If they were on a bigger label (Serious Entertainment is a good label, "serious and entertaining", but still a ve-e-ery small one), had a different origin (the Danish band that plays the Swedish type of death metal), started out a bit earlier (this kind of music has already left the top charts) and had a little bit more of a trivial success... If it was not for all these "buts", AURORA, with its debut album "Eos" released last year, could have already left behind the well-known representatives of the genre such as IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY. We were promised to get the second full-length album by the end of this year. And now we have an opportunity to talk to Thomas Broberg, the leadguitarist of the band, about their mini-album "Sadiam". If I am not mistaken, this is the first interview with AURORA published in a Polish magazine...

Would you mind if we recollect the basic facts from the AURORA background?

OK! We got together in January 1996. The line-up back then was: Claus Frolund - vocals, Allan Iversen - rhythmguitar, Thomas Broberg - leadguitar, Carsten Terp - bass and Morten Sorensen on drums. At that time the band was called AURORA BOREALIS. In August '96 we recorded our first and only demotape "Childhood Memories" with Jacob Hansen as a producer. One song from the demo, 'Ethereal Goddess', got on the "Extremity Rising Vol 2" compilation CD from Jacob's label Serious Entertainment. That track was played on Danish National radio and was 'titled' the best song of the compilation. The host on the radio show also had an underground label and wanted to release a 7" cult EP with AURORA (we changed the name just before the release of the EP). Shortly after the recording of "Sadiam", we had to say "goodbye" to Allan, because he studied at a University far from where we lived. So now, after four months of being a quartet, we have found a new rhythmguitarist - Anders Vestergaard.

Why did you decide to switch from AURORA BOREALIS to just AURORA? Was is difficult to pronounce it?

AURORA BOREALIS is the "northern light" in Latin and AURORA AUSTRALIS is the "southern light." Anyway, we changed it because there were other bands with that name, some with a CD out. So it was easier to change it rather than facing the problems of people mixing us with another band.

Your first album was very well accepted by the world mass media and fans. What are your ambitions for the second album? Are you going to create even a more killer stuff than you have already done?

Our debut album "Eos" was recorded in the summer 1997. We started with 10 days in June, when we recorded the drums, bass, rythm- and acoustic-guitars. Later on in August and September we continued with the leadguitar and male- and female vocals. We were through in two weekends. It was mixed and mastered in October and ended up on a total production time of 14 days. The title and songs on "Eos" don't follow a specific concept, it's all done with what we know as the "Aurora-Spirit," but besides that there's no concept in the album. The title comes from the ancient Greek mythology: in the Roman mythology Aurora is the Goddess of Morningred - the same goddess is named Eos in the Greek myths. "Eos" was released in March 1998. It was very well received by the worldwide audience and with more music coming up, it was time for us to sign another contract with SE for the "Sadiam" MCD and another full-length album. "Sadiam" was planned to be a taster for the full-length and was recorded in 3 days in August 1998. It was released in February 1999 and so far it seems that "Sadiam" is recieved as well positivly by the worldwide critics...

The fact that you released a mini really disappointed some of your fans as they were really waiting for a full-length album. When are we to expect it?

It did? Well, the new songs will be more experimental and probably a bit more relaxed, but you will still hear the "typical" AURORA elements: the melodies, the psychodelic and acoustic parts. We haven't chosen a title for the album yet.

I heard Danish metal scene is having "bad days". With so many good bands playing in your Kingdom, I can hardly believe in that!

In fact, the Danish metal scene is totally fucked up. But sometimes a few bands pop up from nowhere and pick apples from the divine fruittree. In general, the most of the bands eat from the rotten appletree. What we mean is that many bands are actually just copying existing music, playing that kliche-kind of brutal death metal - all seen and heard before. The crowd isn't very big - at least not many show up to the gigs...

It goes without saying, that Danish bands have their own sounding. As far as I know, AURORA combines some gothic stuff of the ‘80s with some rockish and death influences. You call this mixture “transcendal”.

There's a few very good studios in Denmark, and some not so good. Perhaps, it's because Denmark is a small country, so the scene isn't very big - and all involved, more or less, know eachother. But we don't quite agree with the statement, that all Danish sound the same - there's a lot of - more or less - exciting music from Denmark - the typical brutal deathmetal acts like KHONKRA and ILLDISPOSED have a more rough sound compared to AURORA's sound. "Transcendal" means 'mind-expanding' - that is how we describe our music - but at the end it's up to the listener to decide. Close your eyes, and get the kick!

Hey, is it fair to kick the "blind"? Anyway, Danish bands tend to sign contracts mostly with Danish labels. Don't you want to expand new territories?

There are only a few Danish bands that have managed to get on an overseas contract. Many bands have to write hundreds of letters to companies and still they don't succeed in getting a deal. Right now we're on a Danish label, but we'll keep our eyes open regarding labels outside Denmark.

Your lyrics differ a lot from the well-known examples of the style...

Our lyrics are about the things we see, feel, smell, taste and hear.

Hmm... Taste of Stimorol chewing gum or the ringing of the clock?

Claus' lyrics is poetry. There are no political or religiuos messages. Only fantasies. We don't think there should be any restrictions regarding our music. It's up to each individual how to interpret the lyrics. Their actions are their own responsibility.

So, close your eyes, get the kick, be responsible for your actions... Is there anything else you would like to tell to your fans?

Wow! We have fans? Thank you for buying and listening to our music! Hope to see YA in future.

What a strange Danish accent!