Brutal Death Metal is something we really adore! And as Nile is one of the better bands in this genre we had no other choice than to make an interview with them, an interview we did with their drummer who actually answered this twice as the answers somehow disapeared from our computer.

Interview by Tony


The title of your album is "Amongst the catacombs of Nephren- Ka". I think that some of the readers are not familiar with this name (Nephren- Ka). Can you explain to us the meaning of that title and the whole Nile concept?
Nephren-Ka is a semi-fictional H.P. Lovecraft character. He appears in several stories. Here is a short quote : ""Of the shining trapezohedron he speaks often , calling it a window on all time and space, and tracing it's history from the days it was fashioned on dark Yuggoth, before ever the Old Ones brought it to Earth. It was treasured and placed in it's curious box by the crinoid things of Antarctica , salvaged from their ruins by the serpent-men of Valusia , and peered at eons later in Lemuria by the first human beings. It crossed strange lands and stranger seas , and sank with Atlantis before a Minoan fisher meshed it in his net and sold it to swarthy merchants from knighted Khem. The Pharaoh Nephren-Ka built a temple around it with a windowless crypt , and did that thing which caused his name to be stricken from all monuments and records. Then it slept in the ruins of that evil fane which the priests and the new Pharaoh destroyed, till the delver's spade once more brought it forth to curse mankind."

Some of the lyrics on your album are writen in summerian or am I wrong? Are they some sort of incantations?
Barra Edinazzu means "Begone !! Go to the Desert!!" It is an ancient incantation to drive away evil spirits. There is a copy of it in the Necronomicon. Essentially Barra Edinazzu is a very old exorcism chant. The middle part of Stones of sorrow is a violent invocation to slave rebellion. When it goes "Aperu Heseb semedet !" , it is a call to all dispossessed and downtrodden workers in stone. But these are dead slaves in the afterlife- who refuse to do anymore slave labor- and thus in the song they are calling upon the uninscribed Ushabti to do their work for them. The Ushabti are little carved wooden or stone statues that are to do the bidding of the deceased. When someone is required to do labor in the afterlife, the Ushabti would have to answer for them. It was common practice to inscribe them with the name of the deceased and bury them in the tomb . There are many Ushabtis, however , that bear no inscription or ownership markings . It is these uninscribed Ushabtis that the deceased slaves are calling upon. The God Knuhm, a God of the Stone and of workers, is also called upon for protection. The phrase "Knumu Khufu" means "The God Khnum is My Protector" . It is also the name taken by the Pharoah Cheops- who built the Great Pyramid and was rumored to be a merciless tyrant who conscripted hundreds of thousands of slaves over twenty years time to Erect his Monumental Burial tomb-the Pyramid of Cheops. Die Rache Krieg lied der Assyriche means vaguely, "Vengeance war chant of the Assyrians." The lyrics are in Sumerian and it is an Invocation Chant to bring down Locusts , Plague and Violent storms upon one's enemies. Thereare other little bits of Egyptian and Sumerian dashed about the album. These are mostly to communicate specific ideas- although it definitely asdds to the exotic mood to use a few thematically important Ancient Words.

On your album cover we can see a mummy. Do you know who he/she was when he/she was alive?



No clue. Adam Peterson at Relapse who put the graphics together got that from somewhere to use on the cover.

Your name Nile is very untypical for a death metal band. Don't you think that?
Yes it is very untypical. We like it - it is short and easy to read.


Do you think it's necesary to be into mytology to understand your lyrics?
Yes and no. Some of it is easy as reading a story that you can understand and other parts it would help to have a reference book on hand.

What do you think about Satanism?
I don't follow it. If other people want to do it, well I don't care. It's very overrated and overused.

Have you been i Egypt and seen the Pyramids? What do you think about Greek mytology? Myself I think Egyptian and Mesopotamian mytologies are more dark and mysterious, do you agree?
No we have never been to Egypt - maybe someday. I agree, Greek mythology is not dark like Egyptian mythology. Not as brutal to me.

Do you play live often? How is a concert with Nile? Do you just play or do you have any show or something? If you could spend as much money as you wanted on your show what would you like to do on stage?
We played over 200 shows in support of Nephren-Ka cd. We just get up and play our asses off. We have no "show". We really would like to use lighting more effectively that's all. Lighting is very important.

What other bands on Relapse do you like? I think they got great bands signed for them, Nile is a fine example.
I like Exhumed, Soilent Green, Today Is The Day.

I have actually never seen an interview with Nile in any magazine. Do I read the wrong magazines or is it you that don't like to appear in many publications?
I think you're reading the wrong mags. We have been in I don't know how many mags for interviews.

Nile's futureplans?
Just keep writing and playing. We will have a new release out in March/April 2000.

Would you take a band named Mississippi searously?
I would have to hear the music first.