After only one demo Malign became one of the leading black metal acts in Sweden. Not too strange as the demo was great in the supreme Mayhem style! The band is soon to release a 7" "Fireborn" though the swedish label Shadow records. We summoned drummer M÷rk to hear what he had to say about it. This interview turned out to be delayed two months be here its is.

Interview by Tony and Whodan      


Hello M÷rk! What can you say about your upcoming 7"? Is it worth the long wait?
To list boring facts I can inform you that it was recorded at Necromorbus in January 98 and features two hymns ("Fireborn" and "Entering Timeless Halls"). If it was worth waiting for is not up to me to say. Decide for yourselves.


Nord Of Malign

How come we had to wait so long?
Dunno really, economical troubles as usual I guess. Rather frustrating that it took so long (We announced it's release in 96!!) but what counts is that it's out now and we can move on.

Are the new songs very different from the ones on the demo?
Not very, they are the result of a natural development. Even more extreme than the early stuff but still in our tradititional style. The difference in quality is quite big.

So, what will the cover be like? Do you think it fits Malign's music?
The cover should be around in this interview somewhere. It for sure fits the title "Fireborn" and we're very content with the looks of it.


You are pretty wellknown in the underground, at least here in Sweden. The strange thing is that you have only realeased one demo so far and you are not really known for playing live often. Why do you think you gained such a good response?
Yeah, it's pretty bizarre actually. It's not just in Sweden either, we receive most mail from Germany and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico etc. We don't do much mail these days and as you say we haven't released anything in years. As for the fact that people especially in Sweden know about us might depend on the fact that quite a great amount of rumours are always circulating about us. It's not only a matter of what you call good response. We're rather known through "negative" response. People fear what we stand for and feel threatened by our way of life. That doesn't bother me really though. I am not concerned in making a good impression on other humanbeings and led is stronger than words on paper in trendy fanzines. People should be careful with what they say....

How is the line up looking like today?
We're still good looking of course. Noh seriously, it's been the same since 97. M÷rk: battery, Nord: vocals, Fog: bass and Vonda: guitar.

Why did you choose Shadow Records? Is Tena a nice guy?
Obviously since it's just about the only label we feel we can work with. Tena is not a "nice guy" no... Heh, extra cromosomes.

Why didn't you let Nord's label "Pounding Metal" realease it instead?
As Shadow offered us a deal, it would be quite stupid to do everything by ourselves. I'll let Nord continue.
Nord: Well, I couldn't afford it really, as all the money I had was spent on the release of Ofermod's "MystÚrion tÚs anomias". But I think it's great to have it released by Shadow Records instead, as it's an up and coming label with elite bands.

Do you think you will stay on Shadow rec for future realeases or is it too soon to tell?


Nothing speaks against it. As I said it is one of the very few labels we can imagine being on and eventhough things may have been a bit slow so far (From both sides I guess) we wouldn't mind staying on Shadow. But perhaps it's as you said too early to speculate in this matter. Certain though is that Shadow Records will gain a certain status and we'll support them whatever happens. They have the strongest acts by far in their ranks.

The 7" was recorded a year ago. I guess you have some new songs ready...


We actually just started rehearsing again so we haven't done much in the last two years. (We had three reh. sessions in 97 and none in 98.) The newest composition at this moment is called "Divine Facing" and will appear on a split 7" we're doing with gods Funeral Mist. We have just about enough material for a fullength I think.

You were playing drums in a band called Werewolf. Is that band still around? Are you playing in any other bands beside Malign?
There are other sideprojects beside Malign but nothing I wish to get deeper into..... Werewolf are around I guess but has been on ice for a couple of years.

What's up with your mag Scriptures Of Malignancy? Will we ever see a #3?
Nah, I'm sort of working on a new mag together with Mist (Ophthalamia) in swedish but it's not going very fast.

What is the best thing about doing a mag? Any fave mags?
The best thing I think is having the finished product in your hands. Don't think I have any special fave zines at the moment. Tales of the Macabre and I Return to/ Came From Darkness are usually interesting.

What do you think about online mags like ours?
I'm generally against this whole internet thing devouring the old underground feeling but it doesn't bother me that much. I prefer "real" magazines though.

Best band in Sweden right now?
Funeral Mist and Ofermod are indeed the elite acts in Sweden and the world at the moment when it comes to Black Metal. This goes further than music aswell. They are together with a small selection of other bands (including ourselves) starting a whole new movement in contradiction to what the whole BM circus has become. Some other swedes I highly recommend are Blackwitch, Triumphator and Malusum. I also appreciate Otyg, but they're not Black Metal.

Many people say that black metal can only be played by northen people. I myself think that a band like Mystifier that consists of black dudes is one of the best and most brutal bands ever. Your opinion...
To be honest with you, and with the risc of sounding "politically incorrect". I don't consider blacks to be human. With this I just mean that when I think of the word "people" it very seldomly includes the negroid race. This is not a racial or political statement. It's just the way it is. It's not degrading the black race as I hate the white and red and whatever races too. It's kind of a complex thing to explain. As for who can play what, I mean it doesn't really seem to matter these days. I certainly don't think Black Metal is reserved for people in certain countries and I'm not against black people in that sense but Mystifier to me is just a band whom I watch the photos of whenever I want a good laugh. Call me a racist or whatever, I'm not concerned with the racial issue and who's country is the coolest. I am a religious being. If anyone reading this gets upset, please don't bother me with silly arguments or threats as they do not bother me. I can understand that this might piss someone of as so many people let other decide their oppinion. Use your energy to see through the lies of this "solidaric" world you live in instead. Especially in sweden, "democracy" is nothing but suppressing. The people are forcefed with jewish propaganda and led into sheep thinking from early childhood. As soon as you get aware of your surroundings you are stuffed with "humanistic" views that are not your own. Abolishment of free will is of course something I support but I don't like being bothered by activists who fight for a cause they don't know the meaning of themselves. We are not a political band and do not wish to be disturbed by inferior people who waste time with "humanism". Period. Furthermore, Mystifier seem to be under the impression that communism is Devil- worship. I read a statement that went something like "When Satan comes to Brazil, he'll crush the capitalists and bring freedom to each and all"... Very confused people, no matter the color of their skin...

Are you still using corpse paint?
We still use it yes.

How would you describe Malign's music to the ones who haven't heard you yet?
I'm not concerned with promoting myself. It's their loss really. I don't bother pushing ourselves. We reach those we want to reach sooner or later.

How important part of your life is Malign? What do you do beside playing and drinking and stuff like that? Do you work or something?
It's important I guess but not my main priority. As I said earlier, I am a highly religious being. I haven't worked or studied for any longer periods for like five or six years and I do not drink much for that matter either. I'm through with that.

Do you think that black metal can be as strong as it was a few years back? It seems that today people think that black metal is about playing romantic synth music and looking like stupid vampires.
Depends on what you mean by strong. "A few years back" so called Black Metal acts did not play on grammy awards and their merchandise was not available in the touristcrap merchandise parts of Stockholm. I think this is deeply tragic. We are not a part of todays Black Metal movement! We are creating a scene of our own with no ecenomcial benefitting intentions. We do not create to please little girls who look like vampires, it is soulely about an outlet for religious dedication. The scene will be strong when it's dead. Black Metal is a term that has completely lost it's meaning to me. Fuck Black Metal!

Perhaps it's time to unleash your hate to all the synthlovingwimps through a real black metal gig? What do you think, are we going to see Malign live in the future?
You will see us live soon...... It's been three years since we last played but we'll perform in Uppsala and perhaps Stockholm spring of 99.