First of all, why did you choose Grief Of Emerald for your band's name ? 

It has a hidden meaning or do you think it's just good sounding ? Good sounding !!!???? I think the band name sucks (notc: ahahaha i do think so) . They were called Emerald before I joined and I sudjested a name change but the wanted to keep Emerald in the name so it ended up with Grief of emerald . there's no bigger meaning behind it actually . 

What's the meaning of your last album's title "Malformed Seed" ? The message would be we are the malformed seed ?? 

something like that . I had in mind a christian being hehehe the malformed ones .. I mean you got to have a sevear damage to your brain to believe in such shit .Holy book , Holy shit hahaha . Well I had different cover in mind but it did'nt turn out well (it looked like a computergame ) but the idea was to have some Christ looking person that were all malformed and roots and tentacles were ripping up his fleash . The artist came up with this cover and we liked it so we took it . 

How went the recording? How long it lasted? Where? Who's the producer ?Funny stories ? 

I think the recording went pretty well . I think we spent a month in the studio .I recorded it and was once again the producer .. I have accses (or had ) to a small semi pro studio so we spent maybe a litle bit more time then we needed . This recording have no especially funny things to it .it was alot worse with the Nightspawn album .when the dat machine chewed up the master when 6 tracks was mixed and was going to be mastered the next day . I was litle bit mad then .hehehe . 

We often describe your music between Samael & Morbid Angel... I know it's really hard, but how do you describe your music ? 

I think thats a pretty good description . Death/black metal maybe .somewhere in between . 

Why did you choose to show the band with such weird photos? 

I wanted to do something different . it turned out pretty good .+ that I have always been a fan of horror movies and special effects so this was a way of testing how that works . 

Are you more comfortable with mid-tempo, or fast riffs ? 

It does'nt matter really .if the riff's good I feel comfortable with it .I think I like the fast riffs better live , it get more intenced then , but if I listen to music live I prefer the mid tempo riffs bacause the you can hear what they play.. 

How have been the reviews you've received for this new album ? 

Most of them have been very good , I was alitle bit worried this time , but I guess you always are . This album is alitle bit different than the Nightspawn album but obviusly things worked out this time to .heheh. 

Are you satisfied with Listenable records ? Have you been contacted by bigger labels ? 

The work with listenable have been all good so far well yes some bigger label have showed interest in signing when the contact expires but we will see what happens . time will tell . 

You played at the Wave Gothik Treffen, how was it ? 

Fucking great !!! I really liked that gig .5 star hotel , free beers , taxi service .A big fucking stage with all the lights you can imagen that one I will remeber a looooong time . 

Do you plan to tour across Europe ? In France ? 

Hopefully , I dont know we have to see what happens , but I love to do a tour across europe is allways fun to play live especially when you get good response from the audience. 

The lyrics of your records are really great, not the typical "war, satan, sex", which are your inspirations for writing them ? It seems that you like serial killers, and mass murder stuffs... 

Well yes , I find it really intresting with such killings , it must be the ultimate kick , imagen when you drive your knife through the chest of your victim and you realize that you can stop and try to save him but you decide to keep going .hehehe YOU are GOD !! you decide if he should live or not !!!. I get inspiration from Books (mostly biographys by serial killers ) and movies + I have a really screwed imagination .I always write the lyrics through the killers eyes . 

With which band would you like to tour the Most? 

Morbid Angel !!!! 

Do you have last words for our readers ? 

Keep on rocking in the sick world .make sure to check the Malformed seed out , Thanx as hell for the interview and hope we'll see you out there !!!!!!!!hail !