Your debut album, "Black Earth", was only released in Europe. Are there any plans to have reissued for the United States at all?

Michael: No, not at this point...although it would be great to make it  available in the US. We'll see what happens....

Are there any plans for a tour anytime soon? Possibly here in the U.S.?

Michael: Yes, we are going to be touring for our new "Burning Bridges"   album. We start in Japan in early September and then we do a 6 week tour of Europe, and there is talk of doing a US tour. That would definitely be killer!

"Stigmata" was you debut album for Century Media Records. Are you pleased with the reaction you got from the album?

Michael: It was OK. The overall reaction in magazines was good, but we didn't have the possibility to go on tour to promote it.....this time it's a different story!

Are you in the currently in the studio? Are there plans for a new release any time soon?

Michael: The new Arch Enemy album, "Burning Bridges", is out on the 13th of July stateside. It has been out in Japan since 21st of may and in Europe since the 21st of June.

Fredrik Nordstrom of At The Gates/Hammerfall fame was the producer for your first two albums. Do you plan to record with him again?

Michael: Yes, we did the new album at his studio as well. We have a good working relationship...he gets us the sound that we want.

If you had to describe Arch Enemy to people, what would you say?

Michael: That's a hard one. I mean, I guess you could call it melodic death/power metal, but does that really tell the whole story?

Has there been any talk about a reunion with your previous bands(Carcass, Carnage, Eucharist, Spiritual Beggars)?

No, not at all…but Spiritual Beggars is still going. [Their] new album is being recorded this summer.

What do you think about the current state of metal today? Is the scene different compared between the US and Europe?

Michael: All I know is that that metal music is coming back big time, worldwide!

What recent albums have you been listening to lately?

Michael: Lately I've been listening a lot to Symphony X's "Twilight In Olympus"...a wonderful album....also Nevermore's latest opus "Dreaming Neon Black" has been a frequent visitor in my CD player.

Do you have any closing comments?

Michael: Thanks for the interview, and for supporting Arch Enemy!