Incantation is a band that most of our readers must be familiar with. I must say I'm proud of having this veterans in the magazine even if the questions I asked are not the best. All I can say is that I hope this band will be around for a long time to come. John Mcentee, the guitarist, is responsible for the answers...

Interview by Tony


What's up with the band? Are you still breathing?
Yes things are going good, we just finished recording our latest album "Infernal Storm".

How is the line up theese days?
The line up is me, John McEntee on guitar, Rob Yench on bass, Mike Saez guitars/vox, and Duane Timlin from Sarcophagus will be the touring drummer.

What can you say about "Diabolical Conquest" today?
I am definetly happy with the album, it got alot better response than expected.

On "The Forsaken..." you included a cover version of Death's "Scream Bloody Gore". Why that song?
Because early Death has always been a big influence on the band. Due to their change of style later on, many people forgot about the impact they made early on in their career to the death metal community and we felt that they deserve to get a little extra recognition from our side for being one of the first bands of their style.

The first 666 copies of "Tribute to the Goat" were smeared in goat blood. Who came up with that great idea?
Actually it was Rob from Elegy records who basically wanted to do something special for this release, it was his idea and we thought it was perfect.

Are you playing live a lot?
Yes we do alot of touring.

Have you ever been on tour outside the U.S.A.?
We have done 2 european tours, we've done shows in Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, and a few tours in Canada.

Don't you ever get tired of playing this kind of music? You have been doing it for so many years now... Don't you ever want to do something different?
Incantation wouldnt be Incantation if we did something different. If we changed the style we would have to change the name because we have too much integrity in the band. Death metal is what we love to play, we dont get tired or sick of it, the bands that get tired and sick of it are the ones we dont listen to anymore and probably weren't sincere in the first place.

Is Incantation nothing but a Satanic Death Metal band? What about Black Metal?
We're not Black Metal, but call us whatever you want, we know what we are.

How come you have never touched the gore theme?
If you go back to the early days you would've realized that we did.

Do you think that you should be considered as one of the most important death metal bands of the nineties? You have been around for some years now...
If you want to think that I wont complain, but that is for the supporters to decide, not for us to decide.

Are the members of the band involved in any other bands/projects?
Rob also does Morpheus Descends and Brimstone, that is it for other members at this point.

What music/bands do you listen to nowdays? Would you like to recomend any special bands to the readers?
I listen to Autopsy, Nihilist, Black Sabbath, Soulless, Krisiun, Nile, Defiled, Nunslaughter, Hate Eternal, Manowar, The Chasm, Thy Infernal, Cephalic Carnage, Infamy, Thornspawn, Vital Remains, All that is evil, Miguass, Lethal Prayer, immolation, Diabolic, just to name a few.

Your opinion about Death Metal 1999?
Thanks to killer bands like the ones I just mentioned, metal will prevail in the next millenium!!!

Future plans please!
The new album will be released early 2000, then to tour extensively to promote it!!