Black Metal, a genre which has stagnated and become extremely boring over the last years and identity is something we really miss today. Luckily there are bands which takes the genre a step further and one such band is Thorns from Norway. Very futuristic is the music but at the same time very traditional, which makes them something very special and interesting. S.W. Krupp informed us about the comming album as well as some other things.

Interview by Whodan


Despite Thorns only have one "real" and official release on its feet you've gained almost a cult status really. Why is that you think? And are you flattered when someone claims Thorns to be cult?


Thorns has been around for quite a long time, about ten years now, and we seems to have made quite an impression with what we did a long time ago. So even though Thorns have been resting for some years, people remember. Cult status or not, we are most flattered to attain respect for making good music.

Back when you started in the late 80'ies you started as Stigma Diabolicum, but changed the name to Thorns later on. Why was that really?


The change was due to the trend of latin named Black Metal bands in the scene. We wanted something more timeless and simple I think, and we felt that Thorns sounded good.

I think the music of Thorns is very futuristic, yet with strong traces of traditional-Black Metal. Do you think that is important, to always explore new things but at the same time have a strong traditional touch as well?
Yes, you really pointed it out nicely... If we drop the traditional Black Metal aspect in making music, Thorns would not be Metal at all, and we would be a contemporary act.

What elements do you think could be put into Black Metal to make it more interesting, and without turning it into a complete cybermosh thing?


A lot of things really... More dynamics, more rythm and more melody... and some clever use of electronica. A lot can be put in without making it cyber.... cyber can be good too. A lot of things could be taken away to improve the quality too. Black Metal tends to be too much all the time, and gets booring very quickly.

I often read statements made from people within the BM scene that open-minded people has no place within it. Isn't open-mindness actually the key to development, both in the musical aspect and on the personal side?
Agree. You have to be open-minded to listen to this hostile shit in the first place.


What kind of music do listen to yourself?
Nearly all types of music is on the stereo, but I really haven't had time to really LISTEN to music for ages. I miss putting on some good orcestral music.

Is there any kind of philosophy or message behind Thorns that you want to bring forth?
Just the ordinary: LOVE YOUR NEXT OF KIND, and that stuff...

I read somewhere that you had plans to do some sort of a Thorns video. Are you going to realize those plans, and if so, what will the video be like?
I don't know, or have had time to think it more over yet, but it would be good to put some visuals on the music I make. Experimental stuff I guess.

You have recorded one new song that will be put on the new Moonfog compilation. What can you tell us about that song, and what is background behind the title, "Elite"?
It is a very straight forward hard song celebrating the stellar master elite. I wanted to write a lyric not quite so dark as the other lyrics for the comming album, and this song is allso the jollyest tune so far.

Will this track, "Elite" give a good picture in general how the coming fullenght will sound like?
No, not really... The rest of the material is more schizofrenic.

How much material is there still to do before you can record the fullength album?
Two more songs and some lyrics, and we are there.

One thing I'm a little curious about is what happened with the riffs you made when you were in Mayhem? Were they thrown away or could they be used in Thorns?
They where the riffs in "Ærie Descent", "Melas Khole" and "The Discipline of Earth"...