First of all, can you tell me a little bit about the project you have going on with Maniac of MAYHEM and Fenrez of DARKTHRONE? How did the three of you get together, what style of music is it going to be, who else is in the project, what record label is it going to be released through, etc…?

Killjoy: That project is called EIBON. Our debut album will be titled "Ceremony In Flames". We are negotiating with labels now. This will be true black metal in it's rawest form. The line-up is: Maniac-vocals, Killjoy-vocals, Satyr-bass, Anton Crowley-guitar, Blasphemer-guitar, Fenriz-drums. It was originally an idea that Maniac, Fenriz and I came up with. We will record later this year in Norway.

Also, there is a HUGE rumor that the guitarist for NECROPHAGIA, Anton Crowley, is actually Phil Anselmo from PANTERA. I know that you have had no comment on this issue as of now, but do you think you could talk about it now?

Killjoy: Our guitar player remains Anton Crowley. Phil is a great guy…one of my very best friends...very talented, very much into black metal and old death metal. He's not this rock star that the public perceives him to be and he is a complete horror fiend much like myself...that's all I can say regarding Phil Anselmo. There are reason's for everything...this is no gimmick. I wish people would leave it rest now and just worry about the music. That's what is really important…not who is or isn't in the band. I’m sorry for not being more specific but this question is asked a million times a day and I know that everyone’s curious but it has run it's course as far as I’m concerned.

Why did you decide to reform NECROPHAGIA now, instead of forming a whole new group? Are there any original members from the old lineup of the group in the band other than you?

Killjoy: Because NECROPHAGIA has always been my vision of true horror. This is what I live for. This line-up crushes the old one from the old line-up is in the band now. They caused the initial break. They wanted to write fucking wimpy SCORPIONS/QUEENSRYCHE music. I’ll never consider working with them again. This is what NECROPHAGIA should have always been. We will only get heavier and sicker in the future…trust me.

Who would you say were NECROPHAGIA’s main influences, new era and old?

Killjoy: Always the same influences...past and present...PLASMATICS, MERCYFUL FATE, HELLHAMMER, BLACK SABBATH and horror movies.....

Is there much of a difference between "Season Of The Dead"-era NECROPHAGIA and "Holocausto De La Morte"-era NECROPHAGIA?

Killjoy: The main difference is that we are heavier and sicker than before. We still have that awkward sound that really sounds like no one else. My vocal style has changed, but it always changes...from demo to demo in the early days to what was on "Season…", to what is on "Holocausto…". I’m always looking to get sicker and more vile, and I’ll continue to do this. Our drummer Wayne is a huge asset to the band...the guy just literally destroys drum sets.

I have heard that you and the rest of the band are making a music video or a movie at Phil Anselmo’s "House Of Shock". Can you elaborate on what this is supposed to be? Is it going to be gory? As any good horror/gore movie fan knows, there hasn’t been a decent gore flick in YEARS. Will this video make up for that fact?

Killjoy: Yes, we are going to start filming in June with director Jim VanBebber, who is truly the new maestro of horror/gore. It will be 5-6 songs, each song will have a different story line going on in it...very sick, blasphemous, gore drenched madness. Expect zombies, cannibalism, crucifixions, maggots, eyeball violence, sacrifices, grave digging, stabbings, hearty eating and much more...this is our vision of pure horror. It will be our own way of showing the true meaning of horror and gore!!! Yes, some will be shot at the "House Of Shock" and in various cemeteries, etc...New Orleans has many creepy places. We want this video to be a slap in the face and a nail in the coffin to films like "Scream" that have nothing to do with true horror !

After NECROPHAGIA originally broke up, you got involved in another band that was vastly different from NECROPHAGIA, from what I have heard. Can you tell me about this other project at all? Are there any plans to have it reissued at all?

Killjoy: That was a solo thing I was more of a thrash album a’ la TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, DESTRUCTION...I was singing for once, ha ha! There are no plans whatsoever to re-release it.

What was it that caused NECROPHAGIA to break up in the ‘80’s?

Killjoy: They wanted to play music like QUEENSRYCHE, SCORPIONS, METAL CHURCH...I was not going to do that and call it NECROPHAGIA. We broke up before I could ever let that happen.

What did you do in-between the time of NECROPHAGIA breaking up and you doing that other project to now? Did you work, go to school, other musical interests, etc…?

Killjoy: I worked, wrote lyrics, watched tons of horror movies, started on a couple of books on horror/gore movies...nothing musical...especially after Euronymous was killed. A lot of desire at that time died with him…hail my demon brother...hail Euronymous!!!

Do you think of NECROPHAGIA as one of the originators of death metal or gore metal at all?

Killjoy: I don't give that much thought. When I started, there was only CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, VENOM and nobody was singing about horror/gore at that time. Many have said we are the godfathers of death metal but I’m honestly not concerned with that or the past. I just keep looking ahead…

Will there be any touring in the near future for NECROPHAGIA at all? Possibly at this years Milwaukee Metalfest? If yes, will Anton Crowley be on tour with you guys?

Killjoy: No touring shows yes, possibly two shows with DARKTHRONE in late summer in San Francisco. Of course Anton will be part of the live shows....that will be interesting to say the least, ha ha!

What does the future hold for NECROPHAGIA?

Killjoy: The video of course. Our mini CD will be out in September, called "Black Blood Vomitorium", and we'll record our next album sometime next year.

Do you have any closing comments that you would like to make?

Killjoy: Thanks for everything, Matt. Check out our web site at . Our merchandise is available through Red Stream...also, interested bands send promos for my record label Baphomet...gore forever!!!

By Matt Jones,