The Finnish gothsters are finally under pressure to create a follower to their 1997's debut "Lumo". They are actually recording the new songs in a wonderful surrounding: an old Villa lost in the middle of nowhere, Pori, among Finland's woods & lakes !

There, where calm and silence are the only lows, new songs are borning and are promptly immortalized into digital recorders !! The band will enter a "proper" studio then, at a later point, to add vocals and mix-down the whole sins. We actually had some anticipations, and expect a quite much renewed sound since their previous effort.

Songs are rather more dynamic and catchy, somehow even "commercial" to a certain extent. Now, please read what Jukka (the hyper productive master of Divine Grace's sound !) wrote about this first recording session.

                                                             "The Avantgarde & Wounded Love orchestra"

About recording sessions, well we have now all guitar, synths and drums ready. I have to record bass guitars still here in Sauvo so we will have all background stuff ready for 10 songs.

We'll continue with Hanna's vocals in Helsinki during beginning of July 99. About the sound of the songs, well I think it will be a suprise for everyone ! At the beginng of the sessions we thought that we should make the album sounding much different than "lumo". The guys in the band have thought that we could use more old sounding keyboards, like rhodes electric piano, Hammond B3 sounds and old analog synths that I have, well I was very suprised about that, cause with A.D.G. I never used those ones.

We also didn't record guitars with the typical Marshall sound: I took with me a very interesting machine, a true tube 4 channel mixer/amplifier (made by Phillips) from 50's I bought from a second hand job in the beginning of 90's.

 So, we decided to use Marshall's EQ and then connect from Marshall's line Output straight to that old tube box and then to the normal 4x12 Marshall's box. In that way we got a very powerful, tight and massive guitar sound ! I also took collection of my old effect pedals, like phaser, fuzz, tremolo, two autowhas, vocoders.

We made Ari's rythm guitar sounding very "retro" (like bands in 60's and 70's) with those connetions and pedals. Cause guitar sounds are so powerfull, I didn't record much synths in power parts, in easier parts I used just those old sounding sound making that album sounding very retro, sometimes very jazzy (!), sometimes very trip hop, but what the best very melancholic !?