Ofermod is yet another of Sweden's upcoming Black Metal bands. The band was formed by Belfagor (from Nefandus) and Nebiros in 1996 and during 1998 they released the 7" "Mystérion Tés Anomias". Ofermod will soon record their debut fullenght album and due to the brilliant music that was present on the 7" we felt we had to do an interview with this band. After our second attempt we succeded. Drummer/guitarist Belfagor answered our questions...

Interview by Whodan


You told me you didn’t consider the music of Ofermod to be important. After all, if you want to spread your message the music must be pretty important. Comment?


First of all fuck you, I did NOT say it the way you make it seem! (Sorry. Obviously I missunderstod you. - ed) The music of Ofermod is very important indeed. I put quite a lot of time and effort in making and moulding it to what it is; which of course is better than everything else within the worldwide Black Metal scene. We are a group that perform Black Metal music, so of course we look upon our music to be essential! But, what I meant was that you should NEVER start a so called Black Metal band if you are ONLY into it for the music, because such a loose attitude has by no means a place within the CULT to which the artforms of Death and Black Metal are sworn. For it is a cult of uppermost perversion, death and evil, wherein Satan, the Devil, is worshipped and served as God. Therefore, to play Black Metal merely for the sake of playing music MUST be seen upon as a blasphemy, and bands of such attitudes must be completely eliminated, because they are a cancer in the cult of our Lord. It is a Black Metal band's obligation to spread the most repulsive of evil, and THIS is what drives me to keep Ofermod going, NOT my love for Black Metal and NOT my attachment to music. When it comes to Black Metal, the music is merely a channel to spit forth the REAL essence of this artform, and - I repeat myself - this must always be EVIL and nothing but EVIL!!! Black Metal is about weapons, about killings and murders, drugs and animal sacrifices, as well as human sacrifices and meaningless arsons and desecrations of holy as well as unholy neutral property. It is about outer and inner destruction. Suicides, cannibalism, fascism, bashing, graverobbings etc. We must turn the world inside out and piss in the faces of these peace-lovers and liberals that inhabit it and walk on OUR streets; streets that should be bombed to dust! It all must start with the cleansing of our own so called "Black" Metal scene though, and this is where we stand today. Those who persist on opposing our CULT, must and WILL BE KILLED, because we are many who are frustrated with the current situation, and we do NOT hesitate to eliminate those who dare to stand in our way, be it small "Life" Metal kids or the swedish fuckin' government. The True Black Metal fanatic will stand armed up his neck and kill, kill, KILL!!!


You don’t compromise when it comes to your propaganda and I know that you have been in jail a couple of times. How far are you ready to go?
We KILL and DIE for what is wrong! There can be NO limits for me nor for my breathen within the Black Metal cult. And if one of us goes to jail, so what? He will be provided for, and the rest of us will continue our desecration and mockery of all laws built to uphold peace. We are armed and ready. They can't stop us all.

If my memory serves me right you told me something about nazism. Do you support nazis? If yes, do you support them for just being a destructive group or do you support them for their ideologies?
Keep in mind that Ofermod is a religious and NOT a political group. But when it comes to political opinions, I am a rightwing fascist, yes,



because as an ideolgy it is based purely on iniquity and injustice, which suites me splendidly, as is the case with Nebiros and Mist I'm quite sure. I give my wholehearted support to the ideoligies of national socialism, because these ideologies are the very foundation of this totally lascivious malice that leads man to such a splendid monstrocities as the Holocaust. The human mind is a cradle of the blackest evil, so all it needs is a little fanaticism and a mere thought may lead to an action that is terminal for thousands, or even millions. Wonderful! The serpent injects us with sin at the very thought of our being, thus we can not escape from the faulter that is a fundament of all human thinking. Every ideology has it's own negative aspects that serve evil, but keep in mind that only a few are constructed solely through negativity, and this is what fascism is all about.

What do you think about those who claims that it’s more important to focus on the music and use it as a weapon instead of using illeagal actions?
I would love to get my hands on these filthy fucks. I'd like to see just how effective a weapon their miserable music turns out to be when confronted by a shotgun. Cunts! Of course I think these bands must be killed. There are no other alternatives. The music is there to spread a message of insanity, hatred and evil. In fact, Black Metal should be illeagal to it's very essence. We really hate this world, and we will always do our best in making as many lives miserable as possible. We are not here to spread some shitty message of acknowledgement to our crowd. Our job is to fuel their minds with cold and perverted Black Metal, and to motivate them as they KILL, rape and molest everything around them. We must set an example for you to follow. If we merely play music, our fans will only start crappy bands of their own, and this is something we must avoid by all means possible!!! But if we live as we preach, then our fans will also do so, and this is extremely good, because it can never be too trendy to inject fear in human minds. Nor can it be trendy enough to kill, oppress and malform anything that may inhabit this world of flesh, can it?

How strong impact do you think Ofermod’s music can have on a human being?
Very strong, like a drug, if the person is right. Being seriously and profoundly involved in evil, deathworship, satanism, one will most certainly find our music stimulating in a contemplative, as well as in a psycothic manner, as contradictive as it may sound. It depends on your own state of mind, though the energy is always negative, destructive and oppressive, as it reflects myself and the values I am bound to.

Do you think the name Ofermod fits your view upon things? Can you perhaps tell the readers what's the meaning of the name Ofermod?



It is a very personal name, refering to the thirst of the venus star. Quite symbolical and theologically unconcrete. I have a system in which it fits, but I wish not waste my breath. Let us simplify it to "megalomania, leading to destructive exess in all corners of being", or something...

You have a new bass player, no less than Mist from Opthalamia. Do you think he fits in your concept? As you play both guitars and drums why not do the bass as well?
Surely we would not involve someone unfitting to our concept. Actually, Mist is involved in a religoius order to which both myself and Nebiros are commited, the Ordo Tartari Germanitas, so as the question of expanding Ofermod fell on the table, we thought that he was an appropriate choise. Mist was actually the first name that came in mind, considering that he allready had involved himself in some Ofermod related work, such as graphical artwork etc. I wanted a new dimension to the bass-performance, thus the bass-guitar is now handled by Mist.


You will soon record your debut album "Mystery Of Iniquity (Luciferian Envanglium Cantata)". Tell me something about it. Can you reveal any new songtitles?
Yes, some titles are "Be My Prophet" (Poetry by Fog of Malign), "Luciferian Ofermode" (Poetry by Mäster P. Ståhl, another honourable bloodbrother of mine) "Belialistic Madness Codex", "Through Entranced Submission", "Mysterium Iniquitatis"... Totally BRILLIANT material, both musically and lyrically.

How have the response been on your 7”? Do you know how many copies you’ve sold of it?
Brilliant response from those who have got their hands on it. Although this assault is very restricted, so be proud if you are among those who possess it. We have a couple of labels interested in putting it out on CD, but this is something we will have to think over. We want it to be special, include a suicide pill or some other poison in the first 500 copies, or some similarily fucked up shit.

On what level do you wish to keep Ofermod? Do you wish to remain underground or do you wish to gain international status like Marduk, Mayhem, Dark Funeral etc. so you can spread your message world wide?
We could easily gain international and commercial "succes" like the mentioned bands if we were into this only for the music, but the thing is that Ofermod is not a common prostitute. We do not bend our backs to the crowd and play by their rules like a cheap whore. If you submit to us for what we are - upholders of the True Black Metal ideals -, you are welcome. If not, then stay far away from us, because we will NEVER compromise nor change our attitudes to fit this "civilized" so called "Black" Metal scene of today. And if our path brings us to succes, well good, because it will drive us to acknowledge a lack of extremity in our propaganda which must be fixed, as NOTHING is too evil when it comes to Black Metal. NOTHING despicable enough! And this is what we shall force down the throats of today's "Black" Metal youth. Either you follow us, or you leave the scene immediately, because otherwise you WILL BE KILLED! Our numbers are growing constantly so heed the warning... The same goes to all these bands that claim to play Black Metal yet behave like money-greedy harlots! We are sick and tired of these fun-loving "rockstars" showing up everywhere with their stupid painted faces, draging OUR scene to the mud! Just take a look at magazines such as Close Up, Terrorizer and the retarted clowns interviewed by them, claiming to be Black Metal. What kind of a picture does this paint to those interested in Black Metal? These idiots think that Black Metal is available for anyone and everyone. It all makes people open-minded and respectless toward the origin of this, our scene. This must be stopped! Such magazines should FEAR Black Metal, NOT support it! Also, take a look at "successful" bastards like Dimmu Borgir, and all these Norwegian pseudo Black Metal bands. Do you reflect to FANTATICISM or EVIL when you see their pretty-boy faces, all covered with nicely added make-up and "cool" Heavy Metal attributes, standing there and looking "grim"? I'm sure the whores that gave birth to them are very proud of their young rockstar sons. Spit! If "international status" is to be a clown infront of the whole world then count us out! We worship DEATH and OPPRESSION! REAL succes for us is in how much MISERY we are able to spread, NOT in how many albums we sell or how many arenas we get to play. It all has gone fucking far when so called "Black" Metal bands play at these filthy outdoors summer festivals for ordinary hardrockers and other spawn of hippie low-life mentality. The bands may say: "we play there to make the fans more extreme". Well, these children don't give a shit about your message. They are there to have fun and to bang their heads to their favorite Metal bands, nothing more nothing less! The bands may also say: "we do this to suck the money out of trend kids". I say FUCK YOU! Where do you put the money once it has entered your jewish pockets? Perhaps you invest it on weapons to spread chaos and despair within the scene? Hmph... Or maybe you donate it to extremist groups of various kinds that have the capacity to spread terror? I really doubt it... These bands are truly the personification of the lazy and yet so stubborn hippie mentality that is the cancer of our scene, and therefore they MUST be eliminated for the benefit of our lord Satan. There is no difference between them and a nigger gospelchoir in terms of how much EVIL they spread... What good is a knife if you don't stick it in someones stomach? What good is Black Metal if it doesn't destroy lives?...

Your single lead to the deal you have with Shadow Records. What is your expectations on them? Were there any other labels interested in Ofermod?
Many have been interested and turned down due to what they stand for. Our terms and expectations are between us and Shadow Records. Let's keep it that way.

What is your opinion about the following bands / persons / sentences:
Anton S. LaVey...
Quite dead... What else is there to say? Indulged the very native of the ordinary humanbeing and called it "satanism". Blasphemer? To a high extend, yes. I can not find anything intrigiung, or even original in his preachings. One thing is quite certain; if satanism is just that of which he spoke, then none of his asslicking followers can be seen as satanists, due to the fact that they submit to someone else's guideliness. So in the rational world of LaVey, only LaVey can be a real "satanist". Let us pray that they all burn in the very pits of our Ge' Hinnom. LaVey certinately does...

Michael De Nostradame...
Long dead... A preposterous filthy jew wanting and trying to be christian. A prophet of some sort? Perhaps, perhaps not... I really do not care. Quite a meaningless character in a history filled with fascinating events, I would say.

The current war in Kosovo...
Interesting, and politically quite controversial actually. But to sum it up: People suffer = Belfagor happy.

I guess you mean the band? (Yes. - ed) Brilliant music, charming lyrics, but unfortunately not too much of a brain behind it all. Nevertheless, I respect Bathory as a concept very much for what it has done me in terms of inspiration and guidance.

Tell me something about the book you are currently writing. What kind of book is it?



Well, it is a dogmatic script handling the topic religious devilwhorship. How it is seen upon, how it should be seen upon and how it is properly practiced etc etc. The book has nothing to do with Ofermod, but is something I do courtesy of OTG for benefit of our religious cause. I've also thought of including some instructions for various rites of devilwhorship, as well as some very destructive black magick rituals, mainly dealing with demonic possession and the manifestation of death through ceremonial procedures etc. At the moment I am quite busy elsewhere though, so the construction of the book just has to wait.

What kinds of people do you think your book will appeal to?
Those who seek for a way (the ONLY way) to practice and to build their lives (and beyond...) according to orthodox devilworship.


To get back to Ofermod... Are there any plans for doing some live shows soon? How do you picture a gig with Ofermod?
Yes, we have been talking about it, and we actually have plans of doing a "gig" of some weird sort. It will be kept very small though, with not much advertisement and shit. People will know about it just through word of mouth and rumors. Hopefully this will prevent the worst low-lives from attending our event. Be certain that it will be extreme over-the-top, and those in the crowd who look like they don't fit in will be brutally abused by ourselves and our guards. We will be heavily armed on stage! People will NOT have not fun at an Ofermod concert, but participate in a Black Metal mass in pain and misery! An event of true satanism... and of True Black Metal!

It’s no secret that Sweden has some up coming great Black Metal bands, Ofermod, Malign, Funeral Mist etc. But have you heard any new acts from abroad you think deserves some extra support?
FUCK NO!!! Also, without the mentioned bands there would be no Swedish Black Metal scene, thus they deserve all the support they can get, and I mean support in terms of loyalty towards the true Black Metal ideals; fanaticism, evil, sick and perverted ideals. The numbers of good bands are very limited worldwide, and it should stay that way, because not everyone has to start a band to be able to follow the Cult. Actions are much more important, and therefore much more appreciated... If you still want to start a Black Metal band of your own, keep in mind that all new bands will be researched, and those who do not measure with the requirements of the cult will be listed as it's enemies, and time will certainly tell what we have in store for those unfortunate shitheads whom we have labeled our enemies. Azag galra sagbi mu unna te! Belfagor, Ofermod, 1999.