It's not each day you come across such an intense Death Metal band as Pandemia. The Czech republic brought us Krabathor and now also Pandemia. Propably an unknown band for most of you but with such a potential as they show us with their "Promo 98" Pandemia must be given a fair amount of succes if there is any justice on this planet. 15 questions were sent to Alex...

Interview by Tony


Pandemia was an unknown band for me before i got your "Promo'98". I think a biography would be something for many readers...


Well, at first a big hail to all readers of this piece of flesh! Pandemia is a true Death Metal band from the Czech republic. We started to play at the beginning of July '95. During our history we have recorded three recordings -"The Dust on the Eyes" '95, it was the very beginning and very different from the topical stuff. "Dance in Vicious Circle' originally released in '97 on ANTI NAZI rec. and re-released in '98 like a split MC with Groinchurn on Soundless prod. from Lithuania. This stuff is in the vein of middle tempo Death Metal, recorded with our old drummer. After the release of this stuff we toured with Vader & Krabathor through Czech and Slovak rep. After this tour we kicked out the drummer and with the new one we started to create new songs. Faster and more intensive stuff. "The Message from the Death Metal Empire" '98. Three songs promo recorded by that we were looking for a label that could release our first full length CD recording. Now (first half of July) we prepare the new stuff for the full length CD. It's real, pure Death Metal music that will destroy everything there in the minds of all the weak posers!

You wrote me that you were looking for a label to sign you. Have you found any one yet?
It's not for 100% but I can tell we've found the label. It's American label called Lost Disciple rec. the guy owning the label is a very serious and hard-working devil well known in the American underground. He offered us the deal so very soon we'll sign a contract and record the CD. We plan to record the whole stuff in August and to release it as soon as possible. You can look forward to the true and pure Death Metal recording!

You also wrote you play live a lot. What acts have been the greatest to play with? What coutry/countries have the best crowd?
We played a lot of gigs (over 140) in countries like Czech rep., Slovak rep., Germany, Holland, Belgium. Poland... with bands like: Death, Vader, Kreator, Six Feet Under, Sinister, Krabathor, Dimmu Borgir, God Dethroned... There were really great times. Of course every gig is not the best but we try to play the best gig everytime on the stage. The crowd is everywhere identical. Everywhere is only one law - Death Metal and that's the best way through the life.

The Czech Republic is/was known for some bands like Master's Hammer, Root, Amon Goeth, Thörr on the black metal field and Krabathor must be the most known death metal horde from there. What do you think about the above mentioned bands and the Czech scene in general?
I love all the bands you mentioned. They have been very famous here in CZ when I started to listen to the METAL music. And when Krabathor released their "Only our Death is Welcome" it was the first Death Metal LP ever recorded in the Czech rep. As well as the "Ritual" of Master's Hammer - great eternal Black Metal Bible. These all bands are very important part of my life and I'm really proud that we can play with them on stage. With Krabathor we've played out more than 30 gigs and we're great friends, real Metal brothers! Now is the Czech scene quite good but there is also a lot of problems and gossips making a lot of things very unpleasant... Generally we really like the touch with bands like : Krabathor, Root, Entrails, Scenery, Stagnant, Appaling Spawn...

Do you think you are a band that is offering something new/special to the Death Metal scene? Why do you think you need attention from Death Metal fans? By the way I think your band is great and totally worth suporting...
Well, the most important point of our music is the pure Death Metal message. We want to show to all idiots believing in a fall of Death Metal that we are a band bringing fast, true and pure Death Metal music that we love and fight for! Death Metal will never die and we will forever bring you qualityful and strong music that you want to hear. If this is something special - well, we offer something special. Thanx to our fans and the great people like you (true Metal supporters) we spread our message and forever will!

As I never got your lyrics I would like to know what they are about...
The lyrics are very and dificult personal. Everything is a work of our singer. He writes them and he does it very well. Everything is about his feelings and opinions and I can't interpret them. It's best to read the lyrical side yourself.

What's your opinion about satanic lyrics in this kind of music you play? You don't seem to be so interested about that topic...
Absolutely. We are not satanic band. We don't find this way through a life like a best. Satanism in the form of LaVey isn't bad but there are more important things making our life full. I don't have anything against the satanic lyrics but Pandemia is about something different, more about philosophy and contemplation...

What do you think about Christian "Death" Metal bands like Mortification?
That's their own way. If they sincerely feel the urge to use Christian way, why not? That's their personal thing and it's up on you if you like it or not.

How long have you in the band been playing your instruments and how did you get intersted in it?Is it easy to find good musicians in your country?
We have all played about 7-8 years on our instruments. We really love our music style and we try to play the music as good as possible. It's very very hard to find musicians in Czech rep. Especially drummers are hard to find. Our drummer lived about 500 km far from my home so it was a real fortune we found him. We aren't from one town so we have to meet in the middle of our area so our rehearsals take place 40 kilometers far from my home.

Your "Promo'98" contains only three songs. Do you have material ready for a fullenght?
Yes, the stuff is complete now. It contains 9 songs of pure Death Metal music. Now we have to lay it a little bit out and in August we'll enter the studio "Gallery Sound" to record the whole stuff. I hope the stuff will be released as soon as possible and during the first autumnal days will be available worldwide.

Are the members of Pandemia involved in any other bands/projects?
There is no side project. Maybe in the future but now we have to concern especially on our first full length CD recording. We would like to be absolutely prepared for the studio works.

Is your country a good place for a metal fan to live in? How accepted are the metal people down there?
The situation was much more worse in the time of communism (before '89). There were really big problems in the school and so on when you had listened to the Metal music. Now it's without problems usualy. You can listen to the whatever you want without any fuckin' problems. I think this is good place for Metal fans, also a lot of famous bands visits this country so you can visit whatever you want. There are also excursions for visiting other festivals or big concerts abroad so the only problem left is the one called money...

Where do you stand in politics?
I really don't understand what the politics mean. I don't care what the bastards do. So I have no political orientation. I care more about my personal evolution.

Future plans for your band?
The most important thing is the releasing of the our first CD. We also prepare a lot of gigs to play. At the beginning of September we plane to play a mini tour through west Europe with French Carnal Feelings, then we plan to play a tour with German Night In Gales in October in Czech and Slovak republic as well as separate gigs in other European countries. We have to spread the our Mesage more and more! We'll kep the fightin' for the pure Death Metal music!

Which would be the ultimate band to tour with and why?
There is a lot of bands we would like to tour with. Especially bands like Morbid Angel, Vader, Death, Deicide... It is not so important what's the name of the band. Most important are the relationships each to other, it's not easy to spend the long time on tour. So we would like to tour with a well-being band.