You better be familiar with this great magazine. Some people are not into Tales... because they think it features too many strange and unknown bands. It's true that Tales... is not the magazine where you can find the next interview with Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth because it deals only with the most underground and dark bands and that's great. Well, here is an interview with Costa...

Interview by Tony      


It is long since your fifth issue was unleashed and I'm sure that many of the Tales Of The Macabre readers are waiting for the new number to come out. Say something about the new issue...
It will be out in the end of October, so better be warned. Stuff included? Zemial, Nifelheim, Venom, Slaughter Lord, Black Angel, Mayhemic Truth / Blizzard, Pagan Rites, Hadez, Possessed, Avenger, Blitzkrieg, Inquisition, etc. etc.... I think it's a very heavy and really cool issue, just wait and see. Tales Of The Macabre is still faithful to its concept, I don't care about what others do.

Do you think it takes you too long time to make a number? Some magazines put out like four numbers in a year but Tales.. is not really one of them...
If you are a real underground Metal magazine, and if your faves are brutal and cruel bands like Hellhammer, Bathory, Beherit, Darkthrone, old Slayer, Sarcofago, etc. etc. and bands that sound in that way, you can't find enough bands to make four issues in one year. It's impossible, because there are only very few bands around who still play barbaric music with the old underground feeling. So the time between Tales Of The Macabre #5 and #6 was the longest ever... it's due to the shitty situation within the underground which is almost non-existent in my opinion, sad but true. Too many bands want to grow big and become stars soon, and you can only manage it when you take the commercial way. Tales... is not for the commercial ones, no, Tales... is their enemy No.1!

Is Tales... still a Metal mag? You know, many mags start doing interviews with Gothic and Industrial bands nowdays... Which is in your opinion the strangest band ever featured in Tales...?
Tales Of The Macabre is and always will be a Metal mag. The strangest interview?? Hmm, the one that Russ Smith did for #3 with Kari Rueslatten. He offered out, and I had some pages left, so I said ok. She has a great voice and makes good music, but, of course, it's not Metal. Well, this was about 4 years ago, when Gothic / Industrial was not invading Metal music as much as it is now... Now as there are only very few mags fully dedicated to Metal, I want to carry the torch and try to support those who still believe what made our music so great. Honesty, pure Metal Mayhem and power.

In your first issue you wrote how big fan of Burzum you were. Do you still like the band as much? What's your opinion about the newest albums?
I loved BURZUM when the first LP was released. Someone who didn't experience the release of that LP back when it came out doesn't know what kind of experience and feeling it was. Back then, in '90 or '91, technical Death Metal was hype, then this Burzum LP was released which was the opposite of the hype. Very primitive, cold and old-fashioned music (it reminded me a lot of Hellhammer and Bathory), only some die-hard underground bands were playing it. So Burzum was special and had a BIG influence on the entire Black Metal sound of the 90s... the simplicity was Burzum's strength, they already did it when Darkthrone still played their technical stuff. I liked and still like all the classical Burzum albums (means: recorded before the murder the Count did to Euronymous). The new stuff doesn't interest me at all, it's a different "band" for me... Only fans who were there when Burzum started know that this band was special and magical... young Black Metal fans can't jugde it, so you better shit up. But I still think that Euronymous' death was more or less the end of the real underground Metal movement. A sad chapter...

Which has been the band that took you most time to get an answer from? Is it easy in general to get the bands you like interviewed? I mean your mag is pretty big and respected so I guess most bands wont have any problems about being featured in it...
Hmm, I don't really remember, but I think it was Root who took long time to answer. But anyway, I was fuckin' proud to have them included in Tales Of The Macabre #4. Sometimes bands are very happy to get some questions to answer, others don't really care. I don't whether Tales... is respected or not, some people really hate it.

Are there any bands you regret having included in your issues? If yes, why? What interviews are you most proud of?
Well, generally, no. But when I take a look at old issues, I see bands like Satyricon, etc. and I think they're shit today, but back then those bands were total underground and did great music... well, too many bands changed to the negative, you can't blame me for this. I regret having Mortiis in #2... I wanted to interview him to hear his story about Emperor, his departure, etc., but I didn't notice that he was just using his past to promote his new stuff which was just ok but nothing you'd die for. I was proud to do Root, because I never read any interviews with them (even not today), and I love their first three LPs. It was great to interview Cronos of mighty Venom, there are a special band for me!

You allways have so many reviews included so i was wondering if you get all the material reviewed for free or are there any of the records you buy also included in the reviews section?
Most of the material you can see in the review section I get for free, except for most of the Vinyls I review. Vinyl rules, I don't care about CDs that much to be honest. I get quite some Cds for free, but don't start a mag just to get free stuff, because 90% of it sucks anyway, and nobody wants to buy it, haha.

Which issue are you most satisfied with? Would you like to comment each of your issues separately from the first to the last one?
#1, done in 1993... it was the beginning, all was still typed with my type machine. Stuff included? Beherit, Gorgoroth, Unpure, Desaster, Decapited Rec., Barathrum, etc. etc.... 98% of the reviews were reviews about stuff that I bought myself. I was very proud when it got released and it was a pain in the arse to sell all he 500 copies.

#2 is the issue I think is the weakest one. Chaotical layout, too many Black Metal bands, like Satyricon, Gehenna (they had their EP out), Abhorer, Cogumelo Rec., Summoning, Usurper, Asphyx, etc... 1.000 copies were made. I learned my lesson, so #3 was again different...

#3, edition 1.500, the last issue with Tom Warrior on the frontcover, with Pazuzu (US), Countess, Langsuir, etc... I really can't remember the contense, I',m sitting in University right now, haha.

#4, with Bathory, Gospel Of The Horns, Absu, Barathrum, Inner Sanctum and more. A cool issue. It's the first issue with an A3 poster (Hellhammer)

#5 is probably the heaviest of all, with Impiety, Mortuary Drape, Wizzard, Desaster, Bulldozer, Soulburn / Pentacle, etc. and it had a killer Slayer poster (their first promo-shot from '83!).

#6 will be available soon, better check it out for yourself. Edition? 3.000 copies, no mercy!!

What magazines of your liking would you like to recomend to the readers?
There are not many, and I do not say this because of competition shit. Slayer was always cool, but I can't forgive the interview with Marylin Manson. Decreation Of Virgin is a small underground zine from a friend of mine (if you like Russian / South American bands), Snakepit is a cool mag (but it's only dealing with 80s Metal).

Which are in your opinion the best records released in the year 1999?
Except for the ones I released, hahaha?? (Sabbat "Karisma", Mayhemic Truth's "In Memoriam").... Well, the new Impiety CD is cool, I also think the Dekapitator CD kills, but I must say that 1999 wasn't a highlight in Metal (even though there are many people speaking of the best year for long time). Most of the shit that gets released is boring and trendy.

Can you play any music instrument? If yes, have you ever been involved in any band or something?
I play guitar (how boring, haha), Gibson Explorer. I was never involved in a band, unfortunately. But I've created some tunes. I like old Slayer, so that's how the shit sounds. I would like to have a band, just to play and nothiung more, but either people can play but have a differnt opinion on Metal or they can't play but share the same attitude as me. It's difficult...

Your opinion about the following records...

Sarcofago- I.N.R.I.
A highlight of South American Black thrashing Death Metal, truly possessed by the Black/ Death graveyard image of the 80s. "Satanic Lust", etc... classics!

VON - Satanic Blood
VON?? What is VON?

Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelations
Krisiun is not bad, but I like music where I still can bang my head to. I once say them live, and it was sounding as if a train was passing me...just noizzzzzzzze. But the records are cool (but not killer).

Blasphemy- Gods of War
In the same league as Sarcofago / Beherit, etc... "Gods Of War" is a hell of an album, but I think that "Fallen Angel Of Doom" is even better. Blackwinds rules! True Black / Death desecration!!!!!

Have you been at any good concerts lately?
Gigs I saw lately were Pentacle / Desaster / Secrets Of the Moon and Megadeth / Iron Maiden. I hope to see Sigh soon!!!