So, what about your new album 'Peccata Mundi'? Tell us about it!

Patric : Well man, its a eight piece metal work, technical black/death metal. I must say we have an excellent vocalist now also. He growls, screams like hell and so on. The studio time went great i think, a little hard to travel all way to Stockholm but it turned out ok. Sami Karpinen, the producer is a great fellow and an excellent technician, we had an hell of atime down in his pit.

The changes are huge since 'Sightveiler'. It sounds more death/heavy metallish than before... Why?

I donít know man, just a natural change for us, when a riff pops up in my head, and if it is great we use it. I donít think you sit there and just say ĎHey man! What if we make a death, heavy riff instead ?í.

And what about all those line-up changes? Are you some tyrants or what?

(laughs) Of course we are man, we terrorised them so much that they didnít want to play anymore. No seriously... Rob (drums) left because we didnít rehearse anything, Daniel (vocals) had to go because personal stuff with Stefan (guitars). Roger (keyboards) because he wasnít able to play our stuff and Sara (vocals) cause she wasnít so good to sing man.

Rob has been replaced by Alzazmon on drums... Will he stay in the band? How was it to work with him?

It was heaven to work with Alzazmon. Or maybe hell ? Heís an excellent drummer, very professional. A nice and funny guy too. He for sure showed where the lock shall stand.

And how come the keyboards have lost so much importance in the tracks?

I dont have a clue man, I think the keyboards on ĎPeccata Mundií fits the music perfectly. As I could read in your review, you said that the keyboard now is more as a background instrument, thatís correct man, and I think itís great. It just came natural I suppose.

Who is your new singer Kai? What happened to Daniel? Did you kill him?

As I said before Daniel had to leave because of personal problems with Stefan thatís all... I can say that Kai is better than Daniel on the vocal parts. Daniel is still a great friend and he is my cousin you know.

And what about the artwork/concept of the album? The cover is actually quite strange... 

Yeah man it is! I think its great. I didnít liked it at the beginning but now I've realised that itís fucking original and cool. The cover fits the music very well, a skull that makes out with a girl. ĎPeccata Mundií is explained in some way in the cover.

Now, just to change subject, what do you think of 'Sightveiler' right now? Would you make some changes on it if you could?

Ahhhh!! I love that fucking album man. Ok, we could have made it better but, hey man! Doesnít everybody say that. However I would like to record it again with Rob on drums, and with a killer sound! I think that could make it very strong!

What are you going to do to promote the album? Will you finally tour? Who would you like to tour with?

I hope Hammerheart will put up a tour for us man. I'd love to play and get drunk in another country (laughs). Hmmm whom I would like to tour with? I must say Cryptopsy or Deicide, or perhaps Emperor. I think Cryptopsy live must be an experience.

And would you be interested in releasing some video clip?

(laughs) I should feel very ridiculous to stand there and fake play and look grim (laughs). Some friends of mine play in a band called Raised Fist, they made a video. They said it was very embarrassing (laughs). But what a hell, if Hammerheart wants to release a video, we will do it!

If you have to go on tour, how will you rehearse, knowing that you all live in different cities?

Well man, that a tough piece to handle. We all simply must meet in Stockholm for a week and rehearse like hell man. Thatís the only way, and if we are going on a tour we must have a keyboard player also.

You also all have different side-projects! Which ones? Take this opportunity to promote them too...

Me and Nick mosh like hell in Hellmasker, a grind/death/crust band. Really whips your ass ! Visit official homepage at I also play bass in Darkest Season, technical death metal, with a lot of keyboards and stuff. Influences from Dream Theater to Death. The webpage can be found at And then thereís Twilight, pronounced Toaaalat (laughs), Kai is the vocalist and Nick is the guitarist in that one. Great death/thrash metal, some guy said that it sounded like old At The GatesÖ You tell me ! Webpage at And finally thereís Stefanís other band Sobre Nocturne, I havenít heard so much, but it sounds a bit like Therion stuff, really great actually.

And well, just one more thing. In the 'Sightveiler' thanks-list, we could read some stuff like 'thanks to Homer Simpson, Resident Evil' and so on... That's not very evil, don't you think? Would that mean that you are not some kind of vampire freaks drinking the blood of innocent virgins?

(laughs) That stuff is ten times more blasphemythan a stupid vampire. Homer Simpson rules man. Resident Evil kicks ass, and Cia my girlfriend from Otyg thinks so too. Iím lost in the world of survival horror man. The only things that we do with innocent virgins are beating them up in Tekken 3.

OK, thanks guys! One last word? Anything you want to say!

Merde! Tom est un grand cheval (laughs), my French sucks man. Well, everybody shall buy ĎPeccata Mundií, everybody shall drink beer, everybody shall play Playstation (laughs). See ya folks ! Thanks to you for this excellent interview!