You are not a new band but we didn't hear about you before your last release "Awaken in Agony"… Why?

Well, we have had several demos in circulation for many years. But we didn't have the means of pressing our own CD. So we just shopped to the labels until Rich & Lost Disciple picked us up. Our demos were sent out worldwide but to very few select labels and radio stations outside the States. 

Tell us if in US exists some kind of death metal brotherhood? There are so many bands in your area… 

In most situations I believe that there is a brotherhood. But it's more just a METAL brotherhood not just death bands. The fans are a big part of this brotherhood too. In some cases there are some bands that are just a horrible representation of the scene. They don't believe in anyone but themselves. And most of them can't even compete, musically or talent wise, with any of the others. The people that do fit into the metal brotherhood are the best people you could ever want to meet. You know, they don't have egos bigger than they are. 

What is the philosophy of death metal to your mind? 

Personally, I feel that death metal is a way to express your feelings on what you think and feel is important. My way of thinking is that your lyrics have to have something to say. And the aggressiveness of the music slams your point across very well. I can't stand bands that don't have anything to say. I mean whether it's fictional tales or actual life experiences it must have a point and reason.

You know, every fan want to know some facts from the private life of his favorite band (or singer). Can you tell something special about yours for our readers?

Oh shit, where do I start? Hahaha. Let's see, I'm married and I paint houses for my day job. Also, I'm the oldest in the band. Our new vocalist Kirk is the youngest he's 22. Mark our bassist works in the auto body repair business and he's just a little younger than I am. Wes our other guitarist has just had surgery on his knee. Only one week before we played the Milwaukee Metalfest. He was in pain throughout the 13 hour drive up and back. And our newest member Scott is the drummer. All he is doing at this time is playing drums. He's not working, so we have to feed him, hahaha.

The cover of your album is very attractive. What does it mean and who is the artist performed this picture?

Thanks, we really like the cover ourselves. The meaning behind it is that the character in the cover is being awakened by hideous nightmares only to find out he's being dragged into some type of torment… or is he still dreaming??? Paul Kuhr of the band Novembers Doom did the cover art and layout. He has a company called Rainfall Graphics. He's amazing! And a great dude too.

Besides do you like fine arts?

I really don't have much time to enjoy a lot of things like that. But I do appreciate and like classical music and jazz. That's about it. Too much work, ya know?!

And what do you like at all except death metal?

I really enjoy hanging out with my friends and partying. Some guys in the band really enjoy auto racing and water sports and things like that. I guess the one thing that I really enjoy is watching Football, American football that is.

Maybe you love marijuana? I heard it is a common thing in the States… What is your attitude to drugs, alcohol?

Well, ha ha, 4 out of 5 members in this band enjoy that very much. I'm the loner; it's not really my thing. Marijuana makes me sleepy, and I don't like being sleepy. As for alcohol, now that's my thing. Nothing likes an ice-cold beer, and a lot of it, haha. As far as other, harder drugs, we don't get into that. If drugs like heroin and stuff don't kill you quick, it eventually will. We're just not into those life-ending substances. Too much risk.

Have you ever any problems with authorities or police?

As a band, no, we haven't. Personally, I think I am the only one that has actually been in jail. And that was over some really stupid shit. Jail sucks!! Haha.

Do Americans (and especially metalheads) like soap operas? What is your favorite?

I don't know anyone into soap operas. I like comedy shows a lot. Things like "The Drew Carey Show" and this cool cartoon, for adults only, called "South Park". That show is as crude and vile as the censors will allow. Also "Who's Line Is It Anyway"?

What is the most vivid recollection from your childhood?

Probably when my best friend died. I was 9 and he was like 16. He died of a brain hemorrhage. That was one of the worst things. Even now, more than 20 years later, I still miss him. He was just like a big brother to me. And also when the greatest guitarist to ever live (my opinion), Randy Rhoads, Died in 1982. That was pretty traumatic to me. I was just learning the guitar.

Do you hate someone, maybe enemies? What do you want to do with them?

Actually, yes I do absolutely despise this one person. I won't say why because "it's" not worth it. I would love to hang "it" by "it's" toes place cut all over the body with razor blades, drench the body with gasoline. Maybe do this for a couple of days. Just torture "it" for all of the pain "it" has caused me!

Is it true that people in America are not interested in other countries peoples and affairs? I mean, Russia, whole Europe are so far from US?

I think for the most part everyone has some type of interest in what's going on in other countries. In the long run everything affects everyone.

How about pop singers career?

Ten years old girls are crazy of cute boys. Maybe you will cut your hair and start earn big money? All whose pop stars are millionaires, heheh. There are, to me, some pop artists that do have talent, but it's not for me. I am definitely not cutting my hair for anyone, fuck that. But a million dollars would be cool!!! Ha ha.

If money is not an important thing, so what is important?

Money is important. I mean that's why we have day jobs. It would be so cool to only play music and not have to have the day job. With our music what is important is pride and dignity. We write to please us, and we know that if we like it, someone else will also.

What can you say about world wide achievements of USA such as hot dog, advertising, endless TV shows, "Harley Davidson" bikes, Miller's beer and so on?

I'm not exactly sure how to answer this one. Being from the states I don't really know what has reached other parts of the world. It really blows my mind to even think about how far some of these things that we take for granted have gone. I just hope that our music will someday be as popular in other countries as the things you mentioned!! Haha.

Could you name your favorite album for the moment?

I'm kind of torn between these 3 Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or the new ENTER SELF - Awaken In Agony, hahaha!!!

Say something to encourage your faithful fans in Belarus/Russia, who can't visit the world epicenter of death metal (I mean USA!) and can only listen to the CDs…

About all I can say is for the fans to stay true to metal, keep supporting the scene and maybe, someday, we will be as lucky as CANNIBAL CORPSE and be able to come play for you guys in Belarus. Stay Metal!! Cheers!!

Tony Ihonin.