I Would Have Eaten Him For Breakfast
(This interview is provided by LEGION magazine)

What could we say about GORGOROTH? They are extremely brutal. Right. They are aggressive and merciless. Correct! Whatever you say, you won’t be mistaken. But what would you say if I tell you that they are also polite, calm and intelligent? Hey, the description doesn’t match all the stuff said above? No, it does not. But it is true...

Actually, I talked to a great number of musicians, whose “true and evil” (or whatever you call it) image makes us, the fans of the extreme music terror, believe in all this great black metal thing. But in “normal” life or at least, in telephone calls, all these monsters of the ultimate mayhem sound quite calm and natural. And - if truth to be said - this difference and controversy sometimes really shock me: instead of barking and growling I get the politeness and a good sense of humor! What a treat! One could hardly believe that “these teachers of good manners” can smash our brains with the infernal screaming, turning our dull reality upside down! OK, I am not sure what stands behind their calmness and politeness; may be they just cool themselves down before talking to press. May be. But if they merely pretend to be that nice and intelligent, they do it really good...

GORGOROTH guitarist and ideological leader Infernus didn’t surprise me either. He was no exception for me, if you see what I mean. Getting ready for the exam, a university student found some forty minutes to call our office....

“I am sorry, I couldn’t call you an hour ago as I was getting ready for the tomorrow’s exam,” - started our conversation Infernus.

Oh, really? I assume this is rather complicated to mix the university with musical career.

“It depends on the time of the year,” explains Infernus. “I am twenty six now and I should normally do a job. But I am very comfortable with doing the university thing because I can leave the country when I need to play a gig or something. Sleeping until twelve o’clock and reading...”

(Well, what did I tell you? If you think those guys are just the bunch of loafers making their living from allowance, then you will be disappointed; the three GORGOROTH members study in universities. One of them studies history and the other two try to perceive the very depth of human psychology. But let’s get back to business.)

You have signed a record deal with a big independent label - Nuclear Blast. Far be it from me to play devil’s advocate, but I do think that this might be the first step for GORGOROTH tuning their guitars to a more commercial sounding. They say that now you are pretty much concerned about selling your records...

“Yeah, we will sell as many records as possible,” laughs Infernus. “But the main point for me is to be true and honest to myself and my own God. I am not the kind of guy thinking ‘I should be true to fans’, I have to do what is right for me. And making records is quite natural production. Well, Nuclear Blast seems to accept it. Everything is nice! They are nice people. They might not understand all the lyrical and artistic thing we are doing, but they act very professional with our release.

“I think it’s the musician’s right to sell as many records as possible. But it’s important not to go too far, as the record company may turn you to a commercial band”.

Will you resist the temptation to earn more money? How have you managed to stand for your views for so long?

“It’s the matter of my faith. I am doing things I want to do,” states Infernus who never compromises his personal convictions. He can’t really say what he believes in. In the religious sense at least. But there are things he does believe in and these things are the ground things in his life.

“The main lyrics’ theme is an Anti-Christian message. I fight against all kinds of religions that try to suppress nature. Some could call it a kind of humanism, but it isn’t completely right,” - adds the ideologist of the band who enjoys walking in the forest to draw inspiration.

But let’s dispel any doubts you may have about GORGOROTH still being angry and brutal. Yes, they may well have signed to the major label, but they are still angry and brutal, man! “Destroyer” is exactly what you have been waiting for. Still, to my ears at least, the album lacks integrity...

“We started the recording back in 1994, but due to some problems we didn’t release it earlier. The older material is quite different from the newer one. And each track differs from each other. Only the lyrical message is common for the whole material,” counters Infernus.

Talking about personal problems, I can’t but mention your split up with the vocalist Peter. What was wrong with him?

“Nothing was wrong with his leaving. But Peter had a lot of things to do, and he was busy playing in another band. He didn’t really have time, you know,” assures me the leader of GORGOROTH, who has developed a thick skin when it comes to dealing with the probing questions.

You mean Peter left the band due to the lack of time?

“And due to some other things as well,” offers Infernus. “There were many other things, but no scandals.”

Knowing the answer in advance, I still wonder if he likes the new vocalist. Infernus is cagey about revealing too much detail, but does state that the new vocalist is OK.

That is it. The major GORGOROTH destroyer is cool and courteous. So, I decide to launch the final attack on that impregnable bulwark.

What would you do if your own child didn’t accept and praise your ideology and things you are doing?

“I would have eaten him for breakfast!” barks Infernus with a laugh.

Yeah! Isn’t he evil after all? Actually, I do appreciate the sociality. And I do love the musicians answer all my questions. That’s what I am paid for, really. But still I hope to hear an angry growling bursting through my telephone receiver. Just to make sure I am still dealing with the extreme music...