with the upcoming Death/Thrash Metal band Hypnosia! An interview that later was answered by Daniel, whom is back in the band again. This band have the potential to become really big so don't hesitate to buy their MCD, out on Iron Fist Productions. By the way, don't expect the common "retro-Thrash" thing we've had too much about these days... Sorry for the old picture!

Interview by Whodan


You have been on Ironfist Productions for some time now. How have the cooperation with them worked out so far? Will you stay on IFP in the future as well?
Yes, Hypnosia has signed on with Iron Fist for a MCD, and working with them has been great. I knew Tomas (the owner of the label) since before and I know that he puts a lot of work into it and helps the bands out as much as possible. He’s a great guy! Tomas is very serious about his work, which is a must in order for things to work out well. Whether we will stay on the label or not, well, we’ll just have to see. Some other labels have been in contact with us, but for the time being we are content with Iron Fist so there might be some more releases there.


Old Hypnosia line-up

You used a session bass player to record the bass on your MCD ”Violent Intensity”. Have you found a permanent bass player yet?
That is correct, Mange from Birdflesh helped out during the recording of "Violent Intensity"... Hypnosia has a permanent bass-player now though. He’s called Hampus Klang and everything has worked great so far. He’s into the music and he gets on well with the band.

Since this MCD Orre has left the band. Why and have you found a replacer for him yet?


Orre left the band since he left the town. He moved with his girlfriend to his childhood hometown. Nowadays I play the guitar in Hypnosia. I played with the band in 1997, but as the circumstances were then we didn’t go that well together. Now though everything works well and everyone is pleased with the setting of the band!

The fact is that Hypnosia have went through alot line-changes since the beginning. Why is that? Are you perhaps a hard guy to work with?
I believe that in order for a band to work well you have to like the music you’re playing, the “chemistry” between the members has to be right and everyone must share the same goal, or at least work in the same direction. This hasn’t always been the case. The fact that Cabbe so far has written like 99 % of the material for Hypnosia has naturally made it impossible for those who haven’t accepted his work to stay in the band. Cab is a very determined guy, but he’s not in any way a dictator. He’s very open-minded to suggestions and the idea is that we will work more together with the writing of the songs in the future.

How has ”Violent Intensity” been received in the Metal scene? Do you know have many copies you’ve sold of it?
The response has been great. We’ve received good reviews etc. I’m not really sure how much it’s sold so far…

Do you think it’s easier for a you as a relatively new (formed somewhere during 1995-96 - ed) Death/Thrash band to grow and gain succes than for a new Black Metal band?
I think it’s irrelevant whether you’re into Black, Death or Trash – the important thing is that you yourself believe in what you’re doing and that you won’t let yourself be hypnotised by sounding like some other band, or only copy others. I think it is pretty hard to succeed as the situation is today, since the musical quality of the bands has improved a lot.

Despite being a Death/Thrash band you don’t sound as most new bands who copy and ripp-off Destruction, Kreator, Sodom etc. What is your opinion about the current Thrash trend?
Sure, there are always “trenders” and bands that copy others straight off. But naturally some of these “new” bands actually bring something to the scene. Personally I don’t believe there are any such thing as a trend when it comes to trash. There are some bands that play something they themselves refer to as trash, some kind of mech, this doesn’t appeal to me though. I prefer the trash of the 80-ies.

Are there new Swedish bands within this genre you find interesting?
I really couln’t say yes on that question. I haven’t noticed so many bands playing this kind of thrash. But I think Witchery is ok.

In most reviews I’ve seen Hypnosia have always been compared to Sadus and Dark Angel. Do you think that’s a fair comparison?
Sadus are my own personal favorites… hahaha… That wording sounds OK to me.

Your songs are pretty short, only 2-3 minutes long. Will you keep them this way or will do longer songs in the future?
Well, I think we will keep the songs that “short”. If a song feels right it doesn’t matter whether its 3 or 7 minutes.

Your two demos were both sold out pretty fast. Are there no plans of printing more copies of them?
For the time being we have no plans to print up more. Two of the songs on the mcd are demo-songs though. It is not impossible, I’d rather say highly likely that there will be some more on the next release. For those that are interested in finding a copy of the The Storms – demo you should get in contact with those who have distros, there might be some left there.

Have you played many live showes with Hypnosia? Didn’t you do some gigs down in Germany also? How did they go?
Unfortunately the Germany tour never took place as planned because of some misunderstandings among the arrangers. It was meant to have taken place this summer, but that didn’t happen either. Now we await further notice, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

Have the members of Hypnosia been involved in any other good constellations prior to Hypnosia?
Since Hypnosia take up most of our spare time it wouldn’t work to be involved with several serious bands at the same time. Hampus and I do play in an other band that does heavy metal covers, but as I said earlier Hypnosia is the first priority.

Eh, I asked if you had any bands prior to Hypnosia not if you have any bands besides of Hypnosia... Ok, here are five classics within different styles of Metal. Say some words about them!

Hell Awaits.
Yes, a real killer album. The band that did "Reign In Blood", the killers of all killers. I think everything up till "Seasons the Abyss" is so fucking best! It’s a pity they didn’t cut it then but slowly started to sound like hardcore.

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
This is ecstasy, there is and there will always be a certain mystique to this album.

Seventh Son Of A seventh Son.
This was actually my first Maiden album. Hehe… nostalgia!

Scream Bloody Gore.
Death’s first one---Kills! Truly brutal! Chuck and the guys really kick ass!

Pleasure To Kill.
Kreator rules, and I think this is their best album!

Are there any new songs ready yet? When do you think you will record your first fullenght album?
Right now we’re working on some new material that eventually will end up on a full-length album. Some of the songs are done already but I cannot say when the album will be released. First of all we have to be 100% satisfied with the material before we enter the studio, naturally it also depends on when there is available studio time, and which label that will release it. If things go the way we’d like them to we do the recording later this fall.

You recorded ”Violent Intensity” in studio Fredman. Do you think you will use this studio for an album as well or will you try a different studio next time?
We haven’t really discussed where we’re going to record it, first of all the plans were to use a local studio here in Växjö, but as the situation is today this probably won’t be the case. We might use Fredmans again, we’ll have to look at the budget.

What are you doing besides of Hypnosia? Do you work, study, play in other bands, drink etc?
We all work, booze, play Metal and headbang to Metal!

As a conclusion I would like to know how it is to live down in Växsjö (a very small town in southern Sweden - ed). Are there any Metal heads down there to socialize with?
As I’ve said, this is a small town. We are a bunch of people that spend time together though, booze and go to gigs together. A couple of weeks ago we went to a festival in Germany. As for the town Växjö sadly enough they’ve closed the only metal pub here.

Thank you for this interview…Good luck with Apostasia…Thrash ´til death….