What about this tour with Morbid Angel? How is it going?

It just started, we had some problems getting in the bus yesterday, but so far itís OK.

Do you like to play in this kind of festivals with a lot of bands together?

Yeah, itís OK to play with a lot of bands, but I think itís better for the audience to have a few bands less. But still, itís OK, and a lot of people come to this, and itís good.

Do you think itís a good opportunity for a young band to be on a tour like that?

Yeah, I think so. Why not?

Last time you were on the No Mercy Festival, and now you are on the X Mass FestivalÖ

Yes, this is good, we can play for a big audience every night, and itís cool.

Does it bring you positive aspects, both musically and humanly?

Musically, we just try to play our best and reach a lot of people, like every band is doing on this tour. And humanly, we just have a lot of fun.

And what are your next projects? What are you going to do after this tour?

We are going to do a tour in the US in February, for four or five weeks, and after that, weíll be writing songs for the next album. We want to record the new album next year, and maybe even release it next year.

With whom will be the American tour?

Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, and another band, but I canít remember the name.

How do feel about this forthcoming tour with Cannibal Corpse?

Thatís really great, we have toured last year with them on the No Mercy Festival, and theyíre really cool, we got along very well, so we are looking forward to make a tour with them.

Concerning your music, at the beginning you were more a death metal band, and now you are into heavy/black metal. How will you evolve in the future?

I think weíll just write the songs like we always do, we just try to write songs that we like. Concerning evolution, weíll see. Maybe. Maybe not. The reaction of the people will show (laughs).

ĎBloody Blasphemyí was released in April, what were the reactions in the press and for the fans?

As far as I know, we didnít get any bad reaction on it, so thatís really great. All the reviews we got, in every magazine, were good, soÖAnd the reactions from the people on our last tour with Immortal were really good. In every country we played, we noticed that people were beginning to know us. With the first album, itís a bit difficult, people start to know you, with the second album, we noticed that a lot of people seemed to know us.

Concerning your first album, you reprinted 666 copies of it a few years ago. But now, itís pretty easy to find it everywhere. Did you reprint it again?

Yeah, Henry started his own record label, and released the album with the original cover, the slaughtered rat, on it. And if you wanna know details about that, youíd better ask Henry, because itís not a Metal Blade release. Heís doing it himself, so if you wanna know everything about it, youíd better ask him.

And now that you are with a big label like Metal Blade, how do you feel? Are you happy with them, the way they promote you?

Yes, we donít complain. We get a lot of questions, people think that bands like us are not treated well by bigger labels, but for us itís not true. They do a lot of promotion for us, and we are satisfied with them.

You recorded ĎBloody Blasphemyí close to your home. Are you still in touch with local Dutch bands?

Yeah, we are, we meet each other when we do shows in Holland. I have a lot of good friends in other bands, and thatís it.

What do you think of Liar Of Golgotha and Cirith Gorgor?

We played with Liar Of Golgotha a few times, and the guys are really cool. I think the music is really good too. And concerning Cirith Gorgor, we didnít play with them, so I donít even know the guys. Our drummer lives near to the guys, and I think he knows them.

And what about The Gathering?

I liked the old stuff, but I donít like the new stuff. I donít follow things they are doing now, Iím not interested in what they do now.

Your songs are very dark, who writes the lyrics?

Most of them are written by Henry.

And where does he take his inspiration?

(laughs) Maybe he has a little bit of a sick mind, or something. When youíre sitting, drinking in a bar, or something, then you can   have good ideas for new lyrics. We have a lot of Dutch history in our lyrics. No other band had done that before, and we thought it was a good idea to do things like that.

But why so dark songs?

Well, we are a band called God Dethroned, so we have to write something like that.

And what does interest you in witches, inquisitionÖ?

I think everybody is interested in what happened in the past. I think some things still happen nowÖWe hate religion, like a lot people, like most of the metal people do, and for us itís funny to keep on like that.

And by that, you mean that you are not a satanic band, involved in black masses and stuff?

What should I say about that? There are a lot of people who say they are satanic, but if you really believe in Satan, then you believe in God. So, Iím not satanic, and I never will be.

Well, and one last question. Do you believe in Armageddon, in the destruction of the world?

(laughs) We wrote lyrics from Nostradamus, and we all found out that his predictions didnít come out. I donít think things will happen when we get in year 2000, life will go on. Anyway, just a few weeks and weíll know! (laughs)

One last word?

Well, this is the most difficult question. What should I say? I hope that every reader will come and see us play live, because I think that our shows are more aggressive and powerful than the album. I hope to see them all on the road.