Who are you guys? Present, please, the FINNTROLL...

Well, we started FINNTROLL at 96 or 97, can't remember to tell you the truth, heh! Katla and me were at our rehearsal place with some other guys making music for another band we used to have back then, and during the night we consumed somewhat huge amount of alcohol and passed out at some point. In the morning when we woke up, the other guys left, in order to get more beer if I remember correctly. I woke up with keyboards on me and started to play something, and Katla liked the melody I was playing (which was the main theme in our song "Midnattens Widunder"). This weird tune excited us and I started to compose more music for it and Katla began to write lyrics, and after a half an hour we had made our first song, "Midnattens Widunder". About year after that we began to write more material in order to release a demo. Back then there was just the two of us, me and Katla, me writing and playing all the music and Katla writing the lyrics and taking care of the vocals. We released a demo called "Rivfader", but it didn't spread a much due our own laziness. Nevertheless, I managed to give it to Sami Tenetz, whom I knew from the times I used to play in THY SERPENT, and he reviewed it in Finnish magazine called "Suomi Finland Perkele". Some time passed and Sami started this Spikefarm thing and offered us a record deal, which we gladly accepted. At that point we started to look for a full line-up in order to play live and to get better overall sound. We found the people we needed from among friends and friend's friends. Tundra was an old friend of Katla and an excellent bass player so he was quite obvious choice. B.Dominator used to play in BARATHRUM with me so I asked him to join and he did, and Trollhorn was introduced to me by my old school mate.

I'm not very rich in Finnish; tell me please what means Midnattens Widunder...

First of all, our lyrics are in Swedish, and Midnattens Widunder translates into something like Midnight's Horrors.

I have no doubt that you are the real trolls, but what kind of?? Are you evil or not?

Evil as Hell, heh! No seriously, I think that the concept of good and evil is somewhat fragile, because something that I think is good could seem extremely evil to someone else. I don't consider us evil because we praise the pagan ways of our ancestors and sing about the fall of Christianity, that's simply our heritage. Christ is not needed here, we had our own ways, which were destroyed in his name, and so we have all the rights to hate the cult of Christ.

Those small intros between each song are very amazing... You must have a perfect sense of humour?

Heh, thank you. I would like to do more of those in our next one, I think that they give a nice add to the songs.

Near all Russians like vodka or hooch. And how often do you enjoy strong drinks (what are these drinks)?

Well, we just got back from Germany and I drank so much beer in there that it doesn't seem to affect me anymore, so I drink vodka now. Hmm, I would say that we get wasted couple of time in a week.

How is your behavior in full moon nights? It differs from your normal state?

I get horny as hell at fullmoon, heh! 

The major part of your music presents black, not folk. Don't you think that someday FINNTROLL become an ordinary black metal band? 

Hell no, we'll always keep our own touch in our music. And when we fail to create this music, we will stop. 

Besides, what is your opinion about all those new black metal bands? Are they really black? 

I don't think that the age of a band or a person defines how serious they are. I've met many very smart young kids and many stupid old guys. From what I've seen, I would say that the main reason why many of these old bands keep mocking younger ones, is that they know that the younger ones make better music and can play better, and will therefore go further than the oldies have ever gone. Of course there are lots of sucky new bands as there are lots of sucky old bands. I've always thought this age matter somewhat stupid; we have all been young once. 

Is Finnish troll a rich troll? How do you earn money? 

I wouldn't call us rich. I think that I'm the only one who's working right now. Other guys try to study with poor success, heh! I work in liquor store. 

What is the favorite religion for an ordinary trollish guy? 

I guess we're all more or less atheistic. But we all have very different views about things. 

When could we receive a new portion of Humppa? And maybe your new album will be longer? 

We are hoping to get next one out before the end of this year, but time shall tell. And yes, it will be longer. 

Do you like animated cartoons? How about making a funny cartoon about Small Trolls With Long Hairs Playing True Metal In Their Basement instead of some kind 'evil video'? 

Hmm… I don't think that we would go for that, heh! 

Describe the situation with your concerts. I mean, when could we see your life show (drink some booze together)? 

Yeah, lot's of alcohol, hopefully after the gig though, heh! We enjoy playing live and managed to create a good atmosphere on stage. So far we've heard only positive feedback from our gigs. Hopefully we can come to play in there soon. 

As far as I know you are very active musicians... A few words about your other projects (like BARATHRUM, for example)? 

Well, I left Barathrum 'cause I wanted to concentrate fully on FINNTROLL. Trollhorn has many projects going on, and that's a big problem 'cause he's kinda short of time for FINNTROLL. We've had many quarrels concerning this matter. Hopefully he'll drop some of his projects, because we cannot continue like this. Only problem is that good keyboard players are hard to find. 

I hope that you know what is the standard of a trollish metaller and what is his everyday life? 

Heh, I have no clue. 

Imagine: You wake up and suddenly realize that metal music doesn't exist anymore. What you will do? 

I would start it all from the beginning and gain all the respect as a forefather of metal music, heh! 

And at last, some words to your Belarusian and Russian fans... 

Keep on Trollin', hopefully I'll see you soon. And one thing, you have probably the most beautiful women in the world; I just love Slavic figures, cheers!