Red Harvest is a pure killer band! They're signed on Nocturnal Art Productions (Samoth's label), I really enjoyed their coming record 'Cold Dark Matter' and was willing to know more about the guys in the band! Ketil Eggum (vox/guitars/synth) tells you everything about them...

First of all, could you present RED HARVEST to our readers ?

We'ґe Norway's ugliest and oldest industrial metal band. 5 persons with one common interest: To make the most brutal mix of metal and technology, man against machine soundscapes weґre able to.

Tell me if you're okay if I say that your music is a bit, Voivod mixed with Ministry, Thrash Metal and The Dillinger Escape Plan?

Well, Iґm not offended by your statement.

What are/were your influences?

I guess you have mentioned some of them above. I dig a lot of music, but Neurosis, Voivod, Slayer and Ministry are among my personal favourites. I also like Godflesh, DHG, some Mayhem stuff and Thorns.

Is there a concept in your last record?

No I don't think so... maybe a little man and machine with a dash of cyborgs vs. humans.

How went the recording ? (where? how much time?)

Cold Dark Matter was recorded in LRZ's (keyboards and samples) basement studio. We just rented the extra stuff we needed, spent like 6-7 weeks in the studio, preproduction, recording, mixing and mastering included. All of us were really involved in the entire process this time, from writing and producing the songs, to the final mastering and "mood" in the album. It was pretty cool, close to the pubs and bars and not too far from home.

I really loved the songs on your website, why did you choose to not include 'Ad Noctum' which I think is really great?

It's not on our webpage? Fucking hi-tech piece of shit... I supposed to be there. I guess something is wrong. I'll tell our webmaster. You can still hear it though, if you buy our MCD "NewRage World Music" - he-he.

How did you end up being signed on Nocturnal Art Productions?

Samoth contacted us via e-mail 1 week before we signed on another label. He had seen a few gigs, bought some CDs and he was really into the band. So he offered us a deal that we just couldnґt refuse. Besides of that he is doing a great and professional job for the band.

Will your previous records be distributed by NAP ?

Yeah, I guess so. NAP is dealing with our x-label Voices of Wonder to buy some copies at this very moment.

Seems you have a lot of fans in the US, have you ever toured there?

No, weґve never been touring in the states, but hopefully we will next year.

Can we hope to see you on tour across Europe?

Absolutely! The autumn 2000 we'll probably show up around Europe, even though exact dates, countries and duration haven't been set yet. I know that some people are working on it.

How Fenriz ended up singing on 'Cold Dark Matter' ?

Fenriz is a good friend of mine and the rest of the guys in the band, so it was just natural thing to drink a few beers and have some fun while recording the album. Fenriz did some cool, gargling, ralling sounds on the track "Absolut Dunkelheit" and we decided to keep it that way.

The songs on your website are a bit electro/indus, that reminded me of the last ARCTURUS CD (which i unfortunately don't remember the title) do you think RED HARVEST will go further in that direction in the future?

That's the cool thing about Red Harvest: You never know. But I think all of us are pretty comfortable with the sound we have created on "Cold Dark Matter", so I guess weґll continue working with this mix of computers and "organic" instruments.

Being in the music industry for a long time, what do you like and hate the most about it?

I hate the people that try to rip you off and fuck you over. I really like to play live, work in the studio and to meet people from other bands.

Which are the last records you liked/bought?

Mayhem, Entombed and Borknagar. And I bought a norwegian band called "When" that was really cool, and I had to buy Slayer "South of Heaven" again, cause I had lost my old CD.

How do you feel about living in a country who is really famous for its Black Metal scene?

It's not too "hard" to be maybe seen like "Oh, they're from Norway, that must be Black metal..."

No problem. Besides, most of the so calles black metal bands are developing their sound and musical expression in new directions: more electronic, progressive and demanding. We have been doing that since 1993. I personally don't consider i.e DHG, Mayhem and Satyricon black metal in the common sence anymore: It's great music, developing to the better. I think the only guys allowed to keep on doing what theyґve always done are Darkthrone and Motorhead.

Do you live of your music or have you a side-job?

Sometimes we are all time musicians, but right now everybody in the band is working. I work as a Macintosh operator, making ads, CD covers and stuff like that.

Thank you very much for answering to my questions, do you have last words?

No not really... I hope you can dig the new CD, cause the future is now.