So, Steve, whatís new since April, last time I met you?

Weíve been writing a lot of music for the next album, thatís pretty much what weíve been doing, and weíre getting ready to do the new things.

When I last met you, that was on the first date of the No Mercy Festival. How did it go after that date?

That was great, every show was really huge and quite successful, that was a great tour.

And how did it go between you and the other bands?

Great, everybody got along pretty well. There was no problem or whatsoever, we got along well with Emperor, Impaled Nazarene and the other bands.

Now you are on tour again. Why? In order to make some promo, or just for the fun of it?

Pretty much at this point just for the fun of it. We got asked to do it, and we said: "Sure".

You have re-released ĎFormulas Fatal To The Fleshí with a bonus CD. Why did you do that?

Why not ? I donít know. There was something to do, I guess. People are always asking for more stuff, people want to hear new things, and thatís why we do interviews. Because people want to hear insights.

How is it going between you and Earache? Napalm Death just left themÖ Are you going to do the same?

No, I donít see Morbid Angel leaving Earache. Morbid Angel has been with Earache for a long time, and unless it was necessary, we wonít leave them.

You have told about the new album. When do you plan to record and release it?

Hopefully, we will record it in February or March maybe, something like that, and it will be released before the end of the year 2000.

Can you compare it with ĎFormulas Fatal To The Fleshí?

No. Itís a whole different world.

What do you hope its impact will be?

Well, I hope it will redefine what death metal is. Itís gonna show people what death metal is.

Concerning you, you havenít been in the band for long. How do you feel now?

I feel great, maybe you guys think I havenít been in the band for long, but I feel like Iíve been in the band for a really long time. I feel fine, I enjoy the shows.

On stage, you are a killing machine. How do you prepare for that?

How do I prepare myself ? You know, heroin. (laughs) No, Iím just kidding! I try to relax, see some of the other bands. Like tonight, Iím gonna see Krisiun, because when I see Krisiun, I feel like Iím gonna fucking knock the walls down. When you get on stage, itís a 100% different world, youíre not the same person when youíre on stage, you feel more energy from the crowd.

What do you think of this tourís packaging?

Well, to be honest, the only bands Iíve ever heard are Amon Amarth and Krisiun. I fucking love Krisiun, Iím looking forward to watching them every single night, and besides them, I donít know too much about the other bands. But Iím sure theyíre pretty good bands. Iím gonna watch them, and hopefully I will like them.

Do you have news from David Vincent?

Just saying hello. We donít know anything about David. He has his own life, I donít know if heís doing very well, butÖ

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in the end of the world in the next weeks?

Oh no! Iím superstitious, but I donít believe in that. Itís really silly!

What does Europe represent for you?

Europe is great ! Every time we come here, thereís a lot of kids to see us, and a lot of people here are rather reserved. They donít go crazy, but they appreciate the shows.

OK, thanks. One last word?

Look forward the new album, it will out before the end of the year 2000, and weíll see you on tour again then.