A few words from your history, please…

We have started in 1990 under the Dab name, friend, done 04 demos, 02 CDs, 01 best off, over 500 gigs, 05 tours in Europe, 02 videos, 02 TV shows, 06 CD compils, 01 tour in USA, 01 in Central America, and now we are GURKKHAS and have a CD, "Engraved in blood, flesh and souls", out on Massacre recs, from Germany, and we are working on some new tours and of course the next album.

Tell us how is it with Metal music in France?

I think it's ok, with plenty of metal heads and great bands like DISGUST, INHUMATE, BLOCKHEADS and so on, we would need much support but it's not already bad.

What is the audience where looks like?

You mean the audience to our gigs? Round 100 and 1000, haha, all depends if you play in a bar, a club, a Hall, it depends also with who you play, as openers or Headliners, like everywhere I guess, friend!!…. 70% are true Death or black Metallers, 20% of Rock Music, 10% of persons who wanna hear Death Music for the first time.

How many concerts fans can see in a year? In a year in France?

Argh, round 50 good ones I would say, from Gothic to Black, thought grind core!!! Where do they play gigs, in clubs or on stadiums? Most of the time in clubs. We are Underground guys on a big label, hahaha!!. We like the UG spirit, it's all our souls you know…our roots!!.

How often do you play in your area?

We don't like to play often, to not bored the guys, i would say round 2/3 times a year it's enough, but when we play it's a pure chaos my friend, I hope that you will see us live one day!!!

Is death metal popular in your city, and especially yours death metal?

Our death is very very popular, for example, for our first CD, in 95; we have sold round 400 CDs in a circle of only 50 kms round our town, hehe! There are other smaller bands, of course friends of us, we are the oldest band, maybe one of the oldest one from France, haha! In our city, the minimum of fans is round 250 each gigs. We live in a 15000 city people.

How can you comment the language of your lyrics? Why don't you sing in French?

Because French is not made for Death metal, English sounds a lot better my friend, French has a hard pronouncing, English is more growling you know, more better for Death style. We prefer to keep the English one, it fits to the style better, and for the GURKKHAS, the "death" words come each phrase (haha) so, it's better…

Maybe French is only for romantic songs? (Je m'baladais de l'avenue…)

Haha!!!…You guys are crazy, really crazy people! You know our music. Only popular music, not like Death Metal, haha! We are not romantic guys when we play music. On stage it's pure rage, in our private lives it's different, but for GURKKHAS, this is the WAR, total Destruction commando!!.

About the concept of your lyrics. It's all about bloody corpses everywhere or not?

The idea is to talk about the feeling of a GURKKHAS soldier during some battles, his life and so on; we hope to have reached the point. If i look at our reviews we have very near, but…you know, a musician is never satisfied, HOPEFULLY, because in the contrary, I would have a so big head… hahaha, and we all in the band hate this attitude! Corpses, blood, hate, battles, storm, vengeance, all what the Human being is made of …

Besides, how do you think, what is better: a song about Vikings, a song about murders, a song about religion, or maybe about something else? Would you tell your opinion about every of this styles?

Song about a Viking: 6/10…song about religion: 8/10…song about murders: 7/10 In fact all songs could be great, all depends about your style, look at an author like Stephen King, he has not invented something new you know, he takes stories about events from everyday life but turns it in horror just with his talent, this is why a song/book can be great or not, all depend about who write it!!.

Living in France what are your preferences: French cuisine, French wine, or French metal?

I would say French Metal. I hate those cookers who say they are the best, fuck them off, and I don't drink alcohol, don't eat Fish or Meat, so there is Metal music for me, haha!!.

What are your hobbies?

My family and my friends. GURKKHAS takes me really all my time and when I'm back, I like to stay with my family, some peace before the next assault. I like to read (a lot), to see some movies, hear some music too, of course, haha!

Do your work or study?

I have learnt history at the second degree at the University. , I don't work; I run Deadsun recs and play in GURKKHAS, that is enough for me, haha!!

I almost forgot to ask about your name… What does it mean and how often journalists ask you to explain its meaning?

We have done 72 interviews in 05 months, and each time I have this question, but I am happy, because it proves that the name is strange, attractive, so we were right to choose it. The GURKKHAS are some Nepalese Elite soldiers fighting for the GB army now. They are considered as the most furious & finest soldiers on to the Earth.

Tell our readers something very-very special and exclusive about your band or about members?

I never say anything personal about us, I just will give you an exclusivity, the title of our second CD will be " A life of suffering"… you are the really first mag worldwide to know this, even our label doesn't know this!!!!!… This to prove you that we respect your work, your scene, and the Metal fans of your country, Death rules!

Any closing bloody words…

Mega thanks for this interview, you really rules. I have something to say…in '98 a guy has said us " why don't you come and play in Central America" no bands play here for us, we will finally think it's because we are Mexican or any others". I have replied, "ok, we come, prepare us a tour and we come" and we have done it, guys, 1month ? on the road in 06 country for Central America, this to say you we are Deathsters, not there for money but for you, the metalheads, you offer us to play? Then we come, of course we come, and proud to do this! Bang your head, Men (& women of course)!!! And spread the GURKKHAS name everywhere, if a booker read me, MAN, contacts me now!!! I hope to meet you all one day of the next year!!!