With the extremely great and raw MCD Infernal once more proves that Swedish Black Metal will always be in a league for itself! And with former Dark Funeral and Necrophobic member Blackmoon this just had to be very fast, dark and great. And indeed it is so we could in no way avoid to not ask Blackmoon himself a couple of questions.

Interview by Whodan


The MCD is finally out after so many delays. But what have caused all these delays actually? The album was first supposed to be out in May 1999!
Yes, you're right! The reason has been the problem with members, or rather finding a good drummer! Equimanthorn (ex-Dark Funeral drummer - ed) was supposed to help us out with the full- length (that's not recorded yet) but had to leave for starting some kind of eduction or whatever. Then we tried Mysteriis of Setherial and it worked very good, but after a while he realized it was too hard to drum for both Setherial and Infernal and at the same time have a full time job. It got too much for him. This has not been a case of personal differences though. This is why we all the time have had to postpone the fucking full-length... because of drummers pulling out at the last minute!

Why has it been so hard to find a stable line-up?


Well, simply because there aren't too much of extremely good Black/Death Metal musicians around! As, well some of the people involved have not been ready to really go for it, and put down alot of effort and soul in the band. Anyway, those people are now "eliminated" from Infernal and from now on we will only look for 100% serious people. What we need right now is a new drummer. We have a few people to try out now, but we have no definitive replacement. So drummers capable of grinding at lightspeed should get in touch.

Have you ever considered to use a drummachine?
No, Never!!!

Is it so that it destroys the feeling to use a drummachine or are they simply hard to program good enough?


Well, I guess both. It takes hell of a time to program them, and even though you can do relatively advanced drumpatterns it always lack feeling. Feeling is of course not something you can program.

Do you think Infernal's position could have been another today if you had a stable line-up from the beginning?
Yes, of course. I won't deny that. However though, this band is still in it's very beginning, and will fore sure grow into a more stable unit in the future. Infernal will and shall be one of the leading Black Metal bands. It's just a question of time. If I could do it with Dark Funeral, I can do the same with Infernal.

People shouldn't think of Infernal as just a project due to the line-up problems, becuase it is ment to be a full proper band, right?
Yes, fucking yes!!! I can understand that people believe it's a more project thing as there's been all these confusing line-up changes, and problems with getting out releases. Anyway, this is more or less how it usually is in the beginning phase of a band. Until you have the right circumstances, the right people involved, and as well some money to put into the band, it's hard to make a real and full going band out of it. Everything is going into the right direction now, though. This is a long term band, and I will continue with Infernal for at least a couple of albums. This is just the very beginning.

There were some problems with Dark Funeral, Necrophobic and War/Necropolis Records too. Sure you are of course not the sole reason for the problems but do you think there's any risc that people might think you are a guy being very hard to deal with?
Some people might think this is the case, yes! I don't have a problem with it though, as I know it's not the truth. It is a little bit irritating though, as there were reasons why this all happened. With Necophobic, I left because I wasn't really into playing that style anymore. It had not that much to do with the members. With Dark Funeral, it was another story, simply a case of bad personal chemistry between me and Ahriman. I didn't have a problem with the others. Anyway, that was then. We get along well today. It's just that we might not get along if we are in the same band in the long run. Regarding Necropolis, well, what should I say? You might have heard that other swedish bands like Nifelheim, Satanic Slaughter and Guillotine have had major problems dealing with them. Both Nifelheim, Satanic Slaughter and now War have left this label for good and in total hate. This should say something. Actually, the whole thing had not that much to do with me personally. The whole band had decided to not continue working with Necropolis, but as I was the "contactperson" I had to personally take alot of crap for this. So this whole thing that I should be hard to deal with is mainly coming from Necropolis, and nowhere else. They should be fucking grateful though that this isn't the truth, because if I really would be that hard to deal with, I would have a long time ago sued the shit out of them, and as well gone over to the states with a machinegun to take them out.


The MCD is indeed very fast and extreme just like great Black Metal should be. Is this what we need to be cured from the very soft bands that has occured in the Black Metal scene recently?
Hell Yes!!! We are playing SATANIC HOLOCAUST METAL, and it's definately not meant for people into Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Fuck to listen to. This is brutal stuff from beginning to end.

What advantages are there to release the album through your own label, Hellspawn Records?


Actually more advantages than people probably think! At first of course, I earn more on it, and I have all the control myself. As well, it's good to learn how the business works. We can as well do more promotion. This might seem contradictory, but it's really true. Instead of having to do promotion for ten bands at the same time, there's only one or maybe two to focus on. For example, when a label like for example Century Media do promotion for their releases, there's ten albums of thumbnail size on the same page. This don't grab the attention of people, and makes no impact at all. When we advertise, we'll only have about two albums on the same page. This create a bigger impact. Of course, there's still alot things to improve though. We'll now look for new SATANIC blood on Hellspawn. We will not only concentrate on Black Metal though, we look for brutal and SATANIC quality Death Metal bands in the Morbid Angel/Angelcorpse type vein as well.

Sure advertising is an important thing and so is also the distribution part. Just how good distribution do Hellspawn actually have?
The distribution net is the same as No Fashion's. House of Kicks take care of everything. I don't exactly know the name of every local distributor or retailer, but their network covers the major part of Europe.

You don't think it will be really hard to sign new great bands? Most new bands rising today are just crap I think and the few really great bands mostly signs to major labels...
Yes, I think it will be very hard to find new good brutal acts, but not impossible though. Of course, we will never be able to compete with bigger labels such as Osmose or say Nuclear Blast, but we will be able to give bands in the beginning of their career a fairly good start. Anyway, we'll see what happens. There's alot of bands around so sooner or later I'll get across something really good. Unless we wouldn't find anything worthy to release I'll stick to releasing my own bands and projects. I don't have a need to put out loads of albums. There's about a hundred released every week or so, and I rather release two great albums a year than ten or fifteen of lacking quality.

Will the comming Infernal albums also be released on Hellspawn or will you be looking for another label for the future?
At the moment I can hardly think it will be released anywhere else than Hellspawn. I don't think there's a label I can think I'd like to be on. Maybe for some other project or other band, but Infernal will be on Hellspawn unless we get offered a deal that is so extremely good that it is impossible to resist. Anyway, I feel very comfortable with having it like this. I don't have to call several times a week to some recordlabel boss and ask whether we could do this or that. I now decide everything myself, and that's how I prefer having it! It could not be better.

The LP version of the MCD will be released by Shadow Records and not through Hellspawn Records. What's the reason for that?

Because that it's the easiest way to get it out on vinyl. We simply had to put all the money on the CD, so we could not afford to at the same time do it on vinyl. Anyway, Tena takes good care of this, and I guess we'll co-operate like this with other releases in the future as well.

I like the input of solos in Infernal, but you did those quite fast if I got it right. Are you satisfied with them or could you have done them better you think?
Hell yes!!! I did them in two hours, and I did not have them figured out except one of them. So they were done in a hurry. It worked, but could have been done alot better. On the full-length though, there will be some real shredding!!!


Is there much material still left to write for the fullenght or are most of it already made?
About half of it. Anyway, I have quite much ideas, so there won't be a problem to get the material finished in time for the recording. It will follow the concept and style of the MCD. No less brutal for sure, but maybe a little more varied.

I remember you once said that it wasn't really sure if you could use the name Infernal due to that some Danish non-Metal band (which by the way isn't the only band named Infernal!) already used that name. Is it sure if you can keep the name Infernal or could you be forced to change?
Yes, I can and will keep this name. As far as I know, there's at least two more Infernal's around right now. One is this stupid Danish Techno band, and one is this American Power Metal band. None of these bands have anything in their music that is to even one percent evil or dark. So I can not really understand why they are called something normally associated with dark and evil powers. Anyway, I was smart enough to officially register this name last year, so now we have the legal rights to it. It is not registred in the states though. So in worst case we have to call the band Infernal 666 over there or something. I doubt that this will happen though.

Almost all Black Metal bands seems to be focused on Christianity only, and I think that is only to be on the safe side actually because not many Christians takes the message that seriously. Wouldn't it be better attacking other more extreme religions? Is it perhaps so that too many bands are afraid of the consequences if attacking religions like Islam and other more fanatic and extreme religions?
That's a good point. I agree that there are many far more dangerous religions than Christianity. Islam is a good example of that. Christianity in itself is a quite harmless religion. There are of course fanatic Christians, but the majority of them are just like sheeps. I totally hate Christianity, but I do not see it as a big threat in today's society. I must say I'm quite tired of all Black Metal bands only focusing on Christianity. It's a very easy target, as it causes no resistance. The lyrics in Infernal do not only deal with the Christian versus the Satanic side, but the end of all religions and mankind itself. The end for all things living.