I got to confess that I had never been a real die-hard fan of Lobotomy before I was given a copy of their new album "Born In Hell". Without doubt the best Death Metal release from a Swedish band in many years. Be sure to buy yourself a copy as soon as it is out! A very short interview this one but I'm sure you will find my conversation with Dudde interesting anyway.

Interview by Whodan


The new album "Born In Hell" is now out. What do you think of it yourself? How do you think it differ from your two previous albums?
I am very satisfied with the new album, I think we have progressed allot since the last album, and the song structures are more solid and well organized this time, I am not satisfied with our first album because it was so rushed during the recording and the sound was horrible, but I think with "Kill" it was a better approach. So I think "Born in Hell" differ allot from the first album and is a better and more heavier development from "Kill".

I guess you must be very satisfied with the production, right? But how come the album was produced by Jocke Petterson and not by Tomas Skogsberg?


Daniel Strachal of Lobotomy

Yes I think we made an album that has a very heavy production, and we have definitely our own sound, and that is with the help of Jocke, you see we all like Tomas alot, but he has his style of production and we wanted to go further, especially with the guitar sound, and Tomas has his vision that we do not always agree with so instead of changing studio we worked with Jocke alot more instead, and he knows exactly what we want. Because he comes from the same Metal background as we do.

Do you think you have a proper support from No Fashion Records? To me it seems as Dark Funeral and Lord Belial are the ones that pull the longest straws.
That is true, I'll guess it has to do with that they play Black Metal and we don't. I don't know, but to tell you the truth, I have nothing against Lord Belial or Dark Funeral but I think the labels policy is just a bunch of crap, because it seems as they do not want us to sell any records at all. No tours, no promotion, no ads... no nothing!! To be honest we will change label if they don't support this album.
Fuck ém!!


So the best would be to leave No Fashion? Are there any other serious labels interested in Lobotomy?
For the moment; yes! I took them 6 months to release it, and they haven't been in any good contact to us at all, I have to call them to make sure things are moving, and to me that job should be vice versa, they should be on the bands instead of me calling all the time. So far I don't know if there is any other label interested, If there are which I hope since "Born in Hell" is a fuckin' excellent album, I hope we can switch to a label that supports us 100%. If No Fashion starts to be more focused on us and helps us with better promotion and contacts maybe we could stay, but for the moment it feels like we are trapped, and since House of Kicks owns the label and many other Metal labels are distributed by them, I could cause a big problem for us to get signed since the other labels might be scared of the influential power that House of Kicks has. We are hoping to have the album licensed to Japan and America and maybe from then we can make sure to move over...only time, the label and the response for" Born in Hell" will tell.....

Lobotomy isn't exactly a band you see that often in 'zines today. Don't you get many interviews and letters?
We receive letters everyday, it seems that we have a strong following in the states, too bad that our album is only available through import there. But as you know Death Metal has become the underground of the underground since Black Metal become popular, but thats life, still there are allot of people who are into good ól Death Metal. I think we answer an interview for a magazine or a radio interview once a month, and it seems that this sort of music style is coming back so who knows? Mabye there will be many more features soon.

Yes, Death Metal seems to grow again. Do you think it ever will become as big as it was back in early ‘90? Today it seems as most idiots are focusing on all these soft "Black Metal" bands instead.
I don't think it will be the same thing, I think that if there is ever gonna be a new Death Metal wave, I think that the bands will be much more better, If you remembered back in 90-91 alot of bands of the Death Metal bandwagon really sucked, and if it will be as popular I think that the Metal audience know what they want since they are more familiar with the music style. Just like the Black Metal thing there where alot of worthless corpse painted bands that where just dog-shit, and then you had other bands that where really great. I like both Black Metal and Death Metal and personally I just hope It could be like it was back in the early 80's when there was nothing wrong to like various bands such as: Voivod, Cro-Mags,Destruction and Helloween. Back in those days no one cared as long as it was aggressive and brutal. But today it's such a stupid scene, where you have Death in one corner, Black in another, Speed in the third and Hardcore (And what the fuck has Hardcore to do with Metal? - ed) in the forth, that is so wrong, who gives a fuck?, as long as they manglar arsle!!! Thats why I think it's great with bands such as: The Haunted, Arch Enemy and The Crown, bands who dares to blend different kinds of styles into a melting pot of aggressive music!! That is what we try to do as well, everything that is good should remain good, not what is popular at the time.

How has the new album "Born In Hell" been received, what does the reviews say about it?
I have only seen two reviews so far, since the album is not released yet, I will be relased in early May I think. (I was given a copy in early Februari so when I wrote this interview I asumed the album was already released. But we all know that No Fashion is a bit slow. - ed) but the reviews have been very good, I'm glad to see that they have listened to the album and not only have an opinion before they listened to it and call it "ordinary Death Metal bla bla.." It seems that the album has made a good impact on the ones who has heard it, and personally I think it's one of the best Death Metal albums ever!!! It's already a classic!!!

Judging from many 'zine reviews it seems as most of them think of Lobotomy as a good band. Still there don't seem to have been any major recognition for you in Europe. Do you have an explanation for this? How has the response been on your two albums?
First of all, our record company don't give a shit about us, actually sometimes I wonder why they signed us, mabye just to get rid of the Black Metal label situation and have a more varied line-up in their catalogue. We have asked them to help us with all kinds of stuff, but they totally ignore us...why? Beats me... We did allot of press when our first album came out back in 95, but it was hard because no one where interested in Death Metal back then, it was only Black Metal or Machine Head-bands that where interesting.. But the response for "Kill" has been very good we received very good reviews for that album in some major magazines.

If my memory serves me right Lobotomy was formed in 89/90 or something. How do you think these 10 years have been?
Lobotomy became the band Lobotomy in 1990, and looking back I don't think there is ever a band with such bad luck as ours!! We have been thrown out of various rehearsal places, line-up problems, we have been ripped off by a lots of labels, we had lots of gigs cancelled, we have suffered through family losses witch have made the band to take a break, and now many may think that "why the hell do they do that shit" well let me tell you; We just can't give up, we have such a strong relationship towards the band and the members, It's just the Metal flow!! We can't quit, some, or may I say all the members have been thinking to leave the band at one point, but we just can't, we love this, even though it hard times, we don't care, as long as we can produce Metal, the lava of it all. And since we are not that old we will continue further on!!

What is the worst thing vs. the best thing that ever happened to you during your long career?
The worst thing is of course the death of family members, after that is probably the label thing, first we signed with a label and they ripped us of then we signed to Chaos rec, to release our debut album, but then came the Black Metal boom, and no one cared about us That is pretty hard after years of demotapes then when we finally make it..no one cares..,Then we moved over to "No fashion" and...nothing happened.. The best thing is probably the "Against The Gods" demo which made us a household name in the underground, the "Kill" album, that finally meant something for the band, that album helped us to show everyone that we where not giving up. And of course "Born in Hell" which is to me the first album that is a real Lobotomy-record. This is us!! And even though it is not released yet, the response have been awesome, it's like finally have the audience woke up and noticed us, which is great!! Other great things are some really cool gigs we have done, but there are too many stories to mention, wait for the Lobotomy-biography book........

I think a problem with most new (and some old) DM bands are that they try to imitate what Cannibal Corpse are doing. However, that's not the case with Lobotomy. Do you agree with me?


Yes, probably because Cannibal Corpse is one of the few bands who still play Death Metal and is still very popular, regardless any trends. And to be on the safe side I think some Death Metal bands starts to play like them because they might think that they can get the same good exposure. We are not influenced by Cannibal Corpse because they do their thing and we do our..

What bands have an influence on Lobotomy then? Am I allowed to say that your music reminds a little bit of Unleashed?

Born In Hell


We are not influenced by Unleashed, however we have probably alot of similar influences as they have, like: Repulsion, Autopsy, Master, Slayer and Judas Priest. But we play Stockholm-Death Metal just like Unleashed and Dismember so that might be very understandable that you draw these parallels. Our main influences are the ones I mentioned and: Black Sabbath, Exodus, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden, Death, Morbid Angel, Sindrome, Dark Angel and Carcass.

What's going to happen with Lobotomy now in the future? Are there any possibilties for you to do a small tour or something?
I hope so, we will do anything to get out and play in Europe and in the States and of course Japan!! If we can get good exposure with "Born In Hell" I hope some promoters will get us on the road however we will also try to land a good license deal in the states and in Japan. We will continue our fight for good heavy Death Metal. And record many more great albums for the hungry Metal heart!!

Tackar tackar!! "Born in Hell" will probably be out in late April/early May and later in the summer we have a new EP coming out so beware!!!! Hope to see all cool fellow supporters through the years if we get out on tour this time(thumbs crossed)
C-YA Lobotomy'99