You are quite a young band, but you quickly gained a very strong following, with die-hard fans. How do you feel about that?

We are not such a young band, we have been together since 1989, and since that time, we try as hard and as best as we can. Along the way, we proved a lot, we are faster, more technical, and we always try to keep the real metal roots. We are going to release our fourth album, and we never change, we always keep it fast. We have different riffs, different kind of stuff, but we keep the same style, and it’s great because even if we’re not going to the trendy direction, we have a great response from the real death metal fans.

What about this new album?

We just recorded it one week ago, at the Stage One Studio, and Erik Rutan from Morbid Angel has produced it, it pushed a lot of things. This is the best album we’ve ever done, it has the best production we’ve ever had, and we are signed with Century Media. We are going to release the album around March.

And what is gonna be its name?

It’s gonna be ‘Conquerors Of Armageddon’.

By the way, do you believe in Armageddon?

Yes, sure! It’s going worse and worse. I believe in the destruction of the human race. There’s a way you should live! Humanity has only brought a lot of destruction and lies. We are not going in the right direction.

Concerning the band, you seem to enjoy tours a lot. Why?

We want to play, that’s important for us. We don’t play for money or whatever. We don’t sell so much CD’s, we just like to be on the road, playing every night. And we get along with other bands pretty well, like with Morbid Angel. Living on the road is the way for us.

You are all big Morbid Angel fans, how do you feel to be on tour with them?

Great! It’s like a dream that has become true. Morbid Angel are one of our oldest influences, with albums like ‘Altar Of Madness’, that showed us the direction. It’s really awesome.

And what are you other influences?

Well, we have a lot of influences, but it’s mainly old Slayer, or old stuff from the 80’s. You know, that raw, fast, death metal sound. But we try to be Krisiun, and have our own identity. We don’t try to be like Morbid Angel, or Slayer, or whatever. If you listen to Krisiun, you will know that we have those bands as influences, but we try to have our style.

You appeared on the tribute album to Sodom. How did it go between you and Sodom’s managers, who chose you?

The fact is that we were on the same record label, Gun Records. They just asked if we wanted to be on that tribute album, and we said OK. Sodom inspired us, like all these old bands, Venom, Slayer, and shit. We were really proud to be a part of this.

And how do you react if I call you the “Sodom of death metal”?

Yes, that’s cool! We liked their raw and aggressive sound, they were a bit death metallish at that time, they were really fast, and for that time, they were blowing everything. I respect them a lot, and for us, it’s really great to be a part of this tribute.

You are three brothers in the band. How is it going between you? You’ve been knowing each other for ages…

Things work better when you are brothers. We are a family! A lot of bands just break up because of personal problems and bullshit, but we just get along very well.

But when you think of Sepultura, they also said they were a family…

Yeah, that’s very strange, what happened. They changed their attitude, they changed their music, so I don’t know what to think about that. Since they changed their music, I don’t care about them anymore. I don’t know, I think they changed because the money became the most important thing for those guys, and not metal anymore. We need of course money to survive, pay our bus, and shit, but metal is the main thing for us. We don’t care about making a lot of money. When you think like them, you change your personality, your feelings. We’ll live forever as a family, as a brotherhood! If someone wants to shoot my brother, I’m gonna go in front of him and take the shoot. Sometimes we fight, but there’s never hate, we are always friends.

Just coming back to Sepultura, they were the leading Brazilian metal band…

Yeah, they were the best, but not anymore!

And how is the Brazilian metal scene going?

It’s great, especially in death metal. There’s a huge scene there, with great bands, really underground, just trying to play their shit and be brutal. Krisiun pushed them a lot. We have a big respect for the death metal scene. When we started, no one cared about the death metal scene that much, but we kept on fighting, and we got a good response. People are taking death metal for something serious, there’s no bullshit at all. Some bands are just going to take over! And the crowd is crazy there!

Do you know the band Rebaelliun?

Yeah, I know them. We were living in the same town in South Brazil, before we left to Sao Paolo. They were just starting. I feel happy about them, they’re taking the music really seriously. They have some Krisiun influences, but they found their own direction. It’s an honour for us to see that we have some influence on other bands!

I have one last question. You are considered as a “true death metal” band, but you toured last year with Cradle Of Filth, a “false black metal” band. What did you think about them?

You know man, we’re really different. Our music is very different, they pushed a lot this commercial black metal scene, with keyboards, and so…I have nothing against them. We got along well, but when we talked about music, that was different. I don’t like their music, they don’t like ours. But we respect each other.

Have you heard Nicholas’ new project, Lock Up?

Yeah, it’s great! I love it. Nicholas is a great guy, he likes Krisiun a lot, he likes more brutal stuff. Maybe that’s why he left the band. But I hate to talk shit about people…

And what would be your last word for the readers?

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity and the interview. And I’d like to thank all the people who support real death metal, people that keep the real and brutal shit. A lot of trends just come and die quickly, but the real shit keeps going. Thanks a lot!