(Provided by LEGION magazine & EMN)

Just a few days ago LEGION magazine contributor   contacted ACHERON's leader Vincent Crowley to learn more deatils  for his interview (it is already published on EMN). Can you imagine his surprise when Crowley told him that his band no longer existed...

We are very sorry to learn that ACHERON has broken up after its 12-year existence! Why did that happen?

I had the new ablum written, but the feeling within the band wasn't there. I didn't want to put out an album just because I could. Recording music is very serious to me. It is like a ritual. My band just wasn't into ACHERON 100%, so I decided to move on.

Do you still plan to release The Apocalypse some time in future or we will never get it?

No more ACHERON albums! I may use the music in another music project, but it won't be Black/Death Metal. I am thinking of recording the music with a trained vocalist (Power Metal/Gothic Style). But Who knows. I just have to become a hermit for awhile. This scene has become so suckin trendy. I'm really sick of the sheppish attitudes! We need to bring back the real underground ways!

What are your plans for future? What is going on with the other members of the band?

I really don't know? I haven't talked to the other band members since the break up, so who knows? I will do keep recording dark music, but I'm not sure when. But my Dark creations won't stop with ACHERON.I shall return!