Everyone knows that there is very much shit within the black metal scene, but then and then there comes good bands, one of these bands are SORHIN that released its debut fullenght album "I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup" through Near dark Productions in 1997. All answers in this interview by Nattfursth.

Interview by Whodan      
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Hello Nattfursth! Have you bought any good record lately or have something other fun happend?


Tja!. Something really fun haven´t happend since Palme became shot. The greatest newly bought record must be the new CURRENT 93 singel.

I have not read many reviews where "I Det Glimrande..." received highest rating, nor have I seen a review where it receives the lowest rating. Do you think it is extremely good or are you just pleased with it?


I myself have seen some real top ratings, nothing I really care about personally, but it's always fun when people likes what you do. I was satisfied with the album when we recorded it, but today am I more or less indifferent just because that I don't listen to it. But as I said, it is definately worth to check out...

The soundquality and the mixing on "I Det Glimrande..." was very good but the sound was in my opinion very thin and weak. Do you agree with me or are you pleased with the production?
I can't agree with you about thin and weak sound, it's too heavy and nice sound, but I'm pleased with the production in entity. Even if we have not reached the ultimate SORHIN "sounded" yet, but it comes with the time. .

Nattfursth af Sorhin


You enter the Abyss in November in order to record your second fullenght album, what can you say about it, some songtitles?
It was planed that we would record it then, but we canceled our time after various problems. I guess that we will record it there in the beginning of the next year instead, but nothing is clear yet. Some new titles are: "Ett sista monument ståtligt", "Min herre...(Apokalypsens ängel)", "Där allt svunnet är, där ingenting är allt" etc etc.

Almost everyone complained at your voice just because it was Burzum alike. Everyone else sings as Quorthon or Noctuno Culto without being acused for rip-off. Have you changed your voice (I hope not) or will you proceed with your old voice?
My voice have developed entire time, and will proceed to. I don't try to mimic anyone when I'm singing/screaming, it comes by itself, it's nothing I intends to sing as anyone another.

You are on a small label Near Dark Productions. Are satisfied with them? Don't you think you would sell more albums if you were on a bigger label?


I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup

We are satisfied, yes. Our goal is not to sell as much albums as possible, we did this just to satisfy ourselves, then if people likes us, it's a bouns. If we sell 1000 albums or 100.000 don't interest me, it's no bigger amounts involved. If you just want to earn money or become famous so may you find something other than black metal to play. I prefer to be as anonymous as possible instead of being seen everywhere.


Your lyrics are written in the swedish language, in my opinion very good since I'm swedish, but don't you think that the rest of the world "ignores" your album when they don't understand your lyrics? Is it important for you that the album sells much or is the most important that you are pleased with it?
If arabs or turks or which nationality they belongs to, ignores our albums just because they don't understand what our lyrics are about, then it's their problem. I writes to satisfy myself, to get something out of it. My lyrics reflects my thoughts and feelings...it's my soul, I don't demand people to understand them.

SORHIN has so far released many various LP's, and it should come a picture verison of "I Det Glimrande..." too, I haven't seen it yet, has it been released or? Don't you think that there is too many picture discs around today?
The picture version of "I Det Glimrande..." comes within a couple of months. I don't see any problem in that there comes picture discs the entire time, I mean, people decides themselves what they want to buy or not.

You have done three (!) live concerts so far, don't you think that it's to few for a band as SORHIN?
It's in my opinion three concerts to much. We hate to play live and propably we don't do it again. If nothing besides the normal shows up, something fucking special and during good conditions, then I would accept it...but as it looks now, no...

Don't you have any plans to do some more concerts? How would the perfect SORHIN concert be , describe the stageshow!
As I said, we don`t have any plans no, but the ultimate would be to play at the judgement day it self, in front of a dying audiance, in front of a world in flames! No, serious, if there will be more SORHIN gigs they will definately be fucking brutal.

Which is the best concert you have been on to date / or would be on?
The absolutely greatest concert I have been to is CURRENT 93 in Union Chapel in London the previous year, and I wouldn't mind to see them again. Other good gigs I have been to : NON, DEATH IN JUNE, STRENGTH THROUGH JOY, BLOOD AXIS, SUN INVICTUS, KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE, DARKTHRONE, DEICIDE etc etc.

Ok, here is our list all the featured bands must answer... What do you think about the following bands/words/sentences.


1. DEATH...
Total Death, a very belowed subject

2. Icehockey...
Sweden won VM right!?

3. Video - game...
Don`t have enough time for that anymore

4. Golf...
no, what the fuck, gaysport!!!!!!!!!

Death Metal to the bone

Enslaved by Satan

7. LP / CD...
Vinyl rules, CD are more comfortable

8. STORM...
Blizzard or?
No thanks!

Sorhin bandpicture


Ok, end this in the "real Metal" way!
Drink and swin, make other peoples existance bad then end your life. Worth to mention is that we have recorded three new songs, which will be released as picture 7" with three different covers, it will be printed on CD too. The title for it will be "Döden MCMXCVIII" and it was recorded in a whole "new" studio which we have decided to call HinHåle studios. For more info contact Near Dark.