Maybe you will find a few interesting words about the band? 

Tomaz (guitars): In normal life the five "endarts" are handsome and gentle guys but get prepared to watch us on stage. An example: we all love IRON MAIDEN's "Power Slave" and so a few months ago we decided to disguise ourselves and played a gig as the 'five bloodspitting mummies'... 

Ingo (drums): Some interesting words? Hmmm, well, we are all great soccer-fans, but that's not really interesting, isn't it? Ok, here's a little story: We're just planning the recording of a new CD containing some cool cover-versions of good old rock songs. We love THE SCORPIONS very much and tried to get in contact with Klaus Meine (their singer). We told him, that we gonna record a killer-version of "Big city nights" and wanted him to sing some parts together with our singer Larz. But a few weeks ago, the Scorps-management wrote us: "No way, folks. He doesn't have the time to do that, but Mr. Meine wishes you all the best blablabla..." Sad but true. 

Surely, Planet Rock is a great album, but why it is called so? I guess you are playing more metal than rock… 

Ingo: Yeah, that's true! But we think, that almost every metal-band has their roots in ROCK. The title "Planet Rock" was a result of a brainstorming after the consumption of vast mountains of cold beer. We thought, this would be a funny title for our first official longplayer. And by the way, there are so many stupid titles (especially in the Death/Thrash scene), that we wanted to create something totally different. Ok, our next album will be named "Satanification of mutilation, Part 666", hahaha. 

How you have got the idea to make an awesome cover version of Daddy Cool? Old good song, you have listened for ages? 

Tomaz: We love playing cover songs that have not so much to do with heavy metal, because there are so many metal bands covering songs from Black Sabbath or whatever. Furthermore one can say, that we're no metal-puritans. Each member of ENDART has its own taste of music. We're looking forward to produce some cover songs from for example by NENA, STATUS QUO, John Denver and SURVIVOR's hit-single "Eye of the tiger". 

Ingo: It would be the greatest thing for me, if our band recorded a brutal and groovy cover version of "Hot Chocolate", but the rest of the guys have another opinion concerning that. (Sigh) 

Don't you think that a band could easy live only making covers? What is your point of view on 'covers making'? 

Tomaz: Playing cover songs is very funny. The people who join our concerts enjoy our cover songs as we do, but nevertheless composing our own stuff is much more important to us. In my opinion a 100% cover band is not a "real" band. Playing music is much more than beating a drum or pulling the strings of a guitar. 

Is there any level you want to reach and after that you will say: "Enough! We got all we wanted!!" 

Tomaz: I guess the most important thing for us is having fun in playing music especially when we're doing a concert. ENDART now exists for nearly 11 years and we really don't have any ambitions to become "rockstars". At the moment we're enjoying the fact that our new album "Planet Rock" is distributed by Zomba across Europe, because we did our sooner releases on our own. So you can imagine that not so many people bought our records. 

What do you think about people in t-shirts 'Jesus - the only choice'? 

Tomaz: I think it's Ok to wear t-shirts but it depends on the weather conditions: if there's extreme cold weather outside you'd better wear leather. 

Do you know a band, which can (or can't) be recommended for a guy who never listened metal? 

Ingo: Of course there are some great and important bands that are the personification of metal. And a guy who never listened Metal should listen to these songs: "Wasted years" (IRON MAIDEN), "There's gonna be some rockin'" (AC/DC), "You suffer, but why?" (NAPALM DEATH) and last not least "King in Crimson" (Bruce the god Dickinson). 

Oh! I guess, I forget to ask about the most boring thing: what does your moniker stands for? Does it mean 'The end of art'? 

Tomaz: When we decided to call our band ENDART we didn't think about 'the end of art'. 'ENDART ' stands for the German notion "entartet" which means "to be degenerated". During the times of the fucking "third Reich" in Germany lots of artists, musicians and writers and their works were called "entartet". It was prohibited to listen to their music; their books were even burned. Many of these artists were discriminated, killed or they left Germany as for example Thomas Mann. 

Besides, what is the worst name for a metal band, to your mind? 

Ingo: I think, every name is OK, as long as it doesn't have any fascist or discriminating meanings. 

What feelings you want to awake with your music? 

Ingo: Well, on stage, we create a strange mixture of many different feelings and emotions: A lot of power, hate and very much fun. We love to see a banging crowd with a laugh on their faces when we play on stage. 

How about coming to Belarus and conquer our audience? Where you wish play at all? 

Ingo: Oh man, this would be a really great thing for us!!! Do you think it could be possible to arrange this? We don't need very much: Just some bottles of booze and a banging crowd that just wants to celebrate a big and funny party... We played a lot of gigs in the last years, but we never left Germany. So it's time to conquer some other states and spread the PLANET ROCK-Virus, yeah! 

You drink booze? Like drugs? Love sex? What is your usual kind of relaxation??? 

Tomaz: Of course we drink gallons of beer, are addicted to hard drugs and each member of the band needs about 4 or 5 chix per day...(laughing) in normal life we're doing quite normal things to relax ourselves like doing the dishes or washing the car but on tour it may happen that we really drink gallons of beer and so on... 

Back to "Planet Rock". The lyrics are very impressive! Damn!!! It is worth reading! The main idea in a few words, please… 

Tomaz: I think our lyrics aren't written in the typical death metal style. Sometimes our lyrics base upon stories of famous authors as for example Shakespeare (Mother of dread and fear) or Edgar Alan Poe (Malstroem). Generally one can say that our lyrics try to tell stories, sometimes in a pathetical way, but they are not telling the reader what to do. He's got to make his own decisions. 

Looking inside the CD we can find interesting photos where you are with different ammo (and names like - wing commander and so on). Is it a tribute to Destruction?? 

Ingo: No, it's not a tribute to Destruction. Our layouter and our photograph wanted us to look like some Metal-Warriors from Planet called Rock and it looks really cool, doesn't it? I can't say more to this, cause these names (wing commander, engineer etc), the pics, the title and the layout are just some stupid and funny ideas after consuming many gallons of beer... 

The page of salutation and "thanx to" is really nice. Maybe next time you will mention Tony Ihonin from Belarus - it is me?! 

Ingo: Yeah! You will find your name on our next output, that's for sure... One question to your "name": It sounds like the name of the Black-Sabbath-Guitarist. Are you a fan of them? I love this band very much; Ozzy is one of the greatest singers ever! He could be the president of Planet Rock and you could be one of his ministers... 

Do you consider yourselves as a band that will change metal? Maybe you are the representatives of the "new century metal music"? 

Ingo: Oh no! As our beloved Tomaz said a few questions ago, we're all playing (and living) this kind of music for 11 years now. We love Metal music, but we won't change it. Other bands should play the style of what you call "new century metal music", but we're not interested in that. We love these traditional guitar-killer-riffs, low and aggressive grunts and blastbeats. That's the way, we like it... 

Want to say something special? 

Ingo: Hmmmm, what about the taste of your local beer in Belarus? Is it worth testing it? What about the Metal-Scene in your country? I never heard something about bands from there! 

Some words to the readers… 

Ingo: OK metalheads: ENDART would like to say the following to you: It would be the greatest honour for us, to visit you in your country and play some cool metal-gigs. If anyone wants to play ENDART in Belarus: Contact us, everything is possible.... You can order our new CD PLANET ROCK via Internet if you can't buy it at your local record-dealer. Just visit our homepage And of course many thanx to you, Tony Ihonin, for this interview. 1000 Greetings to your local metal-scene and never forget: SOLDIERS OF METAL, AGENTS OF STEEL!!!