«I wanted to start a band and put an add to the local music store. Some days later Martin called me up and so we put up IMPIOUS. We began to write songs and rehearsed with a drum machine. We could not actually find a member who would play drums, that’s why we plaid with a drum machine. We were greatly influenced by ENTOMBED, CANNIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION. So we wanted to play death metal from the yearly beginning. But we also liked SLAYER, KREATOR and even JUDAS PRIEST.

«In 1995 we recorded our first demo. It was very much the same stuff we have recorded this time, but surely it was quite unprofessional. I was about fifteen or sixteen years old and Martin was three years older than me. We recorded the demo ourselves. One of our friends recorded the demo for us.

«So we recorded the demo but nothing happened. We just wanted to show our music and let people know about our name. We recorded one hundred and fifty copies and sold them mostly to our friends. We also sent four or five copies to different magazines and they liked it.

«In May 1995 we first played a live show with LORD BELIAL. We liked the gig though we were nervous like all inexperienced musicians. By the way, this time we had a real drummer.

«In 1996 we recorded our second demo ‘The Suffering’. This time we acted more professionally: we made a flyer. And what is very interesting, Andy La Rock produced our demo. He worked in the studio then and we liked him so much, that we will probably ask him to produce our next album. Actually, we will enter the studio this October to record METALLICA tribute. We will play ‘One’ grindcore cover version. We don’t like tributes but it’s a good opportunity to be in the studio once again, and if we like the sound why not record our next album there? ‘The Suffering’ received very good response from people and magazine and even some labels sent us their offers.

«OK, in 1997 we recorded our third demo which was called ‘Promo 1997’. After the release of ‘The Suffering’, Black Sun label was very interested in signing the deal with us. But we changed the drummer and they felt a bit insecure about how our new drummer would sound. So, they offered us to record a new demo and if it was of the same quality, the would sign the deal. But we didn’t have money to record another demo that is why we had to postpone the recording a few times. Actually, at the end Black Sun decided to pay money for the recording. That’s why we didn’t send it to other labels, we recorded if for Black Sun only.

«Then we signed the contract with Black Sun for three albums. We are still rather independent: we made the cover for the album ourselves and made as many changes as we wanted. The same thing is with the T-shirts. According to the contract, we will be able to receive money when we sell one thousand copies. And we have already sold three thousand copies for one month.

«There’s no concept in the album as it contains the collection of our old songs from the demos. We wanted to have a short ‘strong’ title, that’s why we chose ‘Evilized’. We don’t have a general message for our listeners, our lyrics just fit the music. Actually we have got a lot of different ideas: in one of our songs we sing about a girl locked in a house and raped many times and then killed. Another song is about a guy who was a satanic murderer and he killed people again and again... In general, you can say that we write about dark and grim sides of our life.

«For me death metal is on its way back. I am not sure it will be as big as it was in the beginning of the ‘90s, but anyway it’s coming back!»